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We started this sexstories club because there are so many places on the World Wide Web where you can find the same sexstories, again and again. This is such a shame. There are many people who like to write erotic stories online but never really get a chance to do so. Often because older pieces receive a lot more engagement than new ones. We want to be a catalyst for change. The people that write their stories here will deliver ‘fresh’ new material, which we as team will check before releasing it to you. 

Do you think you have read a piece you find here somewhere else, feel free to contact us. We will do our very best to research where the original was first published. 

Publish your own story today, so that the whole world can enjoy your fantasies too. We would like to point out that there are certain values and standards that we expect to be respected, so don’t send in any illegal texts. These will be removed immediately. 

Every story has a comment form at the bottom where you can leave a review. This could simply be your thoughts about the piece. Did you enjoy it, or find it particularly fascinating, did you like the writing style of the author, or the story line, and so on. Even if it was not what you expected you can write down your review. You might help the writer polish his piece, or use your comments for his next story. 

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by SexStoriesClub on Jun 11, 2017

Lesbian Sexstories


Before my wife and I married she told me that she desparately 
wanted kids but because of her father being a 
Baptist Minister she had to marry even though she prefered 
the company of women (sexually) to men. She told me that 
we could have sex from time to time but not to expect it on a 
regular basis. She had been involved with a girl since they 
were both in Jr. High and she had no intention of ever breaking 
it off with her. She did include however that she 
did Continue reading →

by Guest on Jun 6, 2017

Mature Sexstories


I'd been invited to a wedding and I was dateless, but 
thought I might be able to pick myself up a nice piece of ass 
at the reception. People always seem to get so pissed at 
weddings and often the girls really let their hair down 
and turned into horny little sluts. Well, to my disappointment 
there wasn't much unattached talent at the party so 
I decided to make the most of the free booze and food and have 
a good time anyway. 
I hardly knew anyone there so I loaded up my plate, grabbed 
a bottle and headed out to a large balcony that was off the 
reception room. After I'd eaten I thought a walk in 
the grounds might be nice so I started to wander around and 
that's when I saw someone sitting under a tree in the 

As I approached I could see that the stranger was a woman 
of mature age and I could hear muffled noises that sounded 
like crying. She heard me approaching and began to wipe 
her eyes and she tried to smile as she stood up brushing grass 
off her ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jun 2, 2017

Webcam Sexstories


On the information super highway, known as the internet where Kim lives her life on webcam, many men worship the lady. 11:30PM Carl is a 63 year-old just retired executive. He just finished watching the evening news on TV. He's waiting for his wife to go to bed. He hopes that she will go to sleep right away. The show will start at midnight. He has his chair positioned at the computer screen. It's not often that Carl's dick gets hard, but every night at midnight it gets hard. Paul is a 50 year-old insurance underwriter. His wife just went to sleep. He looked on the website where Kim exhibits. He sighed. There isno activity yet in the young girl's bedroom. Just thinking about her made Paul's cock erect. He has to wait. The show starts at midnight. James is a 31 year-old investment banker. His wife is out of town for thewhole week. He is horny. Last night's show drove him up the walls. All he could think of was her black tights and her red panties. What color ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 28, 2017

Oral Sexstories


I used to be employed by a bus transport company, I went all 
over the western United states, and into Mexico. I remember 
one specific trip to TJ. I was at the central bus terminal 
there waiting to depart when a beautiful Latina came up 
and asked me where I was going in Spanish. I told her that 
I was going to Los Angeles, and I was the next bus out. So she 
gave me her ticket and boarded. I gathered up the remaining 
passengers and departed for the border. When I de boarded 
everyone at the border she asked me if I was going to be in 
San Ysidro I toldher I would and I would see here there. After 
I parked my bus I had about 3 hours more to kill and she walked 
up to me. She then proceeded to tell me that she wanted me 
and no other driver to take her to L.A. I said it was fine. 
We wnet and got something to eat and made small talk, to my 
surprise she spoke very good english. So I left and we continued 
to talk all the way back to L.A. When we got to the end of the 
line she had ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 25, 2017

Lesbian Sexstories


As soon as I knew I would be going to "the strip club" 
I got all excited and nervous at the same time, and more because 
I was going to best one in town. I went there for my first time 
w my friend that was turning 21, she was excited too as it 
was her first time too, and she loves pretty girls like I 
do too! She went w her boyfriend and I went w my friend that 
I had just met two days ago. It was more excited to go w this 
"special" friend of mine, because he is so fun, 
very open minded about me being into girls as much as I am 
into men as well. Well, when I was in the "club" 
my eyes were electrified w all the natural beauties I was 
watching. Their moves, their hair, and especially their 
skin looked "purely delicious", but my favorite 
thing of me watching the whole thing was when men would go 
up the beautiful dancers on stage, and they would just go 
crazy as the women would "tempt" them to touch, 
that just turns me on so ... Continue reading →

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