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Sex Stories Club, every sex story is unique - guaranteed

We started this stories club because there are so many places on the World Wide Web where you can find the same stories, again and again. This is such a shame. There are many people who like to write stories online but never really get a chance to do so. Often because older pieces receive a lot more engagement than new ones. We want to be a catalyst for change. The people that write their stories here will deliver ‘fresh’ new material, which we as team will check before releasing it to you. 

Do you think you have read a piece you find here somewhere else, feel free to contact us. We will do our very best to research where the original was first published. 

Publish your own story today, so that the whole world can enjoy your fantasies too. We would like to point out that there are certain values and standards that we expect to be respected, so don’t send in any illegal texts. These will be removed immediately. 

Every story has a comment form at the bottom where you can leave a review. This could simply be your thoughts about the piece. Did you enjoy it, or find it particularly fascinating, did you like the writing style of the author, or the story line, and so on. Even if it was not what you expected you can write down your review. You might help the writer polish his piece, or use your comments for his next story. 

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by Guest on Apr 27, 2017

Webcam Sexstories


I hadn't seen my boyfriend, Karl, in almost three months. He had been teaching English in South Africa, and I was stuck back at home in Texas, working. I was so horny and missing him badly. Every night of Karl's absence, I laid in bed alone dreaming of his thick cock and strong fingers on me, inside and out. Occasionally we would indulge in cybersex on the internet, when his boss was away.  Finally, he was coming home. I got off of work early and dashed home to change clothes before picking him up at the airport. I tossed aside my paralegal's conservative skirt and blazer for a slinky silver top, no bra, and black low-riding pants that showed off my curvy hips and ass. I knew I looked hot, hip with my short black bob and large blue eyes. Driving to the airport, I was wet judst thinking about the lovely weekend to come. Karl and I would have a lot of catching up to do. I sat in the airport lounge for only 10 minutes before Karl's plane arrived, right on schedule. I ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 26, 2017

Swingers Sexstories


My girls and I just seen Emcee give a hot ass performance. Like all his other shows they were off the chain. Hi Im Mahogany, but you can call me Mo. Im here chilling with my girls Cherri and Maxine but you can call her Maxi. We are out in here chilling at the release party of Emcees third album Cristal champagne flowing, music sounding good and people having a good time. A whole some atmosphere you think? Not even close, especially whats about to go down in 3 hours. I guess like everyone here we are Emcees biggest fans, but we are his BIGGEST FANS. Have you seen this man? If not let me describe him to you: 65 1/2, 190lbs nice lean cut body not too big not too skinny. He has nice round brown eyes. The kind you can stare into all hours of the day. Lipsman lips that nice and succulent you know. Somewhat like LL Cool Js lips. When he licks them make your panties instantly wet. Thats how Emcees are. Nice and thick I bet he can suck the hell out of a pussy if you gave him one. We are ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 25, 2017

Milf Sexstories


I was 36, divorced and horny. They say women peak sexually 
in their 30s, and boy are they right! Ive always been one 
to enjoy sex, but now its all I can think about. Day and night 
I think about sex. And Gods cruel joke is that men, like 
my ex, hit their sexual peak years before. Oh our sex life 
started out great. Then it slowed with day-to-day real 
life. Just before our divorce I was lucky to get anything 
once a month. So thats my story. Horny, lonely and frustrated 
as hell. 

I found myself a nice apartment with an awesome pool in the 
complex. There were several other singles in the complex 
but I was new and have only met a few people. That didnt stop 
me from enjoying my time in the sun and working on my tan. 
It was a warm Saturday afternoon and the pool was quiet, 
I was the only one there. I drifted off while lying on the 
lounge chair, dreaming sexy thoughts as usual. The sound 
of the pool gate being opened and closed brought me back 
to reality. I shielded my eyes ... Continue reading →

by Bibian on Apr 24, 2017

Threesome Sexstories


If you have been following along I have experienced my first 
orgasm and just finished giving and receiving oral sex. 
But it wasn't over yet. 

Johns cock was standing to attention again and he asked 
if I was ready for another round of fun. I looked at Paul and 
he nodded and kissed me, telling me to have fun. John moved 
down the bed and knelt, he asked me to move over him, by sort 
of sqwatting over him, using his shoulders for balance, 
he guided me down until his cock was rubbing on my pussy. 
Paul sat watching from the end of the bed, as I slowly slide 
down onto Johns waiting cock, John moaned softly then turned 
to Paul to comment on how tight my pussy was. Now sitting 
on Johns lap with his cock deep inside me John lifted me up 
slightly and began to rock me. At this angle I was soon moaning 
and using his shoulders and my legs I was able to take control 
and began to fuck him as he sucked and nibbled on my swollen 
nipples. His arms wrapped behind me taking some of my ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 23, 2017

BDSM Sexstories


Assume the position he told her ... He held the rear of the 
belt at the waist of her skirt, and his hand firmly pressed 
against the back of her head until her forehead was pressed 
against the cool concrete of the wall ... 

Her arms spread wide as were her long legs ... 

Sharply he tapped her right foot with his ... farther back 
he ordered and when she 
complied he did the same with her left foot.... 

She was totally helpless against the wall ... braced against 
it with her forehead ... her legs spread as far as her skirt 
would allow... 

Almost roughly he took her right wrist and pulled it away 
from the wall and up behind her... She knew the utter helplessness 
of her situation as she felt the cold steel of the handcuff 
tighten first on her right wrist then on her left . 
Her hands were secured behind her back and still he left 
her leaning against the wall. 

"Now lets check you for weapons" he murmured 
... his large hand briskly patted her hips then ran across ... Continue reading →

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Milf Sexstories


How to tease and please women..

Feb 17, 2017

This is just a short article on teasing ladies to an all time high. First of all a lot of guys want to go straight to the privat 
parts of a lady. WRONG. You have to build it up. So start...

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