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Help with setting up webcam for internet sex

by Guest on Jan 6, 2017 Webcam Sexstories 6997 Views

I have heard about all these wild internet sex stories friends tell me about and being a horndog myself. I decied to purchase a computer and see what the talk was about. I spent around three months learning how to use it etc. My friends all had webcams and I had no clue what one was. I called my buddy at work Jerry to seek his advice but his girlfriend Shana answered the phone and agreeded to come over and show me how to set it up. I have my pc system in my bedroom and she has it installed and working in like ten minutes. I asked her whats a good site to see some hot women and she replied naughy webcams is where Jerry and I exhibit. 

Next thing I know, we are at the naughty webcams site. She is explaining to me that the website pays them to have sex on webcam. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to work some now. To my surprise she said yeah why not. She loged in her user information and the chatroom filled up fast. She told me to lay back on the bed. She claws at my pants, taking a button off in the haste to remove the 501s. My cock makes an arch under my cotton fruit-of-the-looms. She pulls back the underwear to free my cock, which then pops out. She fondles my cock while she tells me that she loves sucking cock and drinking cum for her fans on webcam. She fondled my balls with one hand while pumping my meat with her other hand, and I honestly can't remember anything ever feeling better as I knew people were watching us. She began licking and sucking my mushroom cockhead and continued to suck my cock, getting progressivley deeper with each stroke until she was taking almost three quarters of me into her mouth, all the while maintaining a respectable suction. She would stop ever now and again to read what the naughty webcams viewers were saying. They were all saying fuck her already. She pulled of her jogging pants and had no panties on that revealed her shaved pussy. I inserted my very aroused cock into her loose cunt and fucked her ever-so-slowly. FASTER! she said. Please fuck me faster, because I am a whore! I am a fucking slut and I want to feel that cock fuck me hard!! How could I resist? My cock plunged into her faster and faster as my balls bounced against her opening. We fucked hard and fast for a good ten minutes and I told her I'm about to cum. She told her fans on naughty webcams it was cumshot time. 

I didn't want to surprise Bobby with a load of cum in his mouth thatwould send him gagging to the bathroom because I cum alot , so I let her make the decision on what to do. She wanted me to shoot my load on her face... I shot four good heavy spurts plus some dribbles all over her face and she licked and sucked every drop. She was fascinated as she watched the cum fly from my dick with such force and she kept pumping until she was satisfied that every last drop had poured forth. Her webcam fans were calling her the cum queen. Shana said she fucks a few of her fans and that her and Jerry were swingers and they even had a xxx website. 

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