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Cybersex with my boyfriend

by Guest on Apr 27, 2017 Webcam Sexstories 3515 Views

I hadn't seen my boyfriend, Karl, in almost three months. He had been teaching English in South Africa, and I was stuck back at home in Texas, working. I was so horny and missing him badly. Every night of Karl's absence, I laid in bed alone dreaming of his thick cock and strong fingers on me, inside and out. Occasionally we would indulge in cybersex on the internet, when his boss was away. 

Finally, he was coming home. I got off of work early and dashed home to change clothes before picking him up at the airport. I tossed aside my paralegal's conservative skirt and blazer for a slinky silver top, no bra, and black low-riding pants that showed off my curvy hips and ass. I knew I looked hot, hip with my short black bob and large blue eyes.

Driving to the airport, I was wet judst thinking about the lovely weekend to come. Karl and I would have a lot of catching up to do. I sat in the airport lounge for only 10 minutes before Karl's plane arrived, right on schedule. I stood near the door, clutching my grey velvet coin purse in my hands, the weight of it like that of Karl's soft balls, I couldn't help noticing.

Even after two years together, I was trembling inside when I saw Karl walking off the plane, so confident and cocky with his tight white polo shirt, tousled hair, and baggy khakis. He always managed to look like simply beautiful for a man, even after a twenty-hour flight, and a young, hip 31-year old, despite his professional status. I licked my rosy lips and smiled at him, and he came to me like a child on Christmas morning, all wide-eyed and grinning..."Gosh Imissed you, baby!!!" was all he said as we kissed again, oblivious to the crowd around us. 

When we got home to our apartment, I turned on the computer and webcam as I wanted to share our moments with our perverted online friends. 

Karl pulled my slinky top over my head and expressed his pleasure at seeing no bra between he and my milky-white tits, a stark contrast to my tanned shoulders and torso. Karl groaned and sucked at my nipples, making them as hard as little raisins. By that time my cunt was literally dripping wet, as he licked and tasted my nips. I couldn't take much more, as I pulled his shirt up over his smooth broad back and clutched him to my breast. Within moments we were stripped and on the bed.

Karl laid back on the bed with a devilishly sexy grin like the Big Bad Wolf. I crawled over him, my body cool and naked in the air, and sat spread open astride his thick hips, so that his thick hard cock slid directly into my cunt muscles with no need of guidance.

I fucked him with our webcams friends watching like there was no tomorrow, reeling only in the utterly delicious sensations of my lovely man's hot furious prong up my twat. I was so wet, and my clit throbbed as Karl reached into my lips and pulled at it, jacking it off like a tiny red cock. I was in ecstasy, my clit felt HUGE as I came!!! I continued pumping my cunt enthusiastically on Karl's hot cock, taking him deep into my walls and luxuriating in every deep downward thrust! Soon he came all over our thighs, his warm cum flooding out of my body and onto the couch as well. I laid in his lap and rested against him, momentarily breathless. I kissed him with complete fervor, so turned on that even running my tongue across his teeth made me tingle.

As we relaxed, Karl traced the outline of my breasts with his fingers, then tweaked my nipples, making them bigger and redder and harder, just as his cock was becoming, under my ass, both of us sticky with cum. My man continued kissing my back and neck as I sat on his lap with his hard cock sliding along the center of my ass.

Before we even knew what hit us, I was on the bed on all fours and Karl was behind me, inserting himself into my tiny puckered asshole. It felt so good sliding along my ass and inside, I felt totally relaxed and excited and well, in heat. Karl thrust very gently at first, allowing us both a chance to revel in this rare pleasure we'd only tried a few times before. He felt like a big silky monster up my asshole and I LOVED it!

I was so turned on, I couldn't help reaching down to finger my own cunt furiously. I rubbed away at my clitoris like a madwoman, then inserted two fingers into my cunthole. I could feel Karl's cock in my ass through the walls of my cunt, and when Karl screamed out, I knew that he could feel my fingers, too. That excited me SOOOO much. I whimpered with the thrill as I added another finger to my cunt, pressing all three hard against Karl's pumping prong. Two more thrusts, and we both came HARD. I screamed as he flooded my asshole, making me twitch uncontrollably all the way from my clit to my asshole. Afterward we fell on the bed together in a sexy wet mess and licked the sweat off of one another. Needless to say, Karl had a warm welcome home, and we both had a VERY hot weekend of fucking on webcam!!!! 

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