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Kim's webcam

by Guest on Jun 2, 2017 Webcam Sexstories 3716 Views

On the information super highway, known as the internet where Kim lives her life on webcam, many men worship the lady.

11:30PM Carl is a 63 year-old just retired executive. He just finished watching the evening news on TV. He's waiting for his wife to go to bed. He hopes that she will go to sleep right away. The show will start at midnight. He has his chair positioned at the computer screen. It's not often that Carl's dick gets hard, but every night at midnight it gets hard.

Paul is a 50 year-old insurance underwriter. His wife just went to sleep. He looked on the website where Kim exhibits. He sighed. There isno activity yet in the young girl's bedroom. Just thinking about her made Paul's cock erect. He has to wait. The show starts at midnight.

James is a 31 year-old investment banker. His wife is out of town for thewhole week. He is horny. Last night's show drove him up the walls. All he could think of was her black tights and her red panties. What color panties will she have on tonight? He'll have to wait until midnight to see. He sat silently by the computer.

Tony is a 19 year-old college student. His parents just went to sleep. Last night he saw the hairs around her pussy. What will he see tonight? How long can he hold out before he cums? The show starts at midnight.

Peter is a 22 year-old, college geek. Everybody in the house is asleep now. He has his computer ready and his vcr ready to record her show. Her titties got to him when she took the red bra off. What knockers she had. In a half hour he will see them again.

Kim always waited until midnight. By then her audience's wives and girlfriends would be sleeping. But, Kim knew that her fans were in the chatroom waiting and watching. Her nipples hardened against the soft, silk bra as she thought about it. She started sweating. It was always like that before she 'performed'. The dildo was on the night stand. Kim wanted to pleasure herself now. To fuck herself now, but she waited. Why is it that she got so excited by exposing herself to strange, anonymous men. Maybe it was their cocks, which she knew were hard. Maybe it was the fact that she turned THEM on.

Kim still had on her business attire. She wore a black business suit which consisted of a knee length black skirt, and a matching black jacket. A white, tight blouse peeked out from under her jacket. Sheer black pantie-hose on long, strong, young, ivory colored legs. Black high-heel shoes. Underneath her outfit and for the moment hidden from view, the black silk bra and matching bikini lace panties caressed her soft flesh. The white half-slip covered her panties.

12:00 Midnight Kim turns on her webcam. Behind her was a throne-like black leather chair. Slowly she took her jacket off, sticking her chest out, emphasizing her firm breasts straining the tight blouse. The buttons of her white blouse was next. Kim slowly unbuttoned them. The white softness of her breasts contrasted against the black bra. The thin bra straps rose over her white shoulders and disappeared behind her back. She sat downin the big, black chair, bent over and took off her shoes giving her audiencea topical view of her breasts as the bra strained to hold them. She knew that their cocks were quite erect now. Kim stood up again and unbuckled the belt of her skirt and slid it down her thighs. Her white, silk half-slip came into view. The imprint of her black panties shown prominently through her thin slip. She bent over, her slip stretching over her ass. She wiggled it and pulled the slip off. Kim's white buns encased in black panties and sheer pantie-hose were an erotic picture to her audience. The black bra strapped over her white back completed the picture. Kim slipped her pantie-hose below her ass, sat back down in her chair and rolled them down her thighs and then her legs to her ankles and over her feet. Her titties stretched her bra. She cocked her legs wide. Cunt hair was visibleon each side of the crotch panel of her panties. Meanwhile she put her hands behind her and unhooked her bra in the back. Then she slipped the black bra straps off her shoulders and her breasts were free. The cool air on her breasts stiffened her red nipples into sharp, bullet-like points. Kim imagined that some young cocks popped their first nut on them. Kim rose from her chair to slipped her panties over her ass then sat back down. She slid the panties just to her knees. The dainty, white, hand picked up the large, black, rubber dick and inserted it into her soft, and now hot pussy. Kim pumped it in and out. "Ohhhhhhhhhh", Kim purred softly "ooooooooooh." In and out, in and out it went, her black panties still at her knees and stretched wide.

The show was cumming to a climax. In her mind she saw the old men enjoying her...recapturing their youth...The young hunks pumping their cocks. Kim was performinga service. She was the star of the show and she loved it. She controlled her audience and kept their attention and she knows that they will be back for more. Kim was sweating now... and shaking in her chair...her breasts glissened with perspiration...her muscles hardened...she yelled, "oooooooooooough... oooooooooooghhhh. Kim shook in her chair as orgasm overtook her senses. The black, hard-rubber dick still went in and out, slower now. Kim laid back inthe chair with her eyes closed. The audience had their eyes closed now. Kim heard the applause and heard 'encore...encore'. Kim finally removed the black hard-rubber dick and inserted it into her sweet mouth. Her bright, red lips circled the fake dick. She closed her eyes and sucked.

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Kim's webcam

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