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Webcam Sexstories

by Guest on Jan 6, 2017


I have heard about all these wild internet sex stories friends tell me about and being a horndog myself. I decied to purchase a computer and see what the talk was about. I spent around three months learning how to use it etc. My friends all had webcams and I had no clue what one was. I called my buddy at work Jerry to seek his advice but his girlfriend Shana answered the phone and agreeded to come over and show me how to set it up. I have my pc system in my bedroom and she has it installed and working in like ten minutes. I asked her whats a good site to see some hot women and she replied naughy webcams is where Jerry and I exhibit.  Next thing I know, we are at the naughty webcams site. She is explaining to me that the website pays them to have sex on webcam. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to work some now. To my surprise she said yeah why not. She loged in her user information and the chatroom filled up fast. She told me to lay back on the bed. She claws at my pants, taking ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 27, 2017


I hadn't seen my boyfriend, Karl, in almost three months. He had been teaching English in South Africa, and I was stuck back at home in Texas, working. I was so horny and missing him badly. Every night of Karl's absence, I laid in bed alone dreaming of his thick cock and strong fingers on me, inside and out. Occasionally we would indulge in cybersex on the internet, when his boss was away.  Finally, he was coming home. I got off of work early and dashed home to change clothes before picking him up at the airport. I tossed aside my paralegal's conservative skirt and blazer for a slinky silver top, no bra, and black low-riding pants that showed off my curvy hips and ass. I knew I looked hot, hip with my short black bob and large blue eyes. Driving to the airport, I was wet judst thinking about the lovely weekend to come. Karl and I would have a lot of catching up to do. I sat in the airport lounge for only 10 minutes before Karl's plane arrived, right on schedule. I ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 18, 2017


Sondra was an overweight woman of thirty five years and spent her time chatting online. She had been talking with a 22 year old male for awhile and he asked her if she wanted to watch him and his girlfriend on webcam.  She agreeded and opened her webcam program and saw two young naked bodies... Leaning forward, Alice tongued the tip of his cock, licking the drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Peter thought he would explode right there and then. He closed his eyes as her tongue ran down the length of his shaft and swirled around his balls. He couldn't wait for that hot, wet sensation when her mouth could close over his aching cock. Taking her time, Alice sucked on his balls, then moved her way back up his shaft. Then in a fluid motion she engulfed the length of his cock, sliding his young hardness all the way down her throat. She let it slide out slowly, then swallowed it again. She could feel the heat in his balls, she knew it wouldn't take many strokes before she was ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jun 2, 2017


On the information super highway, known as the internet where Kim lives her life on webcam, many men worship the lady. 11:30PM Carl is a 63 year-old just retired executive. He just finished watching the evening news on TV. He's waiting for his wife to go to bed. He hopes that she will go to sleep right away. The show will start at midnight. He has his chair positioned at the computer screen. It's not often that Carl's dick gets hard, but every night at midnight it gets hard. Paul is a 50 year-old insurance underwriter. His wife just went to sleep. He looked on the website where Kim exhibits. He sighed. There isno activity yet in the young girl's bedroom. Just thinking about her made Paul's cock erect. He has to wait. The show starts at midnight. James is a 31 year-old investment banker. His wife is out of town for thewhole week. He is horny. Last night's show drove him up the walls. All he could think of was her black tights and her red panties. What color ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Oct 18, 2017


Ek din shraddha ki venity van bigad gai thi. Mene(tej) ne use dik kiya.  Mene usme ek hidden camera laga diya tha.  Jab shraddha ne kapde change kiye to uski nangi video mere pass hidden camera ki vajse aa gayi.  Ab mene shraddha ko uska video dikhaya. Vo shock ho gayi. Use kuch samaj nahi aa raha tha.  Mene use kaha agar tum mere sath sex karogi tabhi me ye video leak nahi karunga varna tumhari zindagi barbad ho jayegi.  Use man nahi pada. Mene use time aur jaga batayi.  Vo sunday night ko mere ghar aa gayi.  Ab mere ghar me sirf me aur shraddha hi the. Usne mujse kaha tume jitne paise chahiye le lo par meri dvd de do. Mene kaha chup kar.  Mene use jor se kiss kiyaa.  Pehle mene uski T-shirt utari. Usne kale rang ki bra pehni thi. Phir uska pant utara. Ab wo mere samne bra aur panty me khadi thi.  Mene kaha chal ab mere kapde nikal. Usne mere sabhi kapde nikal diye.  Me shraddha ko kiss karte karte apne bed room me le gaya. ... Continue reading →

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