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Growing up chuck

by Guest on May 1, 2017 Teen Sexstories 2397 Views

The week passed by and we headed home. Band started the next week and school was only 3 weeks away. Dad would be home until the last week of August, which made Mom happy. They spent much of their time going out to dinner and spending time together. A week later marching band started. Traci was already there when I arrived. She came up to me and said hello and asked how summer had been. I said interesting and quiet. She said that hers was about the same except for seeing Robert Winslow. Robert was a jock. Well built but did not do well in school. Traci explained how they had dated and then broke up last week when Robert tried to pressure her into doing things she did not want to do. I said I was sorry. That I was always hear to listen and help. She thanked me and off we went to our first practice.

At the end she asked if I could come by the house and help her move some things from her room to another bedroom.

Tommy and Tanya were moving out and Tori was staying in the room they had shared. I asked her when and she said tomorrow before band. The next day I arrived early at Tracis house. No one else was home. Traci was dressed in baggy shorts and a big T-shirt.

She led me upstairs. First we got all of her clothes out of her closet.

The purple robe reminded me of my recent visit, but I kept my mind on the matter at hand. We then moved her dresser. We emptied all the drawers and then carried the dresser to the other room.

I returned to retrieve the drawers while Traci placed them back in the dresser. The last drawer was her bra and underwear.

As I carried it I noticed that she had new packages that were not white underwear, but all different colors. She had matching bras. I noticed the tag on the back of one hanging over the edge of the drawer read 34c. As I handed her the drawer she turned a shade of pink.

When she looked at the bra hanging over the edge. She said well no secrets from friends. You know now my chest size and what color my underwear are. I smiled and said what friends are for.

She laughed and put the draw away. It was getting close to practice time. We left what we still had to move until later and headed to practice. After practice we headed back to Tracis. We just got the last thing moved, when Tori came in the door.

She smiled when she saw me and asked what was going on.

Traci came out and said the room was all hers now. All she had to do was move things around to her liking. She smiled, said thanks and asked if Traci could help.

Traci said she was meeting her friends and wouldnt be back until dinner, but she could help tonight. Tori, said shed have to get it done, because she had a date. Traci then asked if I could help Tori.

I looked at my watch and it was only 1:30. I said aside form lunch I had no plans. Tori said great and smiled.

Traci said I was a great friend and headed upstairs to change.

Tori did the same and said that I could grab a bite and then come on up to help her. A few minutes later Traci appeared wearing a nice top and shorts. She kissed me on the cheek and thanked me. She headed out the door. I finished my lunch and headed upstairs.

Tori was either in the bathroom or the darkroom. The light for the darkroom was not on. So I soft placeumed it was the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush and Tori came out in old jeans and a tank top. She wasnt wearing a bra. My length sprang to attention. She asked how I had been and if I enjoyed the pictures. I told I had and had I known I would have brought them back. She asked if I had masturbated to them. When I replied, she smiled and said good.

Then she said put that thing in your pants away we need to move this room around. We spent the next two hours, moving furniture here and there. When finally everything was where she wanted it she asked if I would like to take a swim. I said I did not have a suit. She said I could wear one of her or Tracis bottoms. She saw me balk and said dont worry, the back yard is secluded and if anyone comes home, youll have your regular clothes right there. With that she tossed me a pair of her bikinis and said put them on.

I was a little shy, but she coaxed me on. I slipped off my jeans and underwear. Tori, then said, by the way to impress the girls, better do away with the tighty whities and find some manly underwear. I had a long T-shirt on, that covered my length. As I put on the bikini bottoms, I lifted my T-shirt and exposed my length, which was semi hard. The bikini barely covered my somewhat hard length.

I looked at Tori who just smiled. She turned her back and took off all her clothes. The tip of my length was now outside of the bikini. She then bent over to put on her bottoms. She then reached behind her and grabbed the top and put it on.

She then grabbed a cover-up and put it over her head.

With that she walked past me and told me lets go.

Bounding down the stairs she headed towards the kitchen and the back yard. The pool was in-ground and completely hidden from any neighbor. Tori stopped at a chair and removed her cover-up and dove in the pool.

While she was under, I took off my T-shirt and jumped in the pool. Tori with her big tits, was like a pontoon on water. She swam gracefully. I raced and beat her each time. After that she went to the side of the pool and climbed up the ladder.

The air was a little cool, so she put her cover-up back on.

I got out of the pool and dried myself off. Then feeling the cool air, I put on my shirt. Tori sat down at the table and asked me to join her . She then asked if I played cards.

I said rarely.

She said she wanted to teach me a game. It was called choice. The rules were: Jacks and Jokers were wild. Ace was only a high card and two was the lowest. Players would draw a card from the deck and the person with the highest card would win.

The winner could either ask the other player a question or ask them to do something. If a player refused to answer the question or perform the act, they had to remove an article of clothing.

If any player drew a wild card, the other player had to remove an article of clothing. . If any player drew a wild card, the other player had to remove an article of clothing. The winner is determined when only one player is left with clothes on. All players had to start with the same number of clothing articles. Seeing I only had two, Tori ran inside and came back with the top to the bikini. I thought she was crazy, but again she said who would see. Tori shuffled the cards. The first hand played she won and asked if I had ever seen her sister naked.

When I answered yes, she seemed surprised and then I told her about the closet incident the last time I was here. The next hand she won again. She asked me how many girls I had seen naked. I said 5 including her and her sister. I told her about Lisa, Mary Ellen and my mom. She was surprised at the story of my mom, but said she had seen her mom and dad on a beach one night and could not walk away either. I won the next hand and asked how many men she had been with. She said three, not counting you and all the guys she had given a handjob.

She told me of sitting in the back of the bus coming home from school. Jackie Smalls had pulled his lengthed out and dared her to touch it. She took the dare and made him come all over his pants. He walked all the way home with his books in front of him and never sat next to Tori again. The next hand Tori got a wild card. I removed the T-shirt and now sat in the bathing suit top and bottoms. The cups for the bra hung down to my waist with nothing to hold. Tori smiled and giggled and said she should run up and get her camera.

The next hand Tori drew another wild card. I was down to one more piece of clothing but glad to be rid of the top. I won the next hand and asked her if she had ever given a guy a playjob.

She answered three. Her first was when she was 14 and the boy was two years older. The second was a friend she had come to know through a friends sister. The last was a college senior that had taken another girl to the junior prom. His date passed out, as did Toris so the spent the night in a hotel room. The next hand I drew a wild card.

Tori reached under and took off her top.

She got it off, without every removing the cover-up. I was impressed. Tori won the next hand and asked me if I had ever touched a girl. I said no. I won the next hand with a wild card. Off came Toris bottoms. We were now down to one piece of clothing each.

I knew she was naked under that cover-up.

All I had to do is draw another wild card.

I won the next hand and told her she had to jump in the pool with her cover-up. She thought about his and jumped in the pool.

When she emerged, I could see her nipples pasted to the cover-up. She won the next hand and said I had to run out to the front and get the mail form the mailbox. Looking at what I was dressed in I decline. She said that I had to remove an article of clothing.

Slowly I removed the bottoms and sat down.

She then said the game was over.

She stood up, collected the cards and all the clothes. She ran in the house and locked the door. She then said the front door was unlocked.

Then she said Ill be up in my room naked. If you get in, Ill give you a treat.

The back yard was secluded. There was a gate with a lock on it. The metal fence was 6 feet tall.

I climbed the fence and walked along the side of the house. To my left there was a driveway that was empty. Straight ahead I could see the intersection that had a car moving towards the house. I waited for it to pass. I then went to the front of the house and looked both ways. I looked back behind me and there was Tori behind the gate, snapping pictures. No cars were on the street and I tried the garage door.

It was locked.

I tried the side door by the garage. That was locked. I hid behind a bush and then sprinted for the front door.

When I got there it was opened. I rushed inside and closed the door.

I proceeded upstairs.

As I entered the room Tori, was a naked and taking picture of me as I walked to by her side.

She motioned me to the head of the bed and took one last picture of my hard length. She then dropped the camera and reached out with her left hand.

She circled my length slowly. I notice pre-come oozing from the tips. She asked how it felt and I said good.

She asked how long it had taken me to cum when I left the house the last time. I told her the story and she laughed.

She then moved up and down my length switching hands she said, that I could not come unless she said so. She asked if I understood. I said yes. With that she asked me to lie on the bed. I did so.

She got up and turned her back towards my head.

As I looked up I could see her lovely soft place and the bottom of her softness. Slowly she lifted her soft place. I felt her tongue on my length. She circled it slowly. She then mouthed the tip. I let out a deep sigh. She then slowly went up and down. As she did this her softness was rubbing against my chin. I stuck my tongue out and tasted her juices. When I did this she stopped, turn her head and asked if I like that. I said yes. She then turned and faced me. She sat on my lips and taught me how to toy her. I toyed for a long time. After a while I saw her shake, like I had seen my mom.

She shook and moaned and screamed. I kept toying until she jumped off me. She smiled and said that was great. She then asked me to close my eyes and not move. I did so and felt her tongue on my length. Then her mouth and she went up and down real fast. I wanted to explode but knew what she had told me. She suddenly stopped. I felt her move up the bed. I then felt her weight on me and sensed my length engulfed by fire. I opened my eyes and Tori was smiling. She was moving her hips back and forth and up and down. I said I felt like I was going to come. She stopped and said no.

She just stayed still. Then she started again.

I again I told her and again she stopped. She did that two more times. As I couldnt hold on any more, we heard the front door open. We had lost track of time. I looked at the clock on wall, it said 6:15 and we heard Toris mom call out anybody home. Tori answered she was up in her room. As she moved off me she grabbed my hand and tossed me in the closet. She grabbed her robe.

When her mom came in she said that she was headed into the shower.

Her mom said she was going to change and would start dinner. Her mom left and Tori rushed into the closet. She had thrown my clothes in the dark room and there was no time to get them. She grabbed a pair of her dirty panties and told me to put them on. Who was I to argue? She grabbed a pair of gym shorts, that were at least blue and a Giants tank top. I put them on and then she stood me up and gave me a deep kiss. She said that she was sorry, but would try and find time before school started. She said this would always have to be our secret .

She pushed me out of the room and down the stairs. I ran out the door and home where I masturbated in her underwear and painted my room again. Tori called twice before school started. I was not able to get over, until after school started.

I was at my locker the first day of school when she came up to me and said happy birthday. I asked her how she knew. She explained that Traci had told her.

She handed me a present and said if I could stop by this afternoon she would be naked for me.

I had band practice and had to decline.

She pinned me in my locker and kissed me hard. She said that one-day I was going to screw her good. She grabbed my length and kissed me again and then turned down the hallway. I starred after her, noticing that she was lifting her skirt to reveal her soft place checks and no underwear. Great the tent was back. I quickly grabbed my books and put them over the tent. I then put the present in my locker and headed to class. At the end of the day, I collected my books and the present Tori had given me. Band practice was grueling that day. It was still hot and humid out.

Practice ended at 6 and I headed home.

Mom had left a note that she was out and would be home around 9. It was just me.

I went up to my room and emptied my backpack and opened the present from Tori. Inside were the clothes I had left at her house and an envelope. I opened the envelope to find several pictures. The first three were of me, when I was walking towards her naked.

The next three were of Tori. The first was taken after a shower. That must have been the shower she took after I left her house when Traci had come home. The Second one was taken in a garage.

I soft placeumed it was hers.

She was lying on the hood of a car naked, with her backside to the camera. In the third picture she was on the hood again, but had turned over and had her leg spread wide, her knees in the air and a pair of high heels on. This is the first color picture I had seen of her. Her nipples were zinfandel in color. She had shaved her strawberry blond bush to form the letter T. At the bottom of the picture, she wrote. Happy 14th birthday, care for a taste? I went downstairs, picked up the phone and called her. Traci, answered, so I disguised my voice. Tori came on the line and said Hello. I said, thank you for the birthday present.

She said I was welcomed and then asked if I could hold on.

I heard muffled sounds on the phone, and then I heard Tori say, I got it. I then heard a click and Tori, said hello. I again thanked her for the present and she asked me what I was doing.

I said I was home alone and she asked if she could come over. I said that probably was not a good thing, but I sure would love to eat her softness. She laughed and said it was mine for the taking. We talked about our previous encounter and she asked me if I was hard.

I said yes and she said, well have fun with my pictures.

If youre lucky youll feel the real thing soon. With that someone picked up the other line and said they needed the phone.

Tori, said okay, in a minute. The click indicated the other person had hung up. Tori said Tanya was home and needed the line. She said that we should plan to get together soon. I agreed. She said Happy Birthday and goodbye. We hung up and thats the last conversation I had with Tori for the year. I would see her in the hall and she would wink.

One time she pulled me behind the bleachers in the gym and stuck her hand down my pants. We heard a noise and she left, while I waited a while to leave. I went to her graduation party at the end of the year. She had a boyfriend with her. She did wink at me and smile, but that was the end of Tori and I for several years. Dare to be

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