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Wild night

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 12, 2017 Teen Sexstories 2644 Views

This night was just fucking crazy. My name is Amanda and your not going to believe this story for one minute its that wild but i want to tell you anyway cause it really did happen.

I was 18 and just finishing up my first year of college when me and my friends decided to go out and party it up for a night.

I was excited. I was in the mood for anything drinking,smoking,getting fucked up and just hopefully having a good awesome time with my friends.

Well that fucking fell through because all my girlfriends had boyfriends and were whipped by all of them so they all stayed in with there boyfriends that night.

I was pissed because i really wanted to party with all of them. I had a boyfriend too but i didnt want to be anywhere near him that night because for once i wanted to feel free.

Its hard being tied down.  Especially when i have guys flirting with me and constantly grabbing my ass. Im not conceited but i know i look good with all the attention i get.All the guys i talk to tell me they love dirty blondes. And I just happen to be a blonde,but with not much boobs but my ass gets the job done.

So i was stuck with nothing to do for the night when one of my really good guys friends called me and told me about a bash going on that night and asked if i wanted to go. I say hell yea. He told me that him and his two friends would be by to pick me up.

I was thinking hell yes, Im going to a party that will have guys and alchohol there. I was pumped so i hurried up and threw on the sluttiest short skirt i owned that basicly didnt cover up my ass at all and a cute tank top to go with it.

When the guys picked me up and first saw me i know they were shocked. I hoped in the car with them and the first thing the guy in the back said was well hello you. I laughed the way he said it.

The driver,the guy who also invited was Eric,and his two friends in the back were Tobin and Ryan. They were all really cool guys and i enjoyed hanging with them alot.I was riding shotgun the other two guys were nice enough to sit in the back.

We were on our way to the party when Eric got the call that the party was canceled because the guy who was having it parents came him. We were disappointed with nothing else to do.

We were all bumbed about the news but no one wanted to go home. So Eric started driving through some long backroads when Tobin told Eric to just drive around so he the three could smoke a joint.

When i saw that i was wanting to try it so i hurried up and jumped in the back while the car was still in motion. I was then sitting between Ryan and Tobin hitting the weed as much as i could.

The weed was then making us all mellow as Eric was being quiet and driving listening to his music.

As soon as i hit the joint for the last time i felt Ryan rubbing my crotch. I panicked cause i knew i had a boyfriend. But his fingers were feeling good across my crotch and just let him keep going.

The next thing i knew me and him started hardcore making out and with his fingers up my skirt going in and out of my pussy. Tobin was just shocked as Eric i dont think had a clue what was going on. I was getting horny.

Ryan then started to put another finger in my ass as the others in my pussy. I was wet then all of a sudden Ryan leaned me over Tobins crotch and started eating my pussy with my head above Tobans dick.

Toban got horny as he thought it was an excellent time to take advantage slip his dick out and smoothly insert it in my mouth. Eric still not having a clue as he was stoned driving listening to his music.

Ryan was eating me out going to town as i was giving Tobin head. I was really shocked. Ive never been with multiple partners at a time,ive always imagined it but never thought id be in a gang bang. I was getting extremely wet.

Ryan then told me get on my knees. I wasnt sure why, i just thought okay hes going to fuck me, i didnt know how cause we were crammed as it was already and we didnt have much room. But i did as i was told.

My ass was then in the air with Tobins dick still in my mouth. Ryan then lifted my skirt all the way up so my ass was out and started eating my pussy from the back. It was feeling amazing. He just started licking it like a stick to a drum as Tobins dick was rock solid in my mouth.

Ryan then started to lick upwards as he got to my asshole. He licked it like there was no tomorrow. I was shocked as ever so i turned around to see exactly what he was doing and he had his nose just buried in my ass cheeks. It was making me moan hardcore.

Finally Eric realized what was happening in the back seat of his car and pulled over to the side of the road and watched us go at it.

He then got tired of watching as he suggested we get out. All four of us got out and Eric got his dick out and i knew exactly what to do as i started to give head to him and the guy who was eating my ass Ryan. Tobin then went behind me and bent me over and moved down to my ass with his tongue as well.

So there i was on the side of a backroad bent over with two dicks going in out of my mouth and a tongue in my ass. I was feeling really good and really getting into it.

Then the next thing i knew they were all taking turns fucking me doggy style. The whole situation was intense i couldnt remember it all i was lost in the moment. They were each just taking advantage and fucking me from behind while i sucked another off.

When it was over they nearly took the wind out of me. I was dead beat tired. I couldnt even keep my eyes open on the way home.

That night was fun and it was one hell of a experience. Il never forget it. For the guys on the other hand they think its just best to not talk about it as i think they were embarrassed afterwards. I never thought my ass and pussy would one day be an all you can eat buffet. It was amazing.

But it doesnt matter because i for sure enjoyed it. Does being gangbanged make me a slut most would think so but theres not one girl out there that doesnt fantasize about it. I was just lucky it happened to me. It was the craziest night of my life. And incase your wondering if my boyfriend ever found out.nope and its going to stay that way.

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