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My older sister

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 5, 2017 Teen Sexstories 5619 Views

There was 3 years difference between myself and my sister. She was 19 and in a relationship and I was just starting to kiss girls. My sister had a pretty body and always wore tight jeans to show off her soft place. In the summer she had friends over to swim and I would watch.

I couldn't help but notice my sister was always the sexiest in the group. For a few years I would sneak into her room and look through her panties drawer. She was now wearing very lacy and extreamly sexy briefs. I would picture her wearing them and masterbate or use the fabric to jerk off with.

On this particular day I came home for a friends house and noticed my parents car was gone. I walked in the front door and nobody was around.

The urge hit me and I wanted a quick release before my folks got home. I quickly walked down the hall with the idea of using her panties again but was surprised when I pushed open her door to see her on her knees sucking her boyfriends length.

Panic set in and she jumped up screaming for me to leave the room. I was shocked at what I was seeing but still spun and left quickly. In my room my head was spinning. For only seeing 10 seconds worth, my head was playing it over and over again. Her mouth wrapped around his hard length which looked all wet, and seeing her jump up wearing a pair of those sexy panties I had often jerked off with. My length started to grow in my pants just thinking about all this when my sister came knocking on my bedroom door. She was in tears when she walked in but that was the second thing I noticed about her.

The first was that she had only a t-shirt on over her panties and her nipples were still quite hard. I asked her where her boyfriend was and she said he got so scared he ran home.

I laughed and said it's a good thing it was me and not dad who walked in.

She smiled a bit and asked if I was going to tell on her for having her boyfriend in the house while our folks were out. I said of course not, but told her that she owes me one big time. She agreed and we started to small talk. She was still a bit embarrised and wanted to know what i saw when I walked in.

God she put me on the spot and my face turned 3 shades of red.

I told her I saw her mouth sucking on his length. It was her turn to turn red as I said how could you do that? She was a little surprised at this question figuring I had had a playjob before and could only answer that her boyfriend enjoys it and she loves to do it for him. That was when she popped the question.

Are you still a virgin?? I mumbled a yes and looked away.

She just laughed and said you don't know what your missing little brother. She said how she enjoys making her boyfriend feel good and I said I can understand. It was her turn to say what do you mean by that? I said that I know the pleasure but only being with myself. Her little grin told me she understood and she admitted that she too has her special moments alone. The conversation went on and I noticed I was getting more and more excited just talking to her about it. We talked about how many times a week we do it alone and we were surprised to know that we each did it at least once a day.

When the topic of how we do it came up i couldn't tell her about raiding her panty drawer so I said you tell me first.

She told me that it was easy for her and how sometimes she could just cross her legs and swing them for a friction on her personal place. She said she had done it before while I was in the same room.

I was stunned. She also told me about just using her fingers or rubbing something against herself. Now it was my turn and she looked at me trying to figure out why I was having trouble answering this question. I told her most times it was in the bathroom or in my bed under the sheets with hand cream, but sometimes I used something to rub myself with. She begged me to know what I used to rub myself with and I said it was to embarrising. She said it can't be any worse than you catching me with my boyfriend. I laughed and said yes it is. Now I really had her thinking. She was dying to find out what it was i used. I finally gave in and told her. I said I like to use your silky panties!! Her face was a mixture of what the hell and oh really now? I sat there looking at her expecting her to smack me at any second and she just smiled and said I was wondering why sometimes my panties were out of place. She asked my why her panties and I told her that I love the looks of them and the texture. She asked if I fantasized while using her panties and I said all the time. She cornered me with her next question by asking if I think about her wearing the panties? I just about choked and she knew the answer just by my reation.

Again she smiled and said i guess that is a compliment of some sort even if it's coming from my brother. I admited that I was on my way to get her panties when I walked in on them. She said are you kidding me? I said no, I was horny and wanted to do it before mom and dad got home. She said that I wasn't the only one who wanted to do something before they got home. She asked if I was still horny and I said kind of even though I was about to burst in my jeans. She stood up and said take care of yourself, mom and dad won't be home for at least another hour. She stopped at the door and pulled her t-shirt up just enough to show me her panties. She asked me if I had ever used these ones before and i said yes, they were my favorites. In a blink of an eye she pulled them down and threw them at me. Have fun little brother, now we both have a little secret. She left my room and I picked up the panties tossed beside me. They were still warm from her skin and for the first time they were wet. I couldn't help myself to smell them and god they smelt good. Her juices mixed with a hint of perfume. I had my length out and pumping in seconds. My orgasm wasn't far away and I shot my load right up to my chin.

Later that evening my parents went to bed and I was alone watching tv when my sister walked in and sat beside me.

She asked if everything was cool and I said it was as long as she was ok with what happened. She told me she was ok also and that her afternoon was very intense. She winked at me and i knew what she meant. I said so was mine, but it didn't last that long.

We both laughed and I told her that her panties were still in my room.

I said I didn't know what to do with them. She said to put them in the laundry basket when I was finished with them.

I said you may never get them back in that case.

She asked if I liked them that much and I said yes. I told her it was a fetish and i just loved sexy panties.

She stood up and pulled up her nightie. She asked what do you think about these ones? My length grew in 2 seconds staring at her sexy black lacy underwear. She did a twirl and showed me her soft place.

The fabric hugged her butt perfect and i reached out to touch them without even thinking.

It took about 5 seconds for me to realize this was not another fantasy but that i had my hand on my sisters soft place. I pulled it away like it was burning and she just looked at me and said it's ok go ahead and touch them if you like. I figured she was enjoying this as well so i placed my hand back on her sexy soft place and started to caress her. When she turned to face me my fingers slide between the silky fabric at her crotch. She was already wet and the heat coming from beneith this fabric was unbelievable.

She sat beside me and reached out to touch my boxers. By this point my length was visibly hard and she slide her fingers over my shaft and squeezed. She asked if it was ok if she did this while I continue to touch her panties. I don't think i even answered her, we just continued doing what we wanted to do. Her hand went straight below my boxers and she grabbed my length with her bare hand. She was grinding her softness against my hand when she whispered how much bigger my length was compaired to her boyfriend. A flashback hit me of her sucking his length and I think she realized I was thinking that because she bent over at the waist and slide her warm mouth over the tip of my length. In one motion she sucked me into her mouth and it was a feeling I will never forget. It was better than anything I had ever done to myself. Between her mouth sucking me and her hand trailing behind in the saliva, I started to cum within a minute.

To my surprise she swallowed the entire load and continued until I thought I was going to have a heartattack. She asked me if i enjoyed that and I said it was wonderful.

She told me now it was my turn to return the favour and she slipped her panties off and spread her legs in front of me.

What a beautiful sight seeing her teasing wet softness. She pulled my head between her legs and explained what she wanted me to do.

I could smell the same odor from earlier that day but this time i got to taste it as well with my tongue. I guess i did a prety good job for the first time because she moaned and shock pretty good. She pulled my head back and said one more thing to learn little brother. She pulled herself on top of me sitting on top of my length.

I could feel the wetness between her legs teasing onto my shaft as she reached down and guided me into her. With my length all the way in her oven, she asked me to suck on her tits and caress her soft place. Oh I did all she asked me to do and more while she rode me. She came a few times and when I felt I was about to explode she said to go for it. I shot my load deep in her and for that entire time didn't care if it was my sister or not and she felt the same.

It has been almost 5 years since that day and we are both living apart now.

For the first year we had some fun on occations expecially before I had a girlfriend.

She would sometimes leave me her panties under my pillow or invite me to shop for new ones and then model then for me. She gave me many more playjobs or we would masterbate together her watching me stroke with her panties. We enjoyed each other sexually never once thinking it wasn't right. It felt good and nobody got hurt.

I can thank my older sister enough for teaching me all about pleasing a woman. My wife today doesn't complain, but I will never tell her how I learned how to be so good.

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