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I want some too

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 5, 2017 Teen Sexstories 13572 Views

Lacey was just out of college and was hired working for a local office. At 19, she was a sexy little minx, shapely legs, 36 C breasts, and a small waiste.She was 5'6.

Lovely smile and big blue eyes.. Part of her sexyness was her attitude. Though, she was not that experienced, she was always eager to learn.

Dan was a senior agent, 45 and had been with the company for quite some time. Lacey always came to him when she was stuck.

She espeically loved standing close to him and displaying her beautiful tits in front of him. Teasing him His eyes were drawn to them...there sexual banter always made Lacey wet and wonder what he was like. Dan checked her out every chance he could get. There was a great deal of sexual tension between these two. She sure made him hard. Bending over the desk like that. Naughty, naughty young lady!!

And so, Friday afternoon came, everyone left early but Dan and Lacey . Dan locked the door, he didn't expect anyone to come in at that time of the day and he didn't want any interuptions as he planned on doing some catching up.

Lacey came over to his desk, and stood in front of him, she had a problem with a report she was doing, and asked him for some help. He made a gesture, with his hands that he'd love to undo those buttons. She smiled down at him. This was encouraging. He could no longer stand it, he needed to touch them. He stood up, Dan was much taller than little Lacey, he kind of towered over her. He placed a hand down her blouse. He gently rubbed his hands across her cleavage, Lacey let out a low moan, this encouraged Dan to placed his hand inside her bra and squeeze her nipples. Lacey wanted his hands to do more. That really felt good. Dan was enjoying Lacey's firm breasts, what he really wanted to do was rip her shirt open, so he could get a good look at her. Dan was feeling rather good about this. She was so sweet and so young. It really turned him on. She flirted with him all the time.

Lacey suddently felt someone move against her. This startled her. Dan smiled down at her and told her it was Ok, that this could be fun. To her surprise it was Gary next door. They always kept their supplies in our office and he had needed some paper and he told Lacey he got a glimpse of her and Dan and wanted in on the action too. She struggled and tried to get away, her fine little ass rubbing against Gary's cock. That was what he wanted. Gary held her arms behind her back. This gave Dan the opportunity to undo her blouse. He pushed her bra down and out sprang her beautiful breasts.

Dans hands grabbed them. Lacey moaned ever so slightly, just enough to encourage Gary to move his hands down towards her young pussy. His hand started groping inside down to her sweet little slit. He fingered her for just a second and smiled at Dan. Although, they just knew each other to say hi, there was unspoken communications between them today. Lacey was ready for more action.

Gary undid his pants the same time that Dan did, both had hard cocks. Dan told her what pretty lips she had. So, she quickly got on her knees and turned to Dan, she gently placed his cock in her mouth. She was not experienced in this and needed some guidance. Dan sensed her innocence and this made him hotter for her. He gently grabbed her hair and guided her to the rythm he wanted her to go. Gary kneeled down behind her and grabbed her breasts, squeezing the nipples. Dan thought they looked so hot. He could see how quickly they had become erect...just like his cock had. Gary pulled down Lacey's pants. He was so anxious to see what treasure she had there. Dan and Gary smiled at each other and told Lacey what a sweet little cunt she had, and that both planned to take advantage of that. She had a blond bush there, it felt so fine and wet.

They guided Lacey to the lunch room, there was a couch there and they lightly pushed her down. She looked so beautiful, so young, her legs spread enough to see her engourged pussy.

Dan went down on her first. Her skin was so soft everywhere he touched, just edged him to want to devour her. His tongue sliding in and out, she raised her hips to meet him. Lacey looked up at the cock that was about to enter her mouth. Gary was not so understanding. Fuck, he wanted to deep throat her and didn't really care how innocent she was. She opened her mouth for him, he instructed her to place her head back so he could push it deep inside her throat. Poor Lacey was uncomfortable at first but she was a quick learner and realized that she needed to open up her throat to him.

Having the two men, ravishing her body, she didn't quite know which way to turn. Dan kneeled onto the couch and slowly placed his cock inside her little tight pussy. Oh yeah, he could tell she was tight, and he couldn't wait to push it all the way inside. He slowly entered Lacey and little by little he forced her cunt to open to him. He didn't want to hurt her. But Lacey was becoming inpatient was going out of her mind. She yelled at him to fuck her harder, oh please she wimpered. So Dan just gave it to her, harder and harder until he came.

Gary's turn to fuck her now. He showed no mercy. Gary was built much larger than Dan. He told her to bend over the couch, while he held his cock and shoved it inside her. She gave a little yelp, but he kept thrusting it deeper and deeper, grabbing her hot tits and grabbing her hips, he gave her sweet little butt a few wacks, bucking faster and deeper until Lacey exploded all over his cock. It was running down his leg, she came so hard. This made Gary cum too, he never knew he had that much spunk in him. He kept cumming and cumming.

The three of them got dressed. Went to Lacey's place. Had a three way shower and ordered pizza and drank beer. They spent the weekend together, showing Lacey what they could share with each other. Pleasures her body gave to them.

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