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Feeling like a teenager again

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 8, 2017 Teen Sexstories 4757 Views

Giggling like a schoolgirl I lay on the bed wearing nothing but a pair of not very flattering black cotton knickers.

The two boys, both 18 and virgins, climbed onto the bed either side of me and lay on their sides facing eachother across my 38 year old, but still sexy body.

Both pairs of underpants contained an erect cock desperate to get inside a woman for the first time. I slipped a hand inside each of their undies and squeezed both cocks. Their hands began feeling my body, their first touch of a woman. As my breasts were squeezed and my nipples teased by their inexperienced hands I pulled their cocks out of their pants and began stroking them.

It only took about 10 strokes of my hand before brian, to my left, reached orgasm. His spunk squirted powerfully out across my side and over my breasts. Jon to my right lasted only a few moments longer before cumming loudly, his spunk gushing in spurt after spurt onto my stomach and panties. What good boys they were !

I put an arm around each of them. Their hands moving again over my body, stroking my thighs and feeling, experimenting, between my legs. They jointly slipped of my knickers, something which in itself was erotic and I was now very turned on. An inquisitive finger touched my pussy lips, causing me to shudder and moan gently. Slowly learning how to please me, they both took turns to slide a finger in and out of my pussy. Brian, obviously knowing a little about the existence of the female clitoris began to rub his fingers in roughly the right area. I helped him learn exactly where to touch me by my moans and little whispers of  encouragement. This was good with a capital G.

Jon began finger fucking me with one, then two and then three fingers. Brian, having realised that he had found my clitoris, helped by it being swollen and hard, began to rub faster and harder. I hugged their teenage bodies hard against me and spread my legs so that they one was between each of the boy's legs, giving me the sensation of being trapped in their embrace.

I came. Loudly. my body tensing up and then releasing, before my orgasm sent my whole body into spasms of pleasure, much to the boys amusement and pleasure. They had never seen or made a woman cum before and this was a wonder to their inexperienced eyes.

I could feel their hard young cocks against me and reached down to take them both in hand again. After my orgasm I wanted to repay them for being such good boys. I had forgotten how quickly young men recover after cumming and was surprised when after just a few more strokes of my hand I felt warm sticky cum splash out of Brians cock and up my forearm. I looked down to see his cum contine to spray out across my left thigh. I jerked my right hand faster and squeezed jons cock harder to help get him closer to orgasm, which didnt take long as he tensed up and lifted his body such that when he came the creamy white goo sprayed right up across my breasts and onto my neck. I giggled with pleasure and the boys both looked my body up and down to saviour the view of my cum splattered torso.

Brian reached his fingers down onto my clit again as Jon kissed me on the lips, receiving my tongue in his mouth as I took him into a long and sensuous french kiss. I put my arms around their strong shoulders again and lay back to enjoy what their attention.

Jons fingers took over frigging my clitoris as Brian began squeezing my cum soaked breasts, tweaking my nipples and making me feel very very horny.

Jon had to learn how to please me, as Brian had done not long before. This was ok as there was pleasure for me in their using my body to learn. Brian watched as Jon fingered and frigged me, giving his friend tips on where to rub me. I loved it and before long I was cumming again. As my orgasm rocketed through my groin and out through my body to my fingers and toes, Brian and Jon both gazed down on my face, watching my expression of total pleasure as I climaxed.

I lay there between them for a few moments after my pleasure eased. I realised that they were both eager for more and I felt hard cocks again, rubbing up against my thighs. I just thought, "Oh my god ! this is wonderful".

I knelt between them on the bed, facing them both so I could see their smiling faces. once again I took a cock in each hand and began to stroke them. In this position I had a good grip on each of their stiff erections and was able to slide my hand up and down, faster and faster. It took longer this time, as they had both cum twice before, but when it came it was just as messy and powerful as the first time. Jon came first this time, his cum splashing out across his chest.

I released Jons spent seven inch penis so I could concentrate on Brian. I jerked his five and a half inches with one hand whilst tickling his balls with the other. His orgasm was intense, his body tensed moments before he came and then a jet of spunk shot out three feet in the air and came down to splatter on his stomach. My gentle handstrokes helped the aftershocks of his orgasm go on for about 30 seconds.

The boys were now a little out of breath, as I knelt there, covered in their cum and looking down proudly on my two young students of pleasure who were now also covered in their own cum.

The boys pulled me down between them again and I lay on my back as they went to work using their new skills and experimenting with new ones all the time. Over the next few minutes they quickly mastered the art of giving me a double frigging, with both their hands working together in syncronised masturbation of my pussy. It was inevitable when it happened. My body exploded with pleasure for a third time in less than an hour. I groaned loudly as I came and thrashed about without a care in the world as their fingers teased me like I had never been teased before.

There's more to this story, but I want to keep you all in suspense. You may wonder why this is a story of mutual masturbation, but the explanation is that a lack of condoms led us to use our hands as teenagers do ! I may not be a teenager anymore but I certainly felt like one with my two horny young men.

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