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Garry's touched up Mrs. Robinson

by Bibian on May 2, 2017 Teen Sexstories 2224 Views

It was an extremely warm summer day and I was pottering around the house, somewhat bored and wanting something but not really knowing what that was. There was a knock at the door and I found standing there, a good-looking young boy looking for work to make some extra money. He looked to be about 18years of age, tall, and had long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. He wore a short tee shirt and running shorts and from the looks of things he was going to grow into quite a man. I told him that I had a few things that he could do and proceeded to walk out back to show him.

He started working, and because it was so hot, he started perspiring intensely. I decided that since he was here to perform some of the jobs I was going to do, I would sunbathe in the hammock and read a book. I put on my skimpiest bikini, grabbed a sexy new book I was reading, my oil, and headed outside. He glanced up when I walked out the door, and kind of did a double take since my breasts were practically hanging out and the bikini bottoms were little more than a piece of string.

I smiled at him, sat down and began to rub oil on my body. I was really horny today and the oil felt really good on my skin, so I rubbed a little slower and a little more sensuously than usual. I looked up and Todd (the young boy's name) was staring at me and when our eyes met, he blushed and busied himself with his work. I got a real tingle in my pussy knowing that he was looking at me the way he was, smiled and laid back to read. The book I was reading was really hot and before long my pussy was wet and throbbing and I really needed to get some relief. I looked around, and Todd had apparently gone to the front of the house to do some of the work there, so I pushed my bikini bottoms to the side of my pussy and started rubbing my clit. It was protruding, hard and sensitive and it felt really good. My hips started writhing, my finger went into my hot pussy hole and I started cumming and moaning softly. After the orgasm had subsided, I opened my eyes and there stood Todd, staring at me, rubbing his crotch through his shorts where he had an obvious hard on.

Whoa, what a tingle that gave me. He just stood there, blushing a little but obviously enthralled with what he had just witnessed, and I smiled and sat up, leaned forward for my tits to spring free of the tiny bra and tease him a little more. He didn't say a word, just groaned slightly. I said, "You look really hot, would you like a nice cold glass of lemonade young man?" He said he would, and dropped his hands to his sides with a look of disappointment on his face. He was standing between me and the door and I walked up to him, touched the side of his face, kissed him softly, rubbed my tits against him, and said "come on in the house, cool off, drink your lemonade and we'll talk." He smiled and followed me into the house. He sat at the dining room table and watched me moving around the kitchen fixing his drink, and then began rubbing his crotch once again, still with a raging hard on. I smiled and winked at him and carried his drink to him and sat myself down, crossing my long legs and rubbing the top of my breasts.

"Gee, I'm really oily", I said, and proceed to rub my stomach and by this time, he was breathing really hard and could not take his eyes off me. God, I was getting hot watching this young man so turned on. I said I really needed to get in the shower to get the oil off, that he was welcome to stay indoors in the air conditioning and cool off. Again, a disappointed look, but I felt his eyes follow me all the way down the hall. I took a quick shower then got myself off with the shower massager...I was so fucking hot from him being turned on; I could hardly stand it. I had often had a fantasy about young men, but had never thought I would do anything about it. I hadn't shut the bathroom door completely and when I started cumming and moaning the bathroom door opened and Todd walked in, his cock in hand. And what a beautiful cock it was. It was circumcised, hard and smooth, jutting straight out from his pelvis, where there was a smattering of light blond hair. He was firmly stroking his cock, and had a look of need on his face that made me chuckle. I turned off the water, stepped out of the shower and he reached out and touched my left breast ever so tentatively. I asked him if he had ever had sex with an older woman and he said no, he'd only jacked off while thinking about it. I asked him what he wanted to do with me and he said, indicating my trimmed pubic bush "touch you there". I laughed and told him he could touch me anywhere he wanted. He smiled like a kid at Christmas and reached out with both hands and started exploring my body.

My closely timmed pussy was dripping wet by now, my labia pouting for all the world to see and my common sense went out the window. I asked him if he would like me to teach him how to really make love to a woman, and he said, "oh, yes!" I took his hand, led him to the bedroom, laid down on the bed, spread my legs so he could get a good look at my dripping pussy and started rubbing it gently with my hand. I asked him if he would do everything I asked and without a moment's hesitation he said "yes, yes, yes." I told him to lick my pussy and he lowered his head slowing into my crotch, and tentatively began to gently lick my cunt lips. Within a matter of seconds, he lost his shyness and began eating me like an expert. I was telling him where to lick, harder or softer and since I have a very large clit and it was swollen and hard he began sort of sucking it off like a small cock and in a very short time, I exploded in orgasms that were just bliss.

He stood up and said, "gee, I made you cum like that? " And I said "you sure did sweetie, and you're going to again and again but this time with that fabulous cock of yours." I scooted to the edge of the bed so we could watch in the mirror as his cock slid in and out of my pussy and I told him to stick it in me. He did, but ejaculated almost immediately, because he was so worked up. He had embarrassment and disappointment on his face, and blushing, said he was sorry... I laughed and told him..."don't worry, baby, this was just the beginning."

I started kissing him, putting my tongue in his mouth, rubbing my body up against his, playing with his cock and it sprang back to attention. I said, "that's my boy, now I'm going to give you a blowjob like youve never dreamed of. I laid him back on the bed and took that gorgeous erect young cock in my mouth. Nothing turns me on like a hard throbbing cock except maybe the moans that come from the man that cock is attached to. I loved every minute and every inch of that beautiful young cock and he was moaning because every time he would almost cum I would squeeze the base of it and stop licking and tell him to wait. He was getting so fucking hot it was unbelievable! I was stunned to look up from from sucking this boy to see my husband standing in the door, with an obvious hard on, and he smiled and said "What do we have here" Todd was scared shitless and I quickly grabbed his hands, held him still and made introductions and told my husband that I was just doing a little teaching. I told him that this was the first time Todd had ever had sex with a woman and he said "well then, lets do it right !"

I smiled, reassured Todd, kissed him, pushed him back on the bed and went down on him again. That raging hard on was still there through all of that and he was just as hot as he had been a few minutes before. John, my husband, took off his clothes and his cock sprung up like I hadn't seen it in a long while. John immediately slid down my body and while I continued to suck on Todd's beautiful throbbing member, John slid his tomgue into my dripping pussy and sucked my heavy cunt juices as they poured from me. I asked John if he wanted to taste Todd's cock and he immediately took that throbbing hot cock in his mouth. Pre-cum was oozing from it and John moaned with approval. I rose from the bed by Todd's head, leaned over and fed a hard nipple into his mouth. He started sucking eagerly and furiously and slipped three fingers into my pussy and frigged myself furiously as I got hotter and hotter by the second, watching my husband suck the boy's cock, and Todd writhe and moan from the sucking and the licking of my nipples.

I exploded in orgasms and as I did, Todd started cumming too in John's mouth. John swallowed and then taking that beautiful cock from his mouth, put out his tongue to lap up the hot spurting juices so I could see every beautiful drop. John was clearly in heaven and hotter that hell. He told Todd to watch and he'd show him how a man was really supposed to fuck. He pushed me back down and easily slipped his hard dick between my slippery cunt lips. He drove his hard cock deep into my pussy, his hot balls hanging in their sac slapping against my bum. He moved a hand behind me and rubbed my anus with his thumb, then pushed his thumb all the way gently and firmly up into my arse. It was so fucking wonderful that I came instantly and with an intensity that was just unreal. John exploded at the same time deep up inside my vacuuming cunt. My arse was throbbing and I humped my bum down onto his jabbing thumb eagerly trying to get more of it deep up inside my rectum Todd couldn't believe waht he was seeing and had quickly grown another hard on, and was stroking his cock his cock at the sight, ready to join in the activity. As I came again and again I becomed him closer and he shoved his throbbing cock into my mouth. I was in heaven with my husband's hard cock in my cunt, his thumb filling my bum and this beautiful boy starting to come again in my mouth.

Soon I told him I wanted him to try something else and he eagerly agreed. I told him I wanted him to take John's recovering cock into his mouth. He seemed hesitant at first but with a smile from me and a little nodding encouragement as John grinned knowingly Todd went down on his knees and tentatively at first but then more enthusiastically, started sucking and licking and caressing my husband's angry hard cock. I moved closer and without taking my eyes off the the wonderful sight of my husband being sucked off by this beautiful young man I took the boy's bobbing cock in my hands and sucked it into my over-wet mouth. I sucked eagerly on him, watching that young man suck John's cock and apparently John thought it was wonderful too, because he was soon bucking and writhing and then shot his load of gism into the back of Todd's throat.

Miraculously Todd developed another glorious hard on so my husband laid back on the bed and directed me to straddle his face while Todd moved behind me to fuck my cunt from behind while John reached up from the bed to lick my clit as the boy's young cock speared me me from behind, doggie style and John, wanking himself with one hand reached up to fondle Todd's swelling balls with the other as the boy fucked me with such vigour that I felt I might snap in half. It was one hell of a mind-blowing experience. It felt oh so fuckin good I just built up immediately and then exploded in one long mindblowing shuddering orgasm as the two men both seemed to come together - the boy exploding his juices deep in my cunt and my husband by his own wanking hand. John's come flooded his palm and wrist and he held it up for Todd and me to lick clean of his warm sticky goo. The three of us collapsed together on the bed; spent and exhaused from the experience. Then John went down on me, sucking Todd's fresh warm come as it seeped from my cunt lips. Todd watched took John's dripping cock in his mouth, sucking it clean and then cheekily asked if we could do this again; John and I smiled at each other knowingly and said together "Anytime you want Todd, any time!" Then he said something that got me excited and hot all over again...."Would you mind if I bring my big sister next time so you could show her what we've done? She's got a lovely little arse that you could both lick while you watch me spear her pussy and you suck her tits." Dont know about you, but Im looking forward to it!

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