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Teen Sexstories

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 8, 2017


Giggling like a schoolgirl I lay on the bed wearing nothing but a pair of not very flattering black cotton knickers. The two boys, both 18 and virgins, climbed onto the bed either side of me and lay on their sides facing eachother across my 38 year old, but still sexy body. Both pairs of underpants contained an erect cock desperate to get inside a woman for the first time. I slipped a hand inside each of their undies and squeezed both cocks. Their hands began feeling my body, their first touch of a woman. As my breasts were squeezed and my nipples teased by their inexperienced hands I pulled their cocks out of their pants and began stroking them. It only took about 10 strokes of my hand before brian, to my left, reached orgasm. His spunk squirted powerfully out across my side and over my breasts. Jon to my right lasted only a few moments longer before cumming loudly, his spunk gushing in spurt after spurt onto my stomach and panties. What good boys they were ! I put an arm around each ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 5, 2017


Lacey was just out of college and was hired working for a local office. At 19, she was a sexy little minx, shapely legs, 36 C breasts, and a small waiste.She was 5'6. Lovely smile and big blue eyes.. Part of her sexyness was her attitude. Though, she was not that experienced, she was always eager to learn. Dan was a senior agent, 45 and had been with the company for quite some time. Lacey always came to him when she was stuck. She espeically loved standing close to him and displaying her beautiful tits in front of him. Teasing him His eyes were drawn to them...there sexual banter always made Lacey wet and wonder what he was like. Dan checked her out every chance he could get. There was a great deal of sexual tension between these two. She sure made him hard. Bending over the desk like that. Naughty, naughty young lady!! And so, Friday afternoon came, everyone left early but Dan and Lacey . Dan locked the door, he didn't expect anyone to come in at that time of the day and he ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 12, 2017


This night was just fucking crazy. My name is Amanda and your not going to believe this story for one minute its that wild but i want to tell you anyway cause it really did happen. I was 18 and just finishing up my first year of college when me and my friends decided to go out and party it up for a night. I was excited. I was in the mood for anything drinking,smoking,getting fucked up and just hopefully having a good awesome time with my friends. Well that fucking fell through because all my girlfriends had boyfriends and were whipped by all of them so they all stayed in with there boyfriends that night. I was pissed because i really wanted to party with all of them. I had a boyfriend too but i didnt want to be anywhere near him that night because for once i wanted to feel free. Its hard being tied down.  Especially when i have guys flirting with me and constantly grabbing my ass. Im not conceited but i know i look good with all the attention i get.All the guys i talk to ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 5, 2017


There was 3 years difference between myself and my sister. She was 19 and in a relationship and I was just starting to kiss girls. My sister had a pretty body and always wore tight jeans to show off her soft place. In the summer she had friends over to swim and I would watch. I couldn't help but notice my sister was always the sexiest in the group. For a few years I would sneak into her room and look through her panties drawer. She was now wearing very lacy and extreamly sexy briefs. I would picture her wearing them and masterbate or use the fabric to jerk off with. On this particular day I came home for a friends house and noticed my parents car was gone. I walked in the front door and nobody was around. The urge hit me and I wanted a quick release before my folks got home. I quickly walked down the hall with the idea of using her panties again but was surprised when I pushed open her door to see her on her knees sucking her boyfriends length. Panic set in and she jumped up ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 18, 2017


It had been four years. Laura had been gone that long and it still seemed like yesterday to me. I am Bill. I was married to Laura for twelve years. Twelve wonderful and happy years. Then in one terrible blow it had ended. Laura had been taken from me by a stupid accident. She had gone to the convenience store for a few things to finish off dinner. She would just be gone a few minutes. The next thing I knew a policeman was knocking at our door with our local minister. There had been an accident. Laura was gone. I can't remember much after that. She had pulled out in front of a semi-truck. He couldn't stop in time. Killed instantly they said. Numbness gripped me for over a year. Friends tried to get me out and about. I just sat at home and brooded. Insurance money sat unspent in an account. I went to work still...each day quietly hoping that I was having a bad nightmare. One day I woke up and realized that Laura was gone. She was not coming back. It was a Friday, I called into ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 1, 2017


The week passed by and we headed home. Band started the next week and school was only 3 weeks away. Dad would be home until the last week of August, which made Mom happy. They spent much of their time going out to dinner and spending time together. A week later marching band started. Traci was already there when I arrived. She came up to me and said hello and asked how summer had been. I said interesting and quiet. She said that hers was about the same except for seeing Robert Winslow. Robert was a jock. Well built but did not do well in school. Traci explained how they had dated and then broke up last week when Robert tried to pressure her into doing things she did not want to do. I said I was sorry. That I was always hear to listen and help. She thanked me and off we went to our first practice. At the end she asked if I could come by the house and help her move some things from her room to another bedroom. Tommy and Tanya were moving out and Tori was staying in the room they had ... Continue reading →

by Bibian on May 2, 2017


It was an extremely warm summer day and I was pottering around the house, somewhat bored and wanting something but not really knowing what that was. There was a knock at the door and I found standing there, a good-looking young boy looking for work to make some extra money. He looked to be about 18years of age, tall, and had long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. He wore a short tee shirt and running shorts and from the looks of things he was going to grow into quite a man. I told him that I had a few things that he could do and proceeded to walk out back to show him. He started working, and because it was so hot, he started perspiring intensely. I decided that since he was here to perform some of the jobs I was going to do, I would sunbathe in the hammock and read a book. I put on my skimpiest bikini, grabbed a sexy new book I was reading, my oil, and headed outside. He glanced up when I walked out the door, and kind of did a double take since my breasts were practically hanging ... Continue reading →

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