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The After Party

by Guest on Apr 26, 2017 Swingers Sexstories 3082 Views

My girls and I just seen Emcee give a hot ass performance. 
Like all his other shows they were off the chain. Hi Im Mahogany, 
but you can call me Mo. Im here chilling with my girls Cherri 
and Maxine but you can call her Maxi. We are out in here chilling 
at the release party of Emcees third album Cristal champagne 
flowing, music sounding good and people having a good time.

A whole some atmosphere you think? Not even close, especially 
whats about to go down in 3 hours. I guess like everyone 
here we are Emcees biggest fans, but we are his BIGGEST 
FANS. Have you seen this man? If not let me describe him to 
you: 65 1/2, 190lbs nice lean cut body not too big not too 
skinny. He has nice round brown eyes. The kind you can stare 
into all hours of the day. Lipsman lips that nice and succulent 
you know. Somewhat like LL Cool Js lips. When he licks them 
make your panties instantly wet. Thats how Emcees are.

Nice and thick I bet he can suck the hell out of a pussy if you 
gave him one. We are nothing like that teenage bullshit 
the kids have over that Immature 2 group, with posters on 
the walls, sending them love letters saying I love you or 
I want to marry you when I grow up. What we deal with is on the 
real. May seem like stalkers but we arent even that close.

Thats rule #1 in our club. NO STALKING OF ANY KIND. NO DRIVING 
HOUSE WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE. Last things we need is another 
lawsuit and restraining orders. Well not us but former 
member Karriana. She became obsessed with this one dude 
that it got out of hand. Lets just say it went as far as her 
trying to use cum out of a used condom to see if she could have 
this niccas baby. Enough said Anyway we are here chatting 
among the party goers and surveying the room. A lot of eligible 
bachelors here but tonight we got our eyes set on one man 
Emcee. We all decided it will best we split up so it wouldnt 
look suspicious like a bunch of groupies. Cherri went up 
to Emcee to brag and boast on his accomplishments. Girl 
could really work her magic if she wanted to. I just hope 
she does it tonight. Cherri sashayed over to the crowd talking 
to Emcee and maneuvered herself next to him. She gently 
bumped his arm on purpose, Oops! How clumsy of me. I should 
be careful next time. She looked him right in the eye and 
gave him an innocent smile.

He looked her into her eyes and gave her the sweetest smile, 
Its all good Ma, and no worries are you straight now?

She smile sweetly at him under her long, thick lashes and 
replied, Yes. Sticking out her hand she introduced herself, 
My name is Cherri, Cherri Mitchell. I already know your 
name so why dont you tell me more about you? Emcee smiled 
at her in taking her whole body with his eyes. She was wearing 
a satin fuchsia colored sheath with matching 3 satin pumps.

Nice and simple jewelry silver pieces. Her hair was in an 
upswept style, very sleek and not over doing it. Yes he definitely 
like what he saw. Hopefully what was on her mind was on his 
too. Emcee and Cherri found a nice quiet corner to sit down 
and talk. I can tell they were enjoying each others company 
by the way they were laughing and carrying on. Maxi and I 
surveyed the room, yet all eyes on them. Some of the females 
that came here started hating on my home girl. Cherri didnt 
give a damn. I can hear her now Fuck dem hoes. I just brush 
dem bitches off like lint on an Armani suit. Emcee rested 
his hand on Cherri exposed thigh rubbing his hand up and 
down her flesh as if he was marking his territory. Maxi and 
I walked over to Cherri pretending we were ready to leave.

Maxi cleared her throat, Excuse me, sorry to interrupt, 
but Cherri we are ready to go. Maxi is good at playing shit 
off. Shes the smartest dumb blonde I know. In other words 
some of her performances were Oscar worthy. When Maxi realized 
who Cherri was talking to, she was in shock. Wow. Cherri, 
Im sorry girl I didnt realize you were talking to him.

Maxi covered mouth with her perfectly manicured hand as 
if she were in shock to see him with Cherri. Maxi started 
to blab like the typical fan to Emcee, I am one of your biggest 
fans. I have all your CDs and been to most of your concerts. 
Man my brother is not going to believe me when I tell him this.

I know its sudden but can I have your autograph. Sorry Cherri 
but you know I have to have proof when we leave here. Maxi 
thought to her self, I will have more than enough proof 
tonight. Emcee smiled, No problem. Who should I make 
this out to?

Me, Maxi. Man I cant believe I met you. This is truly and 
honor. Emcee smiled and looked in my direction. Since 
we are all being formal, I offered my hand, Hi Im Mahogany, 
but you can call me Mo. His handshake was strong and gentle, 
man if he smiles like that one more time Im throwing all 
plans out the window. Hi Mo nice to meet you I hope you enjoyed 
yourself tonight.

I did. Thank you for having us. I really appreciated it.

I looked at Cherri and she got up, Well Emcee I guess I have 
to leave. I really enjoyed talking to you. I shook his hand 
and didnt want to let it go. I let it linger for a while showing 
him that I had my interest also. From the way his eyes were 
staring at me, I can tell he had his interest also. We were 
headed straight for the door before I turned around. Emcee 
I know you were chilling with my home girl Cherri but I was 
wondering could you keep me company tonight. You eyed 
me up and down looking at me suspiciously. Im sorry Im 
usually straight forward when I see something I want. Feel 
me? I licked my bottom lip slowly. I heard the sharp intake 
of breathe you took before giving me your answer. You looked 
over at Cherri who was busily chatting with Maxi. Sure 
where do you live? I can only stay for a while. Have to hit 
the studio first thing in the morning. I took a slip of paper 
out of my pocketbook and wrote his address and phone number 
down. I slipped the paper in my between my breast still looking 
you in the eyes. I will call you as soon as this wraps up and 
we can chill at my place. Im counting on you to show up. Please 
dont disappoint me. With that I turned around and walked 
away. I felt your eyes staring at the back of me. We got outside 
and stopped in front of our cars. Okay ladies you know the 
deal. Ill call you as soon as he calls me so be on your toes.

Maxi Im calling you early I know how you like bullshit around.

Maxi cut her eyes at me then laughed. Whatever trick just 
dont try to turn the bruh out before we get there. We gave 
each other high-fives before departing to our vehicles.

Two hours later (Emcee)

I took a bottle of Cristal out the fridge and made sure the 
Grey Goose, Belvedere, and Hennessey were on stock. I only 
drink when my friends around only enough to feel a buzz not 
to fall on my face drunk. My cell went off and I knew who exactly 
it was. I answered my cell nonchalant with a big ass grin 
on my face. Hey how are you. I know youre not calling me 
to say you cant make it. I could tell she was trying to sound 
as if she was hurt if I decided not to. I let out a faint laugh.

Actually I was calling to let you know I will be dropping 
by for a minute. Im trying to wrap things up now peeps acting 
as if they dont have a home to go to. I couldnt help but 
smile your voice was a damn turn on alone. Just your voice 
alone make a girl want to run in her bedroom and grab her favorite 
toy. Cool, cool just make sure you bring an extra set of 
clothes, swimming trunks, and condoms just to be on the 
safe side. See you shortly. I hung up with Maxi and began 
thinking about what we could do tonight. I think I will take 
it easy on her she might be a little fragile. From my bedroom 
I heard the door bell go off. I checked my appearance to make 
sure everything was straight. Had to make sure I was looking 
right for ol girl. The door bell rung again damn she was 
serious about showing up. I went to the door to see her fine 
ass standing there in nothing but a kimono. I checked around 
my front door to see if anyone else seen that ass shes wagging.

I picked up her bag off the porch and proceeded in. Damn she 
looks so good standing in my house. I felt my dick get harder 
looking at her breast straining against her kimono. Um 
would you like something to drink? Let me know what you like 
and Ill have it hooked up for you.

Ill take a glass of juice of any kind if you have it. Where 
is your bathroom?

Down the hall make a left. I pointed to the short hall way 
that leads to my bedroom. I left the door ajar so she can take 
a peak at where she will be tonight. I put on fresh sheets 
and burned strawberries and cream candles to give it an 
enticing scent. I took the chilled fruit out the door when 
I heard her working on her 2-way. Ten minutes later I heard 
my door bell ring again. I know I wasnt expecting anyone 
when I seen Cherri and Maxi walk standing at my door. The 
bathing suits they had on were eye popping. Cherri suit 
was gold low cut in the back and front cut out on the sides 
leaving very little to the imagination. Maxi had on a string 
bikini. When I said string I mean string. It was just enough 
to cover the enticing areas. Maxi always make sure you see 
the strawberry on her top ass cheek is showing when she wears 
a suit. I heard Mo come out the bathroom, Im sorry I hope 
you dont mind that I asked my home girls to join me. You remember 
them dont you?

Yeah I remember them nice to see you again ladies. If you 
will go ahead and go the Jacuzzi and wait until I bring some 
refreshments. Would you any of you ladies like a drink? 
I took the bottle of juice and a couple of glasses out to the 
Jacuzzi. I came out to the Jacuzzi bare chest in navy blue 
and white AND1 shorts. Damn I wanted you right there and 
then. You heard the girls outside laughing and asked what 
was up. Are you sure you dont mind me inviting the girls? 
I just thought we should have a little release party of our 
own. She looked at them then me smirking. No not at all.

Its all good Ma. I walked into the kitchen on my way out 
the back door. Grab the fruit platter out fridge please.

Heading out the back door with the door open for you to come 
out of I heard the radio playing. I placed the platter next 
to the juice and cups. Cherri and Maxi were chatting and 
stopped long enough to smile and speak. They walked over 
to me standing on either side. Mo began pouring everyone 
their favorite drink. Mo & I had plain juice, Maxi and 
Cherri had orange juice and gin. I took the tray of our drinks 
and fruit on it and brought it by the Jacuzzi. I sat back and 
watched Mo take off her kimono. Damn she got a banging ass 
body. I watch as she slowly let it slide off her shoulders 
and placed it on the back of my patio chair and slid into the 
warm water. I turned the bubble in the Jacuzzi up higher 
and sat back to relax. We sat around talking and laughing 
like we knew each other for years. I got out the Jacuzzi and 
cut off the outside lights and let the torches burn around 
the yard. Maxi and Cherri moved over to the other side of 
the Jacuzzi giving each other massages. Mo sat in front 
of me and ran her hands up and down my chest playing around 
the rim of my shorts. She inched in closer and I know she felt 
my dick poking her in the stomach. She licked across my chest 
and down my stomach and back up letting her tongue make circles 
around my nipples while her other hand went into the waist 
band of my shorts playing with my erection. I glanced over 
to Maxi and Cherri and they were kissing each other pulling 
their bathing suits off. Maxi started sucking on Cherris 
breast massaging between her legs. Shit I was intrigued 
with what was going on with them before I knew; she ducked 
under water to do the damn thing. I pulled my shorts off and 
watched her lick the tip. She started sucking my tip slowly 
before taking more and more in at a time. I caressed the back 
of her head encouraging her to take more. She came up and 
asked me to sit on the edge of Jacuzzi so she can suck you like 
she wanted to. I looked over at Cherri who was laid on a towel 
and Maxi face deep in her pussy. Cherri was trying her hardest 
to stifle her moans and outburst and Maxi played with her 
clit with her tongue. I grinned at their little escapade 
and planned to have Mo doing the same. Damn these chicks 
are nice and thick, right size for serious dick riding experience.

She started sucking and stroking me while her tongue ring 
worked me over. Mmm that feels so good. I felt her tongue 
caress my balls while I played with the head of his dick.

I felt bits of precum ooze out the tip coating her tongue.

Shit! Mmm damn ma lick that pussy you know it taste good 
to you. Bring that juicy puss up here so I can lick that.

I watched Cherri motion for Maxi to sit on her face sticking 
her thick long pinkie out licking her lips. She took me to 
the back of her throat and sucked me harder vacuum packing 
my dick between those thick ass lips of hers. The more she 
sucked my dick, the more I became infatuated with wanting 
to taste her cum in my mouth. She took a pineapple ring and 
placed it around my tip putting and an Altoid in her mouth 
also. She licked the juices from the pineapple off the dick 
and balls and around the tip. She ate the pineapple off and 
took me back in her mouth. I felt the tingling from the Altoid 
I couldnt help but shiver and raised my hips up to meet the 
movement of her mouth. Cherri and Maxi walked over to where 
we were and both began kissing me. I guess you can call it 
a 3-way tongue kissing. Cherri sat on my face while Maxi 
stood in front of her to lick. Cherri could barely hold steady 
over on her 4 inch heels while Maxi was trying to keep her 
composure and not step on my head. I continued to suck and 
lick Cherris sweet pussy trying to hold my own composure.

Mo stopped sucking me so she wouldnt accidentally bite 
me. I take it the jets were hitting her clit just right and 
she came from the feeling. Cherri came a great deal because 
I felt her body shake and her juices trickle down my chin 
and sides of my mouth. Maxi came all over Cherri tongue and 
her fingers. Mo began to suck on me harder until I felt my 
cum filling up her mouth. Sweet and delicious like I was 
told it was. Mo got out the water and told the 3 of you to follow 
suit. They began to dance seductively, rubbing up and down 
on each other caressing and massaging each ones body parts.

Cherri walks over to me and grabs my dick stroking it slowly 
until its semi hard. Taking a magnum condom from Maxi she 
places the condom between her thick lips and slides it down 
slow. Oh shit! Damn girl was all I could say before I got 
over what she done. I saw stroking her pussy slowly watching 
Maxi work her pussy over my face. Maxi had some serious balance 
she was able to bounce on my tongue with out missing a bounce.

Cherri was riding the hell out of me bouncing and rubbing 
her clit in unison. Her moans were turning me on wondering 
if Mo could ride this thick dick she just suck it. Mo worked 
her pussy with the dildo until she came all over it. Mo came 
over to Maxi and had her suck cum off her fingers and gave 
and began kissing one another. Cherri was still working 
the dick like a pro when I sat up and started grinding her 
down on my lap. I pushed my dick deeper in her wet pussy I heard 
Cherris whimpers mixed with Mos from Maxine eating her 
pussy. I have a bad habit of wanting to pull hair if its good 
to me. I kept my hands on the hips and grinded her deeper.

Cherri came in a tremendous load my dick was still hard so 
I changed condoms and got behind Maxi. Pushing her ass further 
in the air he entered her slow. The moans he cause felt so 
damn good to Maxi that she sucked Mos clit harder working 
her to a long wet nut. Cherri was licking my back and across 
my ass lying under me cupping the balls while she tongued 
them. Mo got up from in front of Maxi and used the dildo on 
Cherri. Stroking her slowly getting her nice and wet after 
a couple of strokes Cherri pussy was running a like faucet 
of warm water. I turned behind me and saw Mo devour her until 
she came again massaging her breast tweaking her nipples 
as she climaxed over and over again. Maxi was throwing that 
ass back I couldnt help but speed it up. I sat back and watch 
it all unfold. I can tell by the way Emcee was stroking he 
was ready to bust. Sure enough he pulled out of Maxi Cumming 
on Maxi and Cherri face. I felt instant relief wash over 
me and the look of glory on Cherri and Maxi faces. The girls 
ran in the bathroom to clean up while I collapsed on the bed.

I just know my body was overwhelmed I fell asleep.

The Next morning (Mo).

I woke up to see Emcee still sleeping beside me. I lifted 
my night gown a little further up on my hips and straddled 
his thighs. I took his dick into my hands and began massaging 
it rubbing it up and down. I saw you stir a little but not awakening.

I bent over and licked the tip of your dick making slow lazy 
circles. I heard you moan and shift again. I took your tip 
into my mouth sucking you slowly while I held your balls.

I began stroking you while my mouth covered you. I saw your 
eyes flutter and your moans deepen. I lay across the bed 
to get a better angle of your dick in my mouth. I began stroking 
and sucking you down until you tickled my tonsils a couple 
of times. You sat half way up pushing your hips up to get me 
to take more of you. I stroked and sucked you until you were 
hard as hell. I slid a condom down your dick and rode you tighten 
my pussy muscles around your dick. Trying to drain every 
bit of cum out of him I placed my hands on the headboard and 
rode you faster and harder. You grabbed my hips and began 
bouncing me up and down on your lap. I felt you pull back because 
you didnt want to nut yet; you raised me up off of you and 
told me to lie on my stomach. I felt your tongue travel from 
my ankles up over my ass cheek, down the other side. You raised 
my ass in the air and began eating my pussy from behind. Damn 
that shit felt so damn good to me. I tried to lower them some 
but you werent having it. You tongue fucked me until I came 
in gallons. You went over to your night stand to get some 
lubricant. You re-entered me from behind stroking me slowly.

As you stroked me, I felt you dropping lubricant down my 
ass massaging it slowly. You continued to fuck my pussy, 
sticking your thumb in my ass massaging it slowly before 
adding a second finger. You slid in me slowly letting the 
head make its way in. You began to move slowly in and out of 
me. I began to move against you grinding up against your 
pelvis. I felt my pussy juicing up and dripping down my thighs.

I reached between my legs and began playing in my pussy. 
My fingers were soaking wet with cum as I rubbed my clit cumin 
all over us. I heard your moans from feeling cum drip down 
your leg. You pulled out of me and placed me on my back. You 
pushed my knees up to my ears and sat up on your toes. Dipping 
in and out of me hitting the bottom of my pussy every few often 
making me scream out your name. I raised my hips to meet yours 
putting my legs up on your shoulder letting you fuck me until 
I cum again. I felt your dick expand inside me as you pumped 
faster and harder. Damn it felt good. I heard you say, Mo, 
Mo, Mo-o-o-o!

You want Mo, Ill give you Mo. With that I began to ride 
your dick until we came at the same time. I felt your dick 
empty into the condom. You licked and sucked my breast before 
pulling out of me slowly. I laid my body down on the bed and 
swirled your tongue around my clit before using your fingers 
to depart my lips and dipping your tongue in my sweetness.

You sucked and licked my clit as if you couldnt get enough.

I grinded my hip up against your face letting you bask in 
my glory. I felt my body tremble as I attempted to run away.

You pulled me back to your face locking my thighs down with 
your arms. I sat half way up to watch you devour me. Damn you 
were turning me on, I love watching my pussy being ate the 
right way. I love hearing the moans and the compliments 
on how good I taste and smell. Even when they say that I taste 
like sweet apple juice or juicy ripe plum. I felt a light 
warm feeling rush through out my body landing right at my 
clit. My legs locked as my body shook uncontrollably from 
the beautiful orgasm you just gave me. You released your 
clutches to my clit and trailed kisses up my body to my lip 
where you kissed me deep and hard. We took a separate showers 
with me going firs while you were in I left a note thanking 
you and never seeing you again after that. "Hey girl, 
I just called to see who was next on our list.”

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