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His Best Mate

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 7, 2017 Swingers Sexstories 14986 Views

I flopped on to the sofa next to Steve.

Wed just spent the day shopping in Reading. My boyfriend
Ben hated shopping with me. Well, not just with me, just
shopping in general! So Bens best mate Steve offered to
go with me. Steve was great at shopping, willing to go in
to all the girlie shops and even giving a male outlook
on clothes. My purchases of the day lay on the floor at my
feet, a diamante thong, a (very!) short denim skirt and
some new make up. I looked at Steve who was sat on the sofa
next to me. Being friendly with a boyfriends best mate
was weird for me; I never spent time with my exs mates. But
Steve and I got on well, too well sometimes. I was really
into Ben and had even had thoughts that he could be The One
but there was something about Steve. And he had an effect
that he shouldnt have on me. Steve and I chatted online frequently and about things
I probably should only say to Ben. Im very open about sex
and will talk to almost anyone about it. Steve was more than
happy to chat about this subject and some of our conversations
did get a bit explicit. Ok Im a very flirtatious person;
sometimes I dont even realize that Im doing it, but its
all harmless fun right? Id never do anything physical
with Steve, cheating on Ben was the last thing on my mind.

Being in person with Steve was a bit awkward; I felt there
was a bit of sexual tension between us but it was probably
just my imagination. Our shopping trip was our first time
alone together without Ben; we were meeting him after work
for dinner.

Steve and I had been joking around and tickling each other
all day, with sexual innuendos dropping in frequently.

We went into a bookshop to look for a present for Steves
Dad. I went over to the erotica section, thinking that my
bookshelf could do with something fresh and new. After
looking at a few titles I picked one up and skimmed a few pages,
the words making my pussy tingle. MmmmI couldnt wait
to get Ben into bed later after Steve had gone home. Steve
was kneeling on the floor next to me, looking at books on
a lower shelf. Suddenly I felt a hand trail up the inside
of my right thigh and I gasped. I looked down at Steve who
was flicking through a hardback. So, I thought to myself,
he wants to tease me a bit further does he? Well, two can play
at that game. I reached up to the shelf above my head and grabbed
a big art book of naked women. Steve got to his feet and I showed
him the book in my hand. I flicked through the pages; the
pictures were very explicit with a few close up pussy shots.

One girls pussy was completely shaven.

You like shaven pussy? I asked Steve Ive never been with anyone whos done that he admitted.
Ive only seen them in porn he added quietly Oh, that reminds me. Ive got to shave mine tonight I looked
down at Steves crotch and could see the outline of his erection
pressing against the material of his jeans. Enough teasing
for now, I smiled to myself, closing the book. Right, Im just going to pay for this said Steve, catching
me looking at his crotch and shifting uncomfortably Are
you getting anything? No, Im just gona put this back, Ill meet you outside
I told him and watched him walk to the till and stood on tiptoe
to place the book back on its shelf. As I did so, a trickle
of wetness dribbled from my pussy and onto my knickers.

Damn, now I was horny. I looked at my watch. It was hours before
we were due to meet Ben, let alone before I could get him into
bed. I sighed and went outside to meet Steve.

What time are we meeting Ben? asked Steve. His voice brought me back to the present, I was still thinking
about how horny I was from earlier. Ermm, 8 wasnt it? I checked my watch, it was half six,
Id better get my ass into gear if I wanted to be ready for
8. Ok, you wanted to have a bath didnt you? Steve asked.

Yes, I do, I need to shave something I gave a little smile.

Steve smiled back Ok, Ill just watch some TV he said, grabbing the remote
and switching the TV on. I grabbed my shopping bags, headed upstairs and laid out
my purchases on the bed. I picked up my thong and skirt, thinking
about surprising Ben by wearing them. My pussy was aching
from being so horny all day. I ran my bath and started taking
off my clothes. I pulled off my knickers; the crotch was
wet from my juices. I sighed and slowly trailed my fingers
down my body and through my pubic hair. I slipped a finger
between my wet lips and rubbed my clit, imagining Ben was
behind me, sliding his cock in and out of my tight pussy.

Steve entered my thoughts and for the first time a threesome
scenario played in my head as I imagined Steve in front of
me, forcing me to take his cock into my mouth as Ben was fucking
me. My clit throbbed between my fingers and I could feel
my orgasm start to build within me. Suddenly I heard Steve
cough downstairs which brought me back to reality, I glanced
at my watch; knowing that I didnt have much time. Feeling
frustrated I got into the bath, the hot water caressing
my skin. After a few minutes of relaxing I got to work shaving,
thinking about what Steve had said earlier about not having
seen a shaven pussy for real. Maybe I should just give him
a quick flash and let him see, I thought. No one would be touching
each other so I wouldnt be cheating on Ben, right? I felt
sorry for Steve sometimes, he hadnt had sex for nearly
18 months and I guessed that hed probably had a few sneaky
hand jobs during our naughty online conversations.

15 minutes later I appeared downstairs in my new thong and
skirt. I could tell from Steves expression that Id made
the right choice in wearing them.

You like? I asked, giving him a twirl. Yes he replied, his eyes nearly popping out of his head.
I sat down on the sofa next to him. Bens a very lucky guy he said. Why do you say that? Well, youre wearing that skirt for him for starters
he said But youre pretty, kind, generous, funny and
He leaned forward so his face was barely an inch from my own
I know what a dirty little bitch you are!

My eyes widened and my mouth opened slightly, not believing
what Steve had just said. I knew it was true though, from
our conversations online he knew nearly everything about
me, my turn ons/off, my sexual history, that I was bi and
my fantasies. I looked at his face, taking in his brown eyes
and kissable lips, and suddenly realizing that I too had
gotten turned on during those said conversations and wasnt
the only one who had imagined us doing the things we had talked
about. My pussy tingled for what it felt like the 100th time
that day and suddenly I couldnt take the teasing anymore.

I leaned towards Steve and our lips met. I pulled him closer
to me so our bodies were pressed against each other and slowly
I felt myself falling back into the sofa as Steve’s body was on top of mine. Hungrily we kissed, our tongues seeking out each others. I could feel my pussy getting wet as Steve kissed me deeper and I moaned against his mouth. Very rarely had a guy aroused me to the point of wetness from just kissing, but the combination of his lips on mine and my threesome fantasy from earlier was turning me on. Feeling Steves hard cock pressed against me told me that I wasnt the only one. Still kissing him, I reached down and rubbed his cock over his jeans and this time it was his turn to moan. He lifted my top and discovered that I wasnt wearing a bra. He kissed my nipples, cupping my breast in his hand. My nipple grew hard from the attention and he flicked his tongue over it, I arched my back and gasped. It felt so good, the sensations traveled down my body and to my tingling pussy.

He pulled away from my breast, his brown eyes boring into
mine. Without a word he slid onto the floor and parted my
thighs. My new thong was stretched tightly over my pussy
and ass hole and I felt myself starting to blush, knowing
that my choice of underwear left little to the imagination
and that he could see the spreading damp patch from my wetness.

Steve lowered his head and slowly ran his tongue over the
material of my thong, teasing me. He lifted his hands to
my hips and pulled down my thong and held my thighs wide open.
I blushed even more as my naked, freshly shaven pussy was
exposed to his scrutiny.

Do you like? I asked. Very much he replied, running a fingertip down my wet
slit. Slowly he slid a finger deep in and out of my wet pussy
and I moaned softly. I could hear how wet I was from the sounds
his finger was making as he slid it in and out of me, but I wanted

Please I said, lifting my hips slightly. Please what? he smiled. Please lick me I begged. 

Steve slowly slid his finger out of me and held my lips apart
with his fingers. I knew that he could see my soaking wet
pussy and my clit was protruding slightly but by this point
I didnt care what Steve could see, I just wanted to cum.

Steve slowly ran his tongue up my slit and over my clit and
I shuddered as my body tingled with excitement. He flicked
my clit with his tongue over and over again and I could not
stop the moans escaping from my lips. Steves tongue was
touching all the right places and I could feel my pussy starting
to tighten as my body was getting closer to orgasm, my juices
running down to my ass hole. I reached down and ran my fingers
through Steves hair as his tongue continued its delicious
assault on my clit. Steve looked at me with his brown eyes
as he ate me, which turned me on even more. He pushed my thighs
back as far as they would go, totally exposing myself to
him. He slowly ran his tongue down my slit and over my ass
hole, I gasped with pleasure. He slowly slid a finger into
my pussy, covering it with my juices and slid it to the entrance
of my ass, gently pressing against my tight hole. I squirmed
against his touch.

Dont make out that youre not liking this He said softly
Cos I know that you are Steve knew that I was an anal virgin
but I enjoyed teasing and, when in the mood, a gentle finger.

Steve resumed his tongue on my clit and very slowly started
to slide his finger in and out of my tight entrance. I moaned
loudly as I felt my orgasm build within me. I knew this was
wrong, I knew this was bad but I couldnt stop myself, Steve
knew all the right buttons to press and he was turning me
on so much. My muscles in my pussy tightened, I tried to hold
my orgasm back but I couldnt hold back much longer. Suddenly
Steve stopped and stood up.

Get up and bend over He told me. What?! I gasped. Just get up and bend over the sofa

I couldnt back out now, I needed to cum, I needed my release.
I didnt know what Steve was going to do but I trusted him
and knew he wouldnt do anything that I didnt want to. I
got up and he pulled my top up over my head and threw it on the
floor. I stood naked before him, hard nipples and soaking
wet pussy, desperately needing an orgasm. He turned me
around and gently bent me over the sofa. I heard him undo
his jeans and watched between my legs as his boxers and jeans
fell to his ankles. He placed one hand on my hips and guided
his cock to my pussy, slowly running the tip of it up and down
my wet slit. I moaned in frustration.

Please Steve, stop teasing me I gasped. Are you begging for it? asked Steve. IIjust need to cum I replied. Steve grabbed my long hair and pulled it hard, forcing my
back to arch. Im not going to give you my cock until I hear you beg for
it I squealed from the unexpected pain of having my hair pulled.

I knew that Steve was getting off from this game as much as
I was but part of me wanted to hurry up and get it over and done
with and another part of me wanted to drag Steve upstairs
to the bed to fuck all night. I could never have imagined
that being with Steve would turn me on so much and I wanted
more, much more.

Please Steve, please slide your cock inside me. Please
make me cum

Steve bent his head and spat on my ass crack. With his finger
he spread it round my hole and slid one finger in. Oh god no,
I thought, hes not going to fuck my pussy is he. Suddenly
he slid his cock into my pussy, I gasped as the whole afternoon
of teasing had made my pussy so tight and his cock filled
me. Steve moaned as he worked his cock in and out of my tight
cunt. Steve pulled out, his cock covered in my wetness.

He placed the head of his cock against my asshole. Immediately
I tensed up.

Its not going to hurt if you relax Steve said softly. He
kissed my back and stroked my ass cheeks with his fingertips.

I did my best to relax and Steve slowly slid his cock into
my ass. I squealed as his cock was bigger than his finger
and I wasnt used to it. Steve held his cock in my ass as I got
accustomed to his size and slowly, gently he started to
slide in and out. I couldnt believe this was happening,
my ass was full of cock; I felt so stretched and full I couldnt
move. Once the pain had subsided, I started getting turned
on again. I placed my hand between my thighs and slowly rubbed
my clit. Steve slid a finger into my pussy as his cock was
on the outstroke in my ass; Id never felt so full in my life.

I had become so wet now that my inner thighs were covered
in my juices. Without warning, I could feel my orgasm approaching.

Steve moaned and I knew that my ass being tighter than my
pussy, he was close too. I tried holding back my orgasm,
but the feeling of his cock in my ass, his finger sliding
in and out of my pussy and my fingers on my clit was too much
for me. Wishing I could look into his gorgeous brown eyes
as he slid his cock into my ass, I came, screaming as Steve
grabbed my hips and spurted his hot cum deep into my ass.

My pussy muscles clenched the empty space where his cock
shouldve been, my juices now dripping down my thighs as
my body shook. Steve slowly slid his cock out of my ass and
I could feel his cum dribble out.

I collapsed on the sofa as my knees gave way, not being able
to stand up anymore. Steve rolled me over and kissed me gently.
My pussy spasmed again as I tasted myself on him. I opened
my eyes and smiled at him. Words didnt need to be spoken,
we both knew this should never have happened but things
would never be the same again. Id had my taste of Steve and
I was addicted.

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