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A Night at a Swingers Club

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 12, 2017 Swingers Sexstories 20173 Views

Im a highly sexual being and I stay horny 24/7. I have a steady partner or at least I had one, but it seems that lately hes been too busy with his work to spend much time with me. I dont like to go off thinking that hes grown tired of me or that he has someone new, but I have to wonder when 3 and 4 weeks go past without our having relations.

I get a little irritated with him at times, because I lead a pretty normal sex life until he came into the picture, he convinced me to let my hair down and to explore my inner being as he called it. He was the one that introduced me to this alternative lifestyle. And now its rare that we spend any time together, and its been ages since we had another woman to join us! He swears that theres nothing wrong and I have no choice but to believe him, but my needs are going unmet and I think its time for me to move on or to at least set out to meet other people with like minds!

I never considered myself to be anything sexually, I just enjoyed sex when with the right person, Id never been with another woman, and the idea of being with one sexually had never even crossed my mind. The thought of licking pussy wasnt something that I had an interest in period, and if not for the encounter that my partner had secretly set up for me with another woman, I probably wouldnt have ever tried it.

He and I met on-line and the very first time we hooked up to have sex, he sprang this whole bi-sexual thing on me, after he and I had already gotten busy. It felt good and I went along with the program, and afterwards the 3 of us became fast friends. Sharing in our little three-somes on a regular bases. This went on for months and we all enjoyed it, but then she met someone new and decided that she wanted to devote herself sexually to that relationship and I dont blame her, in fact Im happy for her.

We had many good times together, and I wasnt that much into women that I would be terribly hurt by her departure, plus I felt that it wouldnt be that difficult to find another woman to join us if need be. I enjoyed having the extra body there on occasion, and true Id learned to appreciate pussy, but I would never get with a woman alone anyway, it was only when the 3 of us were together. Pussy was good when chased by a stiff dick, but other wise I wouldnt be licking kitty if I didnt have a man in the picture with us.

It was the weekend again and I had called him several times this week asking if we would be getting together, I told him how horny I was, and how much I needed some dick. He said that he was feeling me, and wanted to fuck too. He said that he would get in touch with me later that evening, that was yesterday and I hadnt heard a word from him. I wasnt sitting in this house another weekend alone. And I wasnt going another 2 or 3 weeks without getting fucked.

I remember an old friend once telling me about some alternative nightclub that she attended. She would always say how wonderful this place was and that she would go there when she was between men, because she could always find a good fuck there. I didnt understand swinging back when she first mentioned the club to me so I dismissed the whole notion of going to a club and picking up sexual partners.

So Im sure she was wondering why all out of the blue I would be calling her wanting to catch up on old times. We talked about lots of things first but finally during the course of the conversation I asked her about the club that she told me about. She took the ball and ran with it, as it was her favorite place to go and socialize. She didnt just suggest it to me she encouraged me to go visit. But then she said she wasnt available that weekend, but we could go together the next weekend.

She then suggested that I go look up their web site, to get an idea of what the atmosphere was like. When we finally got off the phone I went to my laptop logged onto the web site that she given me, and the screen popped up describing this adult lifestyle club, and it mentioned all its amenities. I pulled up the map and printed it out, maybe one day I would venture out and visit the place.

Several hours passed and no calls came in from anyone, I was bored to tears, and I just couldnt image sitting alone in this house another weekend. I went up to my bathroom and turned on the shower, undressed and stood under the hot spray letting it run over my head and down my shoulders and back. After 10 minutes I washed off, rinsed and dried. I lotion my body, and then went into my walk-in closet to find something to wear. I hadnt actually made up my mind as to where I would be going but I wasnt sitting in here all night either!

I finally selected this sexy black dress with the cutout in the back that was so deep you could damn near see the crack of my ass. Oh I guess I should tell you that for a woman my age my body is still pretty supple, my ass is still firm and sits up and out, (just in case you didnt know it, we black women take pride in our junk in the trunk asses.) My tits are still perky and sit up without the benefits of a bra, and even though they may not look like it, but the twins are 38-Ds meaning they arent small titties. Im what you would call a curvy woman, not large but just big enough to be called sexy! I knew when I pulled that dress out that was my way of saying to myself that I was going to visit that club tonight even if I had to go alone!

I slipped on some black stockings with the lacy tops and then placed my feet into a pair of 4-inch black stilettos with a tiny gold chain in the back. The dress was made so that underwear couldnt be worn, and of course I didnt put any on. I just sprayed on my favorite perfume, pulled out right jewelry and put the finishing touches of my makeup on. I was really to go, picking up my small purse and keys I headed out the door with the printed map in hand. I thought to myself Oh girl you look good enough to eat. I got into my car, started the engine, set the radio station to that adult station that played the oldies and headed off in the direction of the club.

It was an hour and forty-minute drive from my home; when finally I arrived it was in this semi-rural area, the club was way back off the main road, but the parking lot was packed, so that let me know what to be expecting inside. The club didnt look very large from the outside, so I suspected it was crammed up on the inside. I walked into the outer lobby and after filling out a membership application and handing over 20 dollars I was buzzed into the club section.

The scenes were raw from the moment I entered the door and into the actual club; it was actually larger on the inside then I thought, and there were a lot of people, but it wasnt as tight as I thought it would be. There was plenty of room to get around, and I was able to float with ease. My first stop naturally was to the dance floor; I still loved to shake it up every chance that I got. So I wiggled my body onto the floor and just free-styled danced with anyone that moved in my direction, but mostly just danced to myself.

While I gyrated my sexy body I felt someone standing so close to me from behind that I could feel his erect dick poking into my back. I turned around and saw this gorgeous man smiling down at me, he leaned forward and whispered in my ear. Ive been watching your performance here on the floor, and wondered if you would like to join me and my lady for a little fun? I looked him over and asked him where his woman was, and he nodded his head in the direction of this really petite woman who was equally gorgeous. She was standing back on the side, watching and smiling at us.

I told him I wouldnt mind meeting his wife, and together we went over to where she stood, he introduced himself to me as Michael and his wifes name was Joy. I wasnt expecting it but she reached out and hugged me, and while doing so she sucked on my earlobe and stuck her hot pink tongue into my ear. I shuddered, and then he moved around behind me and hugged me from the rear, I became a human sandwich within three minutes of having met them. She started fondling my breast lifting them out the front of my dress and kissing and licking at my nipples, while he ran his hands down my back until he had my ass cheeks in both his hands. The three of us stood there in the middle of the dance floor making out with each other for several minutes!

After a few five minutes he suggested that we go downstairs into a more private setting. I didnt feel that I had anything to lose so off we went down a flight of stairs in the rear of the club. Once we got to the bottom landing I noticed several large screen televisions mounted to the walls, and groups of people sitting on loveseats watching xxx-rated movies. There were a few couples comprised of two women sitting together but mostly it was male and female couples, they were lounging in an area that reminded me of sitting in my family room at home.

Joy grabbed my hand and pulled me in the direction of a long corridor in the back, I held on to Michaels hand dragging him along with us, down this hallway where there were several rooms with observation windows, and where groups of people were standing around gawking into them.

We walked up close and peeked into the windows that was when I saw there were couples inside the rooms engaged in all sorts of sexual acts, performing right there before a crowd, so everyone could watch. I have to admit I instantly got hot from looking. We stood and watched a few more minutes before moving on to the next room; in that window we spied a large group of people, it appeared to be four or five women, and at least three men. There were three women licking, and sucking each other, while two of the men, were fucking one woman in a double penetration. The third man had his head buried into the ass of one of women in the grouplol you would have had to see for yourself to understand how that daisywheel worked!

This was all bizarre, and sexy as hell, my pussy was dripping and my nipples were hard as olives. I was itching to get my fuck on! We continued walking pass the rows of rooms stopping and watching each time. When we got to the end of the corridor, there was an open play area where anyone that wanted to could interact with whom ever they wanted provided that person said ok.

It was in the open room where I spied the sex swing; it was hooked up to the ceiling. I had always wanted to try one of those but was never fortunate enough to ever meet anyone who had one. I told Joy that that was one of my fantasies and she said I should try it right then and there. But with whom was my thought? She smiled and looked at Michael, I guess my fantasy was going to be met this night. With the two of them helping my dress was pulled off in an instance and my feet placed in the stirrups, my ass was jacked up and exposed in this seat-less swing. It required two people for it to be interactive! Sitting there in my bare ass I had started attracting attention!

After a couple of minutes Michael was undressed and joined me in the swing, I wasnt sure how Joy felt so I looked to her for directions she smiled shaking her head and mouthing the words go for it. This was a swingers club, so my thoughts werent on what others would think, because I realized that these people werent here to judge over me they were only interested in seeing the next show start.

I smiled relaxed and waited until Mike had fully mounted the other side of this swing, which required me to lift my bottom up and sitting it onto his lap. I reached back to the small table behind me and picked up a condom, peeling the wrapped back with my teeth I was able to roll that small sieve of rubber over his dick, like an expert. It was then that I finally looked deep into his eyes, and saw that he was so much better looking then Id thought, oh yeah and he had a generous size dick so this was going to be interesting!

When I sat my ass down over his lap he adjusted himself, so that his dick went straight into my pussy. I was so wet that it didnt take much effort to get it in place, and it was a nice snug fit. Once he was satisfied with the position, he pushed off and I pushed back, and the swing was in motion.

This was the strangest fuck I had ever experienced, it felt like we were suspended in mid air, we just wildly fucked each other, he reached out and grabbed my titties, gently squeezing as he pumped the swing into full action. I dont know how long we were on that swing, maybe 10 minutes maybe less. All I remember was that we both started cumming about the same time, and it was a huge blast. I giggled at first then just broke out laughing, and he followed suit, not because anything was funny, but that was a hellvu orgasm, and I couldnt think of another response. Once we were finished we looked around and we had a huge audience, everyone was applauding and edging us on including Joy, who stood behind me the entire time. That was more fun then Id had in a long time.

Joy was still carrying my dress as she helped me off the swing; the three of us set out to find a vacant room to get our action started. We walked down another corridor that had rooms just like the ones we had passed on the other side, with the same things happening in them. I went up to a window and peeked in as I was standing at the glass Joy came and stood beside me, sliding her finger into my wet pussy and started a circling motion, that got me hot all over again. Mike stood behind me and pressed into my back I realized that his dick was hard again. He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. Lets all get into one of those rooms and put on our own show. I nodded my head in agreement the three of us walked into an empty room.

Joy was the only one still wearing clothes, but that was only for a moment, as soon as we entered the room I pushed her dress up and placed my face right into her creamy center. Breathing in the sweet smell of her pussy, I then licked out my tongue and tasted her nectar. Joy was so tiny that I could encircle her little waist with my arms, which I did as I buried my head deeper into her pussy while she was still standing. I leaned her against the window, then pulled her dress the rest of the way over her head, while licking and sucking her nipples, and caressing her tiny little pussy lips and clit. Michael who was standing behind me was doing the exact same thing to me only from the back. We were all completely naked now!

After several minutes of getting Joy warmed up we moved onto the platform bed and really began our escapades. Joy was little but she was very aggressive in bed, she climbed on top of me, placing her face into my mound. I felt her hot tongue as it bathed my pussy with juice. She licked and sucked my clit I came 3 times back to back. While Joys mouth was on my pussy, Mikes lips were suckling my nipples, he held both my titties in his hands, and he licked and sipped the nipples as if he were enjoying a good cocktail. He had his hand under me and was pressing his index finger into my pussy while Joy was busy sucking my clit.

I reached up and pulled Joy by her waist until I was able to get her little body centered over my face, she was already head down licking my pussy, but I wanted her pussy to be placed directly over my lips. I licked her smooth skin using my tongue to move slowly over her lips until I reached her clit. I sucked the tiny little bud, circling it with my tongue and gently moving my mouth over and about her pussy, until I felt her body tense up and started tasting the juices as it began flowing down my chin, onto my neck but mostly into my mouth.

Mike had positioned himself on the bed, so that he was able to push his dick into my pussy while Joy was still sitting on my face with her lips attached to my clit. He rode the pussy with such performance and style that you would have thought that this was something that he had done a thousand times, and perhaps he had just not with me. Joy and I took turns riding Mikes dick, licking each others pussies and just having a great time.

At one point Mike was sitting on the edge of the bed while Joy sat in his lap, with his dick in her pussy. I positioned myself between their legs and licked the juices from both of them as they fucked. The sight of seeing his large brown dick disappear into her cute little pink pussy turned me on so that I had several explosives orgasms. We fucked for over an hour, doing every imaginable thing to one another that brought about pleasure, I cant remember when Id had this much fun sexing anyone, well except with Tony and Renee.

I enjoyed every second of this sect; I wanted to make sure that we would do this again soon. Both Joy and Mike indicated that they wanted to remain in touch too and very much interested in hooking up again. Once we finished and got dress we exchanged phone numbers, kissed each another and said good night as we walked to our individual cars in the parking lot.

And yes we have met up again in fact several times since that first night, and yes each time that we have its been just as explosive as the first time. The three of us made plans to travel to Hedonism together this coming spring! Will we see you there too?

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