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New master Tim sets out his expectations

by Guest on Mar 22, 2017 Swingers Sexstories 9246 Views

My Husband went to pick up Tim as arranged. I stayed at home and got ready as specified. Tim has grilled Hub on the car journey to find out every sexual encounter we had every had. He understood our limits and knew where he could expand them. When they entered the house I was knelt on the kitchen floor dressed in a under the breasts basque, stockings and high heels. They both hesitated and my husband said please Tim use my wife for your pleasure. Tim said god you look fantastic and walked over to me. I pulled down his zip and took out his semi hard cock and started to suck on it.

He had asked for this greeting. Hubby left us in the kitchen and took Tims things into the back bed room. I sucked Tims cock well feeling it grow hard and swell to totally fill my mouth. He then took hold of my head and pumped into my willing face. I was tasting his leakage and then he stopped and pull out saying not yet you bitch you have not earned my cum yet.

He walked of just saying follow me. He led me upstairs where we met hub sitting on the stool Tim had brought with him. Hub was now dressed in a white bra, suspender belt, fishnets and very high heel in white. A new purchase. Tim told me to clamp his nipples and showed me how to set the 2 implements to max pressure. He held down hubs bra cup for me to use 2 hands to correctly set them. I was then given 2 larger clips. Tim pulled down my hubs ball sack into 2 pouches. I added a clamp to each. Hub was then told to sit on the stool. The ball clamps wear pulled through the hold in the seat and tied to the cross arms on the stool legs. I pulled the elastic rope round and linked them together over hubs legs. When we moved away to the bed I looked back at him thinking I wonder if he is humiliated enough. His man breast clamped and his tiny balls pulled away from his body. I did not need to worry Tim told him he looked prity stupid sat waiting for his wife to get a real fucking. Hub asked Tim if he would please fuck me now before his balls fell off. I was on my knees again this time undressing Tim so he was stood naked and proud and in charge in front of me. I lay on the bed head handing over the end looking at hub upside down while till licked and fingered my pussy.

He was really good at licking my hot spot and had me cuming very soon. I had to put my hand over my clit to stop him driving me mad. He told me to wank for him. I took over felling the sensitive parts of my pussy just light touching was now driving me insane. When I was very wet Tim laid over me and entered the opening on my pussy. he slowly rocked and I matched my hips to his. I wanted all his cock not just part of it inside me. He was very full and the swollen head was a bit sore at the entry bu eased on as he move deeper. He quickly passes the point my hub could reach. He reached the part I wished he could reach. I was cuming quite a lot now and loud. Tim was almost not moving but I was still cuming like a train.

He kept on feeding me with his cock something inside must have folded back as never before.

If i rocked my hips it was and instant excitement. It was fucking magic. I shouted out to Tim to get it all in and start pumping me slow. I could now feel his pelvic bone on mine. I was over the moon with joy I started crying. Tim looked concerned but I said no not pain just pleasure keep going. he pumped me slow then mid speed, then slow then mid then slow then fast. He was totally focused on making me cum like never before and was trying like mad not to cum yet. I knew he had lost his own control.

I could feel him getting fatter inside me. His strokes became a little faster and a little shorter. He them stater cuming and released his hot cum inside me. He said he would love to fill me to over flowing. I think he did he kept jerking and with each new jerk he deposited more. He stayed in me and started to deep kiss me. I was a great few minutes to be laid kissing with such a massive manhood kissing me inside too. He then looked at hub and asked him what he though of watching that. Hub replied it was great he had cum himself and was truly his slave and would love him to fuck me like that every week. He told hub to wriggle the stool over to the bed so he could taste the sex. Tim pulled out and rolled over. He pulled my legs round rolled them over hubs shoulders and told him to taste my satisfied pussy. Hubby held my bum cheeks and drank from my over flowing cup of lust. I raised my head to watch him licking like a mad man eager to please and not miss any. Tim left us and came back telling me to untie him. When I release his balls he jumped onto he bed swearing and rubbing his tiny balls. Apparently it hurt like fuck when the blood rushed back. I then removed the nipple clamps which actually made hem yelp like a dog. tim told me to suck them better for him. This seemed to make the pain more intense and last longer. However it did make hub go hard. Tim saw this and told him to fuck me. I said no only he could fuck me hub was too small. Tim just said Who's the master I want him to fuck you and tell me how you feel. Hub entered me and honest I had to really concentrate to feel him. He said as much to Tim and explained he felt very uncomfortable doing this. Tim told him to pull out and wank off into his palm.

Tim then asked if I wanted more I said yes please . He agreed to stop only if he could tie me up.

I agreed know this was his thing. He tied me up in a star. Once I was secure he then put my nipples into his clamps. He also pulled my outer lips and placed each in a large clip. The elastic rope way then hooked on my high heels. He released my leg ties leaving me to keep my knees bend and legs wide open to minimise my pussy lip stretch. I looked down and was amazed at how much he hard pulled my open. Never let anyone do this to me before.

However I quite like the submissiveness of my situation. Tim spread KY on my pussy and told Hub to sit next to me. Hub took Tims cock and wanked it until Tim told his to put it into me . Hub placed my big masters cock at the opening and asked Tim to fuck me again. Tim shoved in and rode me quite a long time. I lost count of the pounding into me I was in a spin of pleasures and emotions I was dreaming about Tim moving in with us and constantly fucking me . I was brought to a sudden stop. Hub had removed a nipple clamp and was sucking my nipple.

Tim was shouting at him to suck hard. I was now jumping off the bed bouncing high. The second clamp was off and I was spinning more. I felt Tim pull out and start to feed his cock into me again. Both acts had me dazzled for a while. Tim now removed again resulting in me begging him to fill me know . He did and it seemed to be gallons and gallons I seemed to be feeling him empty for ages. I was laid there soon sucking Tims cock clean while Tim held my legs wide open for Hub to shove his face between my stretched lips and lick my gaping pussy hole. It felt big enough to swallow his head. The next I knew the lip clamps were off. I was now twisting around on the bed trying to rub my pussy lips together to reduce the pain. My hands tied prevented me rubbing and the knees had to come up and I was kicking out to try and distract my pussy from setting on fire. When I eventually cooled down I opened my eyes to see hub knelt at the bottom of the bed with tims cock over his face while hub was well under him sucking his balls clean. This evening was so good and with new experiences we agreed to have a second meeting on friday to really explore how submissive i could be to tims new master cock. That was an even better night.

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