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Passion Evening

by Guest on Feb 6, 2017 Romantic Sexstories 3181 Views

I opened the door and let you in. The scent of chocolate filled the air of the living room and the fireplace was flickering bright. In the front of the mantle lay a furry throw. Candles were sprinkled throughout the room. I asked if you wanted a drink. You got comfy on the throw as I brought back 2 beers. I settled in next to you and we gazed at the fire as we talked. I had turned on soft music, which tonight you didnt seem to mind so much. On the table nearby you noticed some dishes and brushes, you asked what they were for. I said I was planning on doing some painting. Then I slowly raised my hand and brushed your cheek. Looking into your eyes I leaned forward and met your lips with mine. Your arms slid around me pulling me closer as our kiss deepened, both of us losing ourselves in the awakening passion. Slowly my hands moved to the bottom of your shirt and slid underneath, my thumbs catching it as they roamed upward pulling your shirt with them. Lifting it up and off. I continued to caress your chest slowly, tracing each scar gently as I looked into your eyes. I bent down and followed each scar from beginning to end, lavishing each with tiny gentle kisses.

When I had finished the last one, you pulled me back up for another passionate kiss. Your hands caress down my back and around to the front of my blouse, and undoing the first button. Your hands lightly open my shirt a bit as you lean over and kiss my exposed skin. You repeat the kisses for every button until you take my shirt off my shoulders and let it fall behind me. My lips are aching for yours again, so I pull you back to me. Our kiss is deep and long, tongues caressing and exploring each others mouths. Each one of us moving to undo the others pants and skirt, sliding them off, tossing them aside. I can see your bulge growing in your undies and you gaze at my bra, panties. You lean me back on the throw and undo my bra in the front, kissing my cleavage as my nipples become hard under the attention of your fingers. You rub them back and forth, teasing them and pulling them, then moving your lips across them. Finally taking them in your mouth and flicking your tongue on the nipple, sucking gently then hard. Moving back and forth between each one. My little moans enticing you to lavish more attention on them. You slowly move further down and take my panties slowly down and off. You gently spread my legs and kiss up my inner thigh. Then trace up and down my lips with your tongue, letting the tip slide between them teasing me with tiny wiggles. Sliding it up, you begin licking and sucking my clit softly. Moans escape my lips as I raise my hips slightly toward you, lapping and sucking, the pleasure filling my body. You slide your fingers up and down my lips as you suck, letting them go deep inside my wet hot pussy.

I lose control for a little while, then remember that I was the one who had the surprise for you. I pull you back up to me and kiss you deep as I roll us over so that I am on top of you. Then I kneel to your side and bring over the first bowl. I take out the first brush and gently move it on your earlobe and down your neck leaving a little trail of strawberry sauce. My lips slowly take your earlobe in as I suck until its clean. Taking my tongue I lick off the sauce down your neck, then next spread more on your lips and kiss it off. The next bowl contains whipped cream that I brush into your nipples and clean off with my mouth and flexed tongue. 

I reapply more whipped cream to your navel, and begin licking around the outside of it, then wiggling my tongue in and out of your navel until the cream disappears. Taking the last bowl and brush, I smear chocolate sauce up and down your now hard cock and your balls. Slowly I lick the chocolate off your balls sucking them clean, moving my tongue to your cock. I lap up and down on it, wiggling the tip as I get the last of the chocolate off. I can hear your moans and feel your hand on my head pressing me down on you. Finally taking the head of your cock inside my lips, sucking it as my tongue flicks and caresses. I slide you deeper and suck you more until you can feel my hot breathe on your groin and my chin resting on your balls. I suck you hard squeezing your cock with my tongue before beginning to move up and down, sliding you in and out of my hot saliva-filled mouth. You move my hips over and have me straddle your chest as you take the chocolate and rub it on my pussy with your fingers. Then I feel your tongue licking it off and sucking on my pussy lips and clit as your cock moves in and out of my mouth. Each of us moaning as the pleasure builds. I let your cock slip out of my mouth as you begin to turn me around. You lay me down and look deep into my eyes as you put one leg then the other over your shoulders.

You watch my eyes as you rub my pussy and clit with the tip of your cock, then with one big thrust your cock slides all the way into my pussy, causing me to moan out loudly. My pussy tightens around your cock as you slide in and out hard and fast, the passion taking hold of both of us. I can feel you growing inside me, throbbing, stretching my pussy as you move in and out. I look deep in your eyes as you fuck me, then both our bodies tense up and both of us explode with cum and moans. My body quivering and yours shaking from the release. You slide out of me and lay back down beside me holding me in your arms, kissing me. Both of us basking in the pleasure both of us slipping off to dreamland.

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