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Daily Chores

by Guest on May 14, 2017 Romantic Sexstories 2277 Views

As we are wandering around the house, doing the normal day 
to day chores, I notice you are wearing a pair of figure hugging 
jeans and a loose button up blouse. I am trying to finish 
my chores, but your exceptional beauty has my attention.

My mind keeps wandering back to you. I become so distracted 
that my glances become wanton glares. You notice me staring 
at you.

Whats wrong, Honey? Are you lost? you ask.

Uh, Oh, nothing I reply trying to play it off. Its just 
that you are really hot. You chuckle and tell me to get back 
to work and that I might get lucky if I finish all of my chores.

Temporarily shut down, I resumed my work trying to get your 
sexy images out of my mind. In and out of the house, I finished 
3 chores that I had planned. On the way to the basement to 
get a few more tools I noticed you standing on your toes, 
reaching for an upper shelf. Your shirt was pulled up exposing 
your tightly jeans covered buttocks. I could no longer 
hold back. I walk up behind you and wrap my arms around your 
waist. I knew you would loose your balance and fall into 
my arms.

Catching you off guard, Wait, What are you doing? you 

I cant resist anymore. The sight of you is driving me nut.

I just have to hold you and feel that sexy body of yours.

I reply playfully.

You are so bad. You are incorrigible. Let me finish what 
I am doing and you get back to work. You say as you try to push 
away from my grasp. I disregard your feeble attempts to 
thwart my advances.

Lets make out. That stuff will still be there tomorrow. 
There is no time like the present they say. I chuckle. I 
snuggle my nose into you neck and start lightly kissing.

Letting my lips touch the sensitive skin just behind your 
ear. A quick flick of my tongue and I start nibbling on the 
lobe. Your earring is in the way so I divert my attentions 
to the nap of your neck. Lightly licking and kissing the 
area normally covered by your hair. I move the hair to gain 
better access to the moist skin. I blow my hot breath on your 
skin causing goose bumps to rise on your forearms.

You are so naughty! We need to get the chores done. You 
say as you your voice is becoming labored from the attention.

Keeping one arm in place, my other arm starts to loosen the 
hold. My hand is now free to roam and caress the front of your 
body. I Stroke your stomach with slow deliberate circles.

With each motion, my hand moves up your body causing the 
material of you shirt to scrunch under my hand. I finally 
contact your breast with my thumb. Your moans are a dead 
give away that you have succumb to my advances. The playful 
resistance has also ended. I can tell you are ready to proceed 
to a little heavy breathing, one that is more enjoyable 
than doing the normal chores. Caressing you ample breast 
through the material of your blouse causes the nipple to 
become aroused and erect. My thumb brushes across it, flicking 
it back and forth. Light sighs of ecstasy come from you.

I am enjoying the administering the foreplay as much as 
you are receiving the attention. I loosen the other arm 
from around your waist and let the hand join in the breast 
stimulation. With hands caressing both at the same time 
I am able to squeeze and press them together with a lifting 
movement. Pressing them together gives me a wonderful 
view of the cleavage that is contained under your blouse.

Oh, ummm, that feels good is uttered in a slow drawn out 
sultry voice. Dont stop now. Why dont we go into the bedroom 
and get comfortable?

I pull my lips from the actions they are playing on your neck 
and ears to respond the couch is closer. Lets move the 
coffee table over.

I dont care, but are going to need a few towels or a blanket. 
Do you want to go get them or do you want me to? She asks.

Ill get them. You go over and move the table and Ill be 
right back. I release my hold and start to walk away. I dont 
get very far when you grab my hand to spin me back to you. Your 
other hand wraps around the base of my head, pull me to a long 
sensual kiss. Our tongues start a little dance in each others 
mouths, tasting as the passion builds. We break contact 
and both grasp for air. You look at me with a wicked grin and 
lustful eyes saying Hurry up and get the towels! Ill be 
waiting. I run into the bathroom to grab some towels. Reaching 
into the linen closet, just find it empty. Frantic, I yell 
out Where are all the towels?

I can hear you laugh through you answer there down stairs 
in the dryer. Youll have to go get them. Im sorry.

A Charlie Brown ARRRG comes from me loud enough to let 
you hear. I can tell by your laughter that you are amused 
by the mishap. Racing by you to get downstairs to find the 
towels, you yell be careful. I run back up stairs and into 
the living room. Expecting to find you on the couch so I can 
continue the erotic caressing, I am stopped dead in my tracks.

You are not there. I only see the stuffed pillows where you 
should be. Bewildered I exclaim what the? I can hear your 
giggle from the bedroom and realize that you going to get 
your way. Not really minding I turn and head towards the 
laughter. I enter to see you lying back on the bed with your 
legs over the edge and your feet barely touching the floor.

Throwing the towels at you in order to distract you, I leap 
from 5 feet away to land on the bed next to you. My weight hitting 
the bed causes you to bounce up violently. You hit the bed 
laughing louder.

Tricky, huh. You think you are funny, dont you.

Not really, you reply I just think its better in here 
and we have more room than on the couch. I grab you around 
the mid-section and pull you to me.

You can have it your way, chuckling while speaking. 
but I get to do what I want. My hands are already picking 
up where they left off but just in a different position.

Your breasts are very pronounced under the tight material 
of your blouse. I decide that it time to free them from their 
confines. The long deep kissing starts anew, and I start 
unbuttoning your shirt. Once the shirt is completely open 
in the front, the unobstructed access to your fleshy mounds 
excites me more. My index finger traces the outline of your 
bra starting on one side continuing across the top edge.

The slow trace takes me to the other side and to the underside.

As the actual edge of the material is lost in the crevasse 
of your ample bosoms, I am force to continue on the outside 
of the bra to complete the trek. The satiny material feels 
wonderful to the touch. It is imperative that I caress them 
with more than just a fingertip. The flat palm of my hand 
covers your mound and begins to massage the soft flesh.

Your responses grow in intensity. Softly moaning I continue 
the assault, but the pace become more rapid. I gently kiss 
my way to your chin. The tip of my tongue traces the outline 
of your throat as I make my way to your cleavage. Since my 
hand is covering one breast, my lips are free to explore 
the other. With little kisses and sucks placed over the 
area not covered by your bra, I enjoy the light sultry musk 
scent you are emitting. The aphrodisiac attacks my senses 
and I am becoming very aroused, myself. My hip is pressed 
against you leg and I am sure you can feel my hardening manhood 
pressing against you. As if controlled by desire alone, 
I use my teeth to slide the brazier off the one breast. Being 
pushed up toward the center, your breast appears to have 
gained in fullness. My lips have full access to you nipple 
so I can play. I pull on the nipple with my lips, pinching 
them. My mouth covers the entire areola, and I suck hard 
to get the soft flesh in my mouth. With a mouthful of breast 
flesh, start to rotated my head so it gently pulls you. You 
wet tit slips form my sucking grasp so I am forced to let my 
lips roam over it. You are too sexy to control myself much 
longer. I reach around your back and fumble with the bra 
clasp. Have never been good at unhooking them and my actions 
make you giggle. Success, after only a few fumbled attempts.

Your breasts are mine to ravage. The shirt and bra quickly 
come off from your shoulders and are tossed to the floor.

I quickly straddle your hips and return my attentions to 
your ample bosoms. Both hand kneed at your flesh, circular 
motions to feel their fullness. Cupping and rolling the 
underside, I press them together. Both nipples are in reach 
of my lips and tongue. I flick back and forth, not wanting 
to give one more attention than the other. Licking and sucking 
your breasts, but thinking about the hot box contained 
in your jeans, I slowly move down you body. I have moved down 
your stomach kissing and sucking. Inch by inch, across 
your stomach I kiss my way to you navel. I can feel your belly 
jump under my oral caress. But undeterred, I continue my 
way down. I can feel the clasp on your jeans rubbing against 
the underside of my chin and I know that I am going to have 
to lift my lips off in order to release them. I try to be suave 
and unbutton them without removing my lips from your silky 
skin. To my misfortune I am forced to do it. I look down to 
gain a better bearing on the button and zipper. Soon your 
pants are undone so I can see the top to you satin panties.

Without any thoughts my lips start kissing where I left 
off. Now my chin can press your vulva. Pressing slightly 
and rotating slowly. The pressure causes you nether region 
to move under the satin material. My hands are caressing 
your breasts still, but I have to let them release their 
new found playground to slide your jeans off your hips. 
Once your hips are freed from the confining denim, I decide 
to go for it and completely remove them from your legs. That 
way there wont be another distraction for a while. In order 
to accomplish the task I have to move my body. Tossing the 
denim to the floor, I move your legs to the outside of mine.

I know have all the access I need to continue to the hidden 
depths. Gazing down at the satin bikinis, I lightly touch 
and run my finger thru the wetness that I have caused. The 
heat rising from you is incredible. I let my fingers roam 
as I watch your reactions. I am able to see you are getting 
restless under my torturous touches. I lean forward and 
blow my hot breath directly on the wet spot. I am close enough 
to inhale the sweet aroma rising from the honey pot just 
under the thin fabric. I resist the urges and start kissing 
just at the top edge of your panties. One side to the other 
and back. I can feel your hands being placed on my head. Running 
your fingers thru my hair, your light caresses are guiding 
me to an area that you want me to continue on. I let my chin 
hook the elastic and press it down as I lightly lick your 
neatly trimmed pubic mound. My tongue reaches the area 
that has been completely shaved free of all hair and the 
smooth sensations is wonderful on my tongue. Unable to 
resist I continue down. The fabric slips from the chin hook 
and recovers the mound I have just kissed. Undaunted, I 
kiss thru the material. Kissing and nibbling on it as if 
it were candy waiting to be eaten. One hand is moved to the 
elastic on the top of the satin panties and the other starts 
massaging your thigh. Outer to inner thigh is touched. 
With a light finger, the sensitive inner thigh is sought 
out. My lips continue the assault on the fabric. My hands 
take over and slide the satin from your hips exposing the 
puffy outer lips of your excited vagina. I leave the panties 
just below your knees, figuring that it wont require very 
much additional movement to get them off your legs. I return 
my mouth to your vulva and start kissing my way down again.

I reach the top of your vagina and know the little bud is waiting 
to be touched. Parting the lips with the tip of my tongue 
I find your clit and press on it, causing it to be crushed 
under the pressure. Rotating my tongue around it and them 
flicking back and forth, An additional rush of warmth is 
felt under my chin. I can tell that your excitement level 
has been elevated to the next notch. You nectar oozes from 
the opening making a distinct shiny coating on your pussy.

I lick the outer lips down one and across to the other. Sucking 
the puffy flesh into my mouth, I have sucked enough flesh 
into my mouth to use my teeth to nibble. Your legs spread 
on your own accord and I have more access to the rich area 
my attentions are devoted to. Your legs spreading apart 
have caused the outer lips to open exposing the inner pink 
wetness. My tongue delves into the center to scoop the sweet 
honey from it confines. In a head nodding motion I lap at 
your pussy. After several attacks, long strokes of my tongue 
up the entire length of your slit, my tongue presses into 
the recess. Finding the area to be filled with natural lubrication, 
my tongue slide in easily, I try to get in as far as I can, pressing 
then withdrawing. Repeatedly the motion is continued.

Lost in my own desire to cause unbearable pleasure, you 
decide that it is time for me to move on to the next are. Your 
hands direct the next movement of my head. Lifting my face 
from your glistening slit, you decide it is time for more 
than my tongue can deliver. Confused I lean back on my haunches.

The action gives you enough room to roll over to your stomach.

I quickly get the message and adjust my position. Placing 
my legs on the outside of yours I am now sitting on the back 
youre your hamstrings. In this new position the kissing 
assault hs to start anew. I reach up and place my hands on 
your shoulders to begin a sensual massage. You reach back 
to move your long hair out of the way giving me the room to 
knead your shoulders and neck. Gently at first so I can begin 
relaxing the muscles and steadily applying more pressure.

I feel you relax under my efforts. Moving over the shoulders 
my massage continues. You reach over to the nightstand 
and retrieve a small bottle of lotion and ask if I can apply 
it. Taking the lotion, I squeeze a dollop into the palm of 
one hand. It is cold to my touch, so I have to warm the liquid 
with my hands before placing them back on your soft skin.

I touch you with the freshly lubricated hands and rub the 
lotion over you entire back. I continue to massage until 
the lotion is absorbed into the skin.

Taking the lotion, I squeeze a dollop into the palm of one 
hand. It is cold to my touch, so I have to warm the liquid with 
my hands before placing them back on your soft skin. I touch 
you with the freshly lubricated hands and rub the lotion 
over you entire back. I continue to massage until the lotion 
is absorbed into the skin. But I know there are areas of skin 
that my hands havent touched yet. I reach for the lotion 
again. Opening the cap I have a wicked thought that has to 
be played with. I tip the bottle over and squeeze the cold 
liquid directly on the small of your back. This causes you 
to jump from the sheer surprise. Gasps of air are coming 
out of your mouth as you try to regain your breath. I quickly 
lean forward and kiss your lips just to feel them quiver 
thru breaths and kiss at the same time. I am so amused at the 
sight and thought of my torturous efforts I start to chuckle.

Your response is to typical of a woman being shocked from 
ecstasy. A guttural moan is released and I know you are enjoying 
the frisky play and that my efforts are going to be repaid 
soon. I am not really worried because I know that the torture 
your dish out is more erotic than anyone can imagine. I continue 
to massage the liquid into you flesh. I am becoming aroused 
with my thoughts and can feel my manhood swell in my pants.

I decide it is time to shuck my shirt from my body. One swift 
movement and I am exposed. I lean forward to press my muscular 
chest against your back. Still slick with lotion, my pecks 
slide easily against you. Undulating circles are pressed 
into you. My nipples are hard from the excitement and they 
are being crushed against you. With my chest pressed against 
you I am now able to kiss and suckle you neck and ears again.

Enjoying the duel sensations of my chest and lips against 
your nakedness, I am becoming even more aroused. You are 
able to feel the hardness being pressed against your buttocks.

You respond by pressing back to create more pressure. Feeling 
the erotic pleasure, I am forced to shift my weight so you 
are pressing directly against my groin. Even thru the material 
of my jeans, my erect member is distinct. Your actions are 
deliberate and planned to cause mutual pleasure. I am able 
to feel your body heat, so warm as my chest is pressed against 
you. The enjoyment is almost too much to bare. I am forced 
to lift my chest off of you so I can continue the massage.

I move from the current position in order to get you your 
buttocks and massage more. My hands make contact just above, 
at the curve of your back. Slow circle are pressed into your 
skin as I rub the tensions away. My hands are sliding down 
each side of you, feeling the muscles under my fingers. 
My hands are moving in opposite directions causing your 
cheeks to part slightly. I peer down, ensuring that I am 
hitting every area. I dont want to leave a single inch untouched.

Your moans are of total relaxation. My strong hands continue 
the pressure and I can see little glimpse of you when your 
cheeks part. Your wetness has seeped out causing a shiny 
coating over your entire vaginal area. Remembering how 
you tasted a few minutes ago. I cant wait to taste you from 
this position as well. Knowing that the doggy style position 
is your favorite for actual penetration, I decide to take 
you in a different way. I want to lick and suck on your lips 
as your are able to push back against my hairy face. I pull 
your hips off the bed and start kissing the cheeks of your.

Light tongue tracks are made against each cheek. I make 
several sucking red marks on your skin. Nothing too deep 
to cause lasting marks but enough to have you marked as mine.

My tongue laps as it moves toward the center. I lick directly 
above your anal sphincter. Sensations of going beyond 
the erotic are felt. I can smell the sweet fluids flowing 
from you as I lick my way back down to your wet lips enjoying 
every inch of woman flesh. I am poised directly behind you, 
so I am relishing the prefect view. My heated breath being 
exhaled directly on your outer lips causes your moans to 
become louder. Hearing the moans, my tongue delves forward 
into the recess. I press it in as far as possible. Tonguing 
the inner flesh of your honey pot makes your flow more profuse.

I do my best to lick it completely as not to waste a single 
drop. Lapping at the warmth between your thighs, knowing 
that my efforts are causing the excitement spurs me on.

I quickly flip over and slide my head between your knees.

Now having me on my back, this is giving youre the perfect 
angle to place your sensitive pussy on my hungry face. You 
do as expected and press it down to my so I can finish the licking 
that is going to caused you to orgasm. Your hips start gyrating 
as the excitement builds. My nose is applying pressure 
on the clitoris as the tongue continues to lap at the inner 
flesh. Your outer lips are engorged and extremely sensitive.

The coarse hair of my mustache being rubbed on the sensitive 
flesh heightens your desires and speeds you to another 
orgasm. Your hips quiver and shake as the orgasm rocks thru 
you. Your fluid ejaculation floods my mouth. I begin sucking 
for every drop as you r press your wanton womanhood down 
on me. Relentlessly, my sucking empties every drop of the 
hot nectar emitted from your inner recess. Your breathing 
is extremely labored due to the excitement and lust felt 
in your entire body.

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