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First cum swallowing

by Bibian on Apr 22, 2017 Oral Sexstories 9272 Views

This is something which happened about a year ago. My first 
experience of swallowing a mans cum. I was not too keen 
on it so my boyfriend would tell me when he was Cumming so 
that I could remove my mouth and jerk him off to completion.

Heres what happened.

It was a warm night so after my boyfriend whom I was seeing 
for about 6 months picked me up from my part time job we decided 
to go for a walk on the beach. We found a secluded spot and 
began to hug and cuddle. I was sitting between his feet with 
my back bracing on him. After a while of the cuddling I could 
feel his hardness on my back. I turned around to face him 
and I could see a smile on his face. I could not help myself 
but to messages the bulge through his jeans. This started 
to make me hot since I was so attracted to his cock so I unzipped 
his jeans took out his 6.5 inch dick and began to stroke it.

There were a couple a few yards away from us but I doubted 
they could see what was going on in the dark. He was a bit nervous 
about it though. I continued to rub his now fully hard cock 
slowly using the precum and saliva to keep it lubricated. 
He was moaning and moving his hip slowing. I knew he was getting 
excited. He started to move his hip in time with my hands.

This was making me real hot and I could not wait to feel his 
dick inside of my body. I bent my head, stuck out my thong 
and licked the tip of his dick. I then licked the head with 
my thong and continued down the shaft. I could feel his cock 
pulsing in my hand and knew that I had to have it in my mouth.

I looked around to see if the couple was aware of what was 
going on but saw them looking in the other direction. I then 
proceeded to take my boyfriends rock had cock into my mouth.

I placed the head in and could taste the precum and feel the 
silky smoothness with my thong. This made me want more.

I continued going down on his dick until I could feel his 
balls on my lips. He moaned a bit too loudly and pushed his 
hips up. I began to pump up and down on his cock slowly. When 
I reached up I twirled my thong around the head. His breathing 
quickened and I knew he was close. He began to call my name.

I thinking it was through ecstasy started sucking was. 
I felt him tap on my head and then pull it up. When I looked 
up I could see a man walking toward us.

I could feel the redness in my face. We got up as quickly as 
possible as if nothing happened and headed to the car. We 
drove off immediately. While in the car, my boyfriend lifted 
my skirt and stated rubbing my pussy. I removed his hands 
and told him I wanted to finish what I started. I took his 
dick out of his still unzipped pants and started sucking 
it again. He said that if any vehicles were passes they will 
be able to see that someone was sucking his dick. I said then 
it would be better keeping my head as low as possible. So 
I went right now on his cock and started to give him his first 
full blown deep throat. I could feel the car swerving then 
slow. I took a peek up at the speedometer and say that it was 
about 30kmph. Yet he was hardly able to control it. I kept 
sucking his cock going from the head to the hilt in long fast 
strokes. I slowed a bit to catch my breath then quickened 
my paste. I then placed a hand as best I could and began to 
message his balls while still deepthroating him. He was 
pushing his hips in time with my sucking. His cock was pulsing 
like crazy and swelling in my mouth. I then heard the words 
I was waiting for IM CUMMMMMMMMMMMMIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

He pushed my head onto his cock so I was unable to raise my 
mouth of his throbbing cock and I could feel spurt after 
spurt of cum hit the back of my throat and as he pulled out 
got the taste of it on my thong. I had never tasted cum before 
and it was not exactly pleasant but I tried my best to swallow 
every drop of it.

I held onto his cock sucking out the remaining cum until 
his dick was completely soft. We stopped on the road a while 
for him to catch himself. It was past my curfew so he took 
me home. That night I lay in bed remember the night and masturbating.

All I could think about is what would happen after my boyfriend 
picked me up from work the next day. Maybe I might even swallow 
his cum again.

Article source: https://sexstoriesclub.com/oral/82-First-cum-swallowing.html

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