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The Hostess and her Waitress

by Guest on Mar 17, 2017 Oral Sexstories 10133 Views

Mary was a hostess in city restaurant, working each evening from 7PM till 1AM. She was married, but with her husband being on a shift in a factory that started at 5:30 AM and having to sleep from early evening, for weeks, she had not had a chance for sex with him at all. And then, having the need to keep her job was also an extra pressure. The restaurant owner had her in his office several times in the last weeks what that meant, that if she wanted to keep her job, she needed to "help" him. Since she was always good at playjobs, she did not object and - just about daily, during the evenings - managed to get away for a half-hour or so, and sucked him off willingly. Yet, he did not do anything else to her and the playjobs got her excited and frustrated too. She tried to wake her husband a couple of times, but he was too tired that left her fingers to get herself off. As a mini-boss, the waitresses were under her care and one of them, Betsy, was a buxom woman, whose hus-band was seriously ill with a heart-condition. From time to time, Mary and Betsy talked about things, and sooner then later, their non-existent sexlife was also mentioned. Mary felt for her and also noticed, that Betsy was getting very friendly to her. One night, after closing and having given a playjob to the boss, she went into the locker room to get her coat and found Betsy there. "Mary, " the waitress said, "Don't take a taxi home tonight.

I have my car. I'll be glad to give you a ride." Mary was surpris-ed at the offer she hesitated a moment watching as Betsy took off her waitress uniform. She noticed that she was only wearing a very sheer panty and braw, so sheer, that Betsy's hairiness was noticeable. She felt a strange nervousness - perhaps, she thought it was the aftermath of again being unsatisfied by the boss - but she nodded: "OK, thanks Betsy." "Great!" the waitress said."At least we can talk a bit more." She got dressed and the two women left the restaurant and entered the completely dark parking lot behing the building. "Oh, "Mary said, "I can hardly see!" She felt Betsy grasp her hand and saying:"Just follow me." And soon they were at her car and Mary was feeling a pressure of the waitress' fingers before she opened the car door.

Betsy drove well through the quiet city streets, yet they hardly exchanged a word. But from time to time Mary felt Betsy's eyes on her and in the narrow confines of the old Beetle, the waitress' hefty thighs rubbed against hers often.

They stoppe at Mary's house.

The lights were out on the spur of the moment, she offered: "Come in for a moment, if you have time, Betsy. My husband is sleeping, just be very quiet.

" "Glad to.

"was her answer and the two women walked up the porch to the small cottage.

Mary silently opened the door and led her companion into the living room. She put on a small couch-side lamp.

"Sit down, Betsy." She whispered. "Would you like a drink?" Betsy answered as she plumped her 40-year old, buxom body into the couch "Yes....Something hard?" A couple of minutes later, Mary came back from the kitches, carrying two shot-glasses full of brandy. She gave one to Betsy then they clinked glasses and chugged them down. "That was great.

" The waitress said, leaning back on the couch, unbuttoning a couple of her blouse buttons and stretching her legs, kicking off her shoes Mary noticed that Betsy had no stockings on and her skirt rode up half-way her thighs. Mary felt a strange warmth coursing through her body.

Then she said to her guest:"I usually change into my nighslip here." and she pointed at the clothing spread on the seat of the easychair next to the couch. "Don't let me hold you up."Betsy said."Get comfortable. I'd like to do that too, if I were home.

" Mary hesitated a moment, then without a word, started undressing.

She felt the waitress' eyes on her, especially when she unhooked and dropped her bra freeing her 38s and when she - after just a moment hesitation - slipped out of her panties which were very wet now in the crotch. Before she had the short nightslip over her head, she heard Betsy draw in her breath and murmur: "You really are a redhead, now I can tell!" Mary in her nervousness dropped the nightslip and whipped around.....Yes, she felt Betsy's eyes staring at her generous, red-haired bush between her legs. But she didn't know what to say. Betsy said: "My hair is blonde, but not between my legs.

" And she pulled up her skirt - and Mary's eyes beheld a heavy, brown bush between her spread thighs - and she knew now, that Betsy didn't wear panties. The two women gazed at each-other for several seconds Mary forgot about her nightslip and heard Betsy say softly: "I know, this is crazy. But I also know that that bastard owner has been using you like he did me too a few times, but never satsified either of us." Words now came out of the woman as a torrent:"I haven't had anyone do me in years! I want to cum!" And before Mary could say anything else, Betsy got onto her knees, scooted over to Mary, pressed her face into her crotch, with her hands pushing apart the hostess' tremb-ling legs.... A moment later, Mary felt an eager, long tongue bury itself between her soft edges, which Betsy held apart with her fingers.

"Ohhhh!" Mary whispered backing up to the easy-chair with Betsy following on her knees, her mouth and tongue never leaving her hungry cunt. The hostess fell back into the seat, her legs went up and apart onto the arms of the chair, her soft place on the edge of the chair and her belly started undulating in the first spasms of cumming.... For a second Betsy lifted her face from Mary's private part and whispered, begging "Will...will you do me too? We need to cum!" Then went back to the frantically bumping belly of Mary, burying her tongue in her and rubbing her nose onto her rigid personal place.

Mary forced one fist into her mouth to keep herself from screaming out in the throws of cummming, and cumming and cumming! Then she pushed Betsy's face out of her softness, croaking"Enough! I can't take anymore now!" Betsy fell back onto her haunches on the floor, her face shiny with Mary's juices, her skirt completely up around her waist and on hand brying itself between her hairy, wet-glistening cuntlips. Mary gathered herself. She listened for a moment, but there were no noises to suggest her husband was awake.

She looked down at Betsy, who was now lying on the rug, her legs stretched widely apart and one hand buried in her snatch, gasping audibly.

She made a snap decision she got down from the chair, laid down between Betsy's thighs and pulled her hand out of the dark-brown bush edged, pinklipped, teasing snatch.

"I'll do you.

" She murmured and - for the first time in her life - she kissed, then started toying the softness of a woman. Almost instantly, she felt her face pushed more and more inside the wide-open snatch as Betsy bumped her wide hips up and toward her face.....

Mary buried her tongue and tasted the hot, wet, salty-creamy insides then sliding her tongue upward met the small nub of hardness of Betsy's personal place... And she began to suck on it hungrily, urgently tightening her lips around it..."OHH! GOD! I'm cumming! At last!" She heard Betsy's gasps and - on the spur of the moment - her caressing finger made contact with the waitress warm, slightly open warmth! WOW! Mary thought and following a never-felt urge, she entered that passage with a finger! Mary gasped "I'm cumming again!" It took several minutes for them to settle down and breath normally as they lay sated side by side on the carpet.

Betsy leaned over Mary and without asking first, put her lips on hers and their tongues were in each-others' mouth.....And both felt the warmth, the wetness start again between their legs...."Let's do it again!" Betsy whispered and not waiting for an answer, arose, straddl-ed her thighs over Mary's head and put her head and mouth from above onto the wet, redhaired softness of her boss. Mary clasped her arms around the wide, smooth hips of the woman, and lifting her head, began to toy, suck, kiss and slurp the wetness of her dark-haired cunt.....

Ten minutes later, after another earth-shaking cum, they fell back into each-other's embrace. "Can we do this again?" Betsy asked and kissed Mary's shapely little ear. "I need it so." "Yes, " Mary replied. "It's better than just giving a playjob." "Well, " Betsy smiled, "I like that too, but this is even better." Later Betsy left quietly and Mary, after putting on her nightslip, went upstairs into the bedroom. She slipped into her twinbed, listening to the snoring of her husband....

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