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Watching my friendly neightbour

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 17, 2017 Oral Sexstories 3248 Views

One evening, as I was relaxing on the balcony after dinner, I heard talking in my neighbour's flat - a man's voice that did not sound quite like the husband.

As the conversation progressed, much of which I could not understand, the tone became more muffled and mixed with moans. Overcome by curiosity, I crouched at the edge of the partition that divided our balconies and peeked through the slit I could only see their bare legs stretched out over the balcony floor. One of her legs wrapped over to caress his thighs as his hand grabbed her thigh and pulled her up towards him. The limited view frustrated me as I racked my mind to think of how I could have a better view. Yes, my notebook's video camera! It was very small and compact, easy to mount on a stick. I slid it through the slit along the edge of the partition separating our balconies and along the drain at the foot, effectively hiding most of it from sight.

Glad that the long USB cable which I bought recently was becoming useful in extending the connection from the camera to my notebook.

The view from my camera was great.

They were lying on a sort of reclining couch in the living room, just next to the balcony. The guy was lying there facing up, while she was next to him sideways, head resting on his arm, one leg across his thighs, and hand stroking his erected length.

They were necking and petting as they chatted, occasionally he caressed her boobs and pinched her erected nipples, each time evoking a loud moan from her. Watching them made me really horny and I pulled my shorts off to release my hard erection. As I watched them, I stroked my length imagining her doing it. After a while, she started kissing and moving down his body until her face was next to his length, head resting on his stomack. His hand slipped around her body to caress her boob and play with her nipple.

Luckily she was on lying on the side that gave me a full view of what was going on. She started to kiss and toy his length while the guy's hand moved down her body towards her softness.

Her legs parted to allow his hand access and I could clearly see his fingers rub her moist and glistening soft edges and personal place.

Slowly, she placed her mouth over his stiff length and pushed downwards, swallowing it entirely.

The guy groaned in pleasure as she moved her head up and down, sucking his length, and hand pumping it simultaneously. His fingers slipped into her softness, pleasuring her as she was pleasuring him. My view of her giving him the playjob was soon obstructed as her long hair covered fell over her face over the guys thighs but her legs were well parted giving me a fantastic view of her wet softness being entered by his fingers. Just then, the guy's mobile phone rang and he reached back to retrieve it from his clothes. She continued with the playjob as he took the call. He didn't seem to be happy with the caller and hung up after a while. He tossed the phone away and pulled her up towards him. She straddled him, slipped her hand between her bums to position his length and sat down on it. She let out a soft scream as his length invaded her wet softness.

Hands holding onto his shoulders, her hips rocked back and forth vigourously playing him hard.

His hands were on her boobs, massaging them and grinding her nipples. She was wild in estacy, throwing her head back and forth, shouting "iku, iku, iku, ....

" I thought I knew that word, which meant "to go", but to go where...? The guy's face was in a dazed look and then heaved a sigh of relieve, and his hands fell from her boobs. Obviously he had cummed.

She looked down at him and said something, to which he grunted an answer. She got off him, obviously not happy. His length was already flaccid, coated in cum and softness juices. He then said something, which I only managed to catch the word "oku-san", meaning wife. I presumed that the phone call was from his wife and he had to leave.

She disappeared from view and I heard the shower - washing up, I guess. He wiped his length with tissue and put on his clothes, then left. There I was, hard and horny, and the "show" had ended abruptly.

From what I observed of her reaction, she was probably as unsatisfied as I was. Suddenly, an idea came to mind - if both of us needed it, maybe we could satisfy each other.

I quickly put on a yukata, cotton summer kimono, that enough to cover me up but hardly enough to conceal my erection which was propping the groin area like a circus tent. I opened the door and checked the corridor making sure that there was no one around. I walked quickly to her apartment and ringed the bell.

It was a while before I heard her footsteps approaching the door.

She looked through the small opening on the door, saw me and opened door for me. "Come on in, and please close the door.

" I did as she asked, as she hurried back to the bathroom to turn off the water. She was wrapped in a thin wet bathtowel that did little to hide her figure. "Sorry, I am in the middle of taking a shower. Pls make yourself at home." She shouted from the bathroom. I walked into the living room, to where she and the guy was playing earlier.

"A friend was visiting earlier." She said. I spun around and as a result, my yukata which was hastily put on, became loose, exposing my erection sticking out stiffly, pointing straight at her. Oops. She walked over smiling, placed one hand on my chest, the other taking my erected length gently and started to stroke it. "What were you doing, huh???" Before I could mumble an answer, she pulled me down towards her and kissed me on the mouth, tongue probing eagerly. "Hmmmmm...." she uttered, as she continued to stroke my erection and massaged my balls.

Her face moved down my body, kissing and toying her way down, until she faced my length.

Kneeling there, she blew warm breath over the tip of my length, and tickled it with her tongue. I just stood there as sucked my length eagerly, just like the way she pleasured her visitor earlier.

My hands held her head and gently pulled her towards me as I thrust my hips forward, sliding my length in and out of her eager mouth.

She expertly took my entire 8 inch with each stroke without choking, making me wonder how often she entertains lucky guys. The towel she wrapped over her hair fell off and her long wavy hair cascaded down her back. I easily slipped my yukata off, and stood naked in the living room with her giving me a fantastic playjob. Her hard and perky nipples pressed against my thighs through the thin towel wrapped around her body.

"Let's play!" I suggested. We moved over to the couch in the living room where they were playing earlier. She loosened her towel and let it drop to the floor, revealing her moist supple body, fresh out of the shower.

Her nipples stood out from the areola which was about 2 inch wide, showing the extent of her arousal.

As I laid on the couch, she stood over me, legs apart, moist and swollen soft edges showing through her soft pubic hair. Without a further word said, she lowered herself over my erected length, engulfing it with her moist, slippery, warm love canal. A loud moan followed, and then she began to move her hips back and forth, sending my erection in and out of her softness, like a piston in a steam engine. She grabbed my hands that were already on her ample boobs, urging me on. She rode me like horse in a rodeo, sometimes arching herself backwards, so much so that I had to hold onto her back to keep her from falling backwards. I sat up and pulled her towards me, which place her boobs right on face for me to devour. Her aroused nipples were hard and extremely sensitive touch, and each toy, nibble, kiss, evoked a loud moan from her. Her arms wrapped around my neck and pulled my head into her breasts, as she continued to thrust herself and drove my length deep into her softness.

I could feel each orgasm she experienced as she spasmed each time and her juices flowed, soaking our thighs and the floor. She manipulated her softness muscles expertly, clenching my length like a vice or suction hose, making it very difficult for me to not cum and extend the pleasure. Soon, the pressure in my length reached its peak and my cum shot into her softness in generous quantities. As we kept up the playing, the mixed cum and softness juices seeped out onto our thighs.

Finally, I collapsed backwards, pulling her onto me, her aromatic long wavy hair covering our heads completed. We rested, with my length still inside her. After I went back to my flat, I realized that my camera had been on all the while, recording our entire sex session on the notebook, which I shared with her at a later date during another steamy session of sex.

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