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Seduced by famous athlete

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 2, 2017 Oral Sexstories 7211 Views

All that I could see was done in wood, the walls the floors the beams. In front of me was a great room with a high ceiling and stone fireplace from the floor to the rafters above. To my left was a kitchen that was made for a chef. Walking passed the kitchen and the great room we entered a doublewide hallway. The first door on the left was a bathroom, with nothing amazing. Just a standard bathroom. We walked further down the hall and to my left was a room. Lucy turned on the light and it was her work out room with mirrors and all kinds of equipment. More than she had at home. She explained that she spent most weekends here and her Sunday workouts were hard. Continuing down the hallway was a set a double door. It opened to a large bedroom with glass windows on two sides with the center of the walls equal to where I was standing. The bedroom overlooked the lake and there was not another house or light that I could see. Lucy explained that she owned 50 acres all around the lake and there was not another person within miles of us. She guided me to the right and the first room was a large walk-in closet filled with clothes. The next door was too an office, which she said she used while here. The last room was a bathroom that was lined with windows on one wall. Underneath the windows was a large Jacuzzi. The adjoining wall across from where I was standing had two sinks a toilet and a bidet. The forth wall was a shower stall with 6 showerheads and benches.

Lucy exited the bathroom and told me she wanted to take a shower. I was to take one first and she would bring some clothes in the bathroom for me. I stripped and asked her how to turn on the water. She said open the door. I did so and the water was on streaming from all six-shower heads. A bench located in the middle was where all the showerheads aimed. The water was tepid and comfortable. I found soap and shampoo and lather myself. Rinsing I heard Lucy come in but the glass had fogged over when I opened the door the water stopped and there was a towel rack hanging from the ceiling. Lucy had laid out some black shorts and a shirt. When I put then on the waist of the shorts was tight, but the legs were baggy. The shirt was a little big for me.

I headed for the bedroom and did not see Lucy. I went back into the house and did not find her. I called for her and she answered from the bedroom. Said she had checked on something in the office and was going into the shower. That I should get into bed and she would join me. I did as she said. After waiting I sat on the bed and stared at the moon shining on the lake. I heard the water turn off, but kept starring at the water. Lucy turned off the bathroom light and walked towards the bed. She asked me if I liked the view. She was wearing a long white night shirt with only one button done. Her hair was long and wet. I looked at her and smiled and said yes. She then asked of the lake or me. I said of both.

She told me to get into bed and she slid in the other side. She faced me and kissed me tenderly. I kissed her back. She told me that for now I should just be myself, there was not going to be anymore directions for tonight that would start tomorrow. I kissed her slowly and place my hand on her hip. I was fascinated by the shape of her muscles, the softness of her skin, yet the strength of her body. I slid my hand down her thigh along the outside until I could reach no further.

I then moved it slowly up the inner side of her thigh, being careful not to touch her between her legs. As I approached her triangle, I felt a pair of satin underwear. She looked at me, kissed me and said well I didnt want to be so presumptuous. I kissed her and raised my hand to the one button on her nightshirt. I undid the button and opened the shirt. I felt her stomach, her shoulders, her neck, I moved the shirt down her right arm. She sat up and removed her shirt. In the silhouette of the moon I could see her amazing body, her breasts were pronounced on a man like chest. She laid back down and I caressed her body. The pectoral muscles around her breasts were hard, but her breast, slight larger than the size of my hand were soft and the nipples the size of a half-dollar with a large bud protruding from the center. I licked each breast as she moaned. I contemplating licking her between the legs before I did anything else, but thought I would save that. She spread her legs for me as I moved my hand. The muscles in her leg aroused my being as I felt the hardness against the softness. With her strength she then gently pushed me on my back. She grabbed my arms and pulled my torso up. She removed my shirt and then pushed my back to the bed. She then removed my shorts and laid back down. She kissed me and I wrapped my arms around her. She gave herself to me. She no longer used her strength, but guided me into her with passion. She was wet and I went in slowly. Her legs were wide open, yet my cock was wrapped in the tightness of a vacuum. She told me to take it slowly; it had been almost a year since she had a man inside her. Surprised, I did not say anything. I moved slowly. She wrapped her legs tight around me easing the clamp on my cock. I was now in her all the way and asked how she felt. She kissed me tenderly and moved her hips slowly. We then rolled over as she took the top. In the light from the moon shined onto her beautiful face, her breast which was standing at attention. The muscles of her arms and stomach were bulging as if she had just completed a workout. She moved her hips slowly, then fast, then slow then fast. She came. The power or her release vibrated through her muscles.

She pulsated on my cock. And when she was done she kissed me and then started moving slowly again. After a half-hour and coming twice more, she rested with her head on my shoulder. She said, you are amazing. How do you not come? I told her that I had been trained well and could hold it all night if needed. She told me not too, that she wanted me to come inside her. I rolled her over and moved slowly. I changed angles. I lifted myself. I rolled her on her side. She came again and again. I then had her lay flat on her back with her arms around my neck and her legs wrapped around my waist. The bulk of her muscles offered a tight comfortable wrap. I moved slowly and then fast. I told her to tell me when she was coming. She screamed that she was and I exploded inside her. Her pulsating muscles contracted and squeezed the come from my cock. When it was over, she was asleep and I enjoyed the view. The sun rose over the horizon as I feel asleep.

I awoke to the smell of coffee. I looked next to me and the bed was empty. I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back to the bedroom, Lucy was in bed with a cup of coffee in her hand and for the first time showing me her beautiful nakedness. Her breasts were amazing, so large yet so small. The muscles of her arms, legs and stomach, were relaxed, yet she had much larger biceps and forearms than I. Her thighs and calves also were larger than mine. Her waist, though I could see every muscle was much smaller and thinner than mine. She said good morning, I walked to the bed and as I did took in the sights. There was not a house or person to be seen. She handed me a cup of coffee and asked how I was feeling. I indicated a little groggy, but no worse for wear considering the 4 beers I had. I asked how she was and she said, wonderful and not sore at all. She then asked if I was ready to honor my bet. I told her to let me finish the coffee and I would be good to go. She agreed, and while we drank coffee, she said there are no mens clothes here so are free to wear what ever you want, and provided I say you can get dressed. I agreed and asked if it was good for walking outside. She indicated she had some mountain bikes we could ride, if the mood struck us.

I finished my coffee and said I was ready. She got out of bed and walked me to the shower, she opened the door and I followed her in. She laid on the bench and told me to kiss her between the legs. I did slowly, using my supposed great technique, she came in a minute. She looked at me shocked and said oh-no you need to do that again. I did and she came again. She then said, listen buster, I have been licked by some great pussy eaters, mostly women, Charlotte one of them and none of them compared. I told her if Charlotte didnt tell you its my specialty. She said again and I did, five more time until she cried enough. With wobbly legs she stood and then told me to lay down on the bench I did and she leaned down to kiss my cock. She told me that she wasnt good at this and had only done it with her boyfriend of 5 years ago and that he said she was lousy. I told her she did not need to do it and she asked if I would teach her. I said I would, but not in the shower, too much water splashing around. She agreed and stood up and pulled me up. We lathered each others body. I felt soreness and remembered the lifting from the yesterday and told her I was a little stiff. She said I would be even stiffer in a moment. She lathered my cock and made it hard. She then went over to the bench and grabbed a bottle from underneath. She told me to come here. She then gave me the bottle and said lube my ass. I did as I was told and then she said I want you to fuck me hard in my ass. Its tighter than my pussy, but I have taken a cock larger than youre and miss the feeling.

As I lined up her ass hole to my cock, I was aroused to the point I almost came. Her muscular ass cascaded upwards to a pyramid of a back. Every muscle appeared taught as I prepared to enter her. This woman, who I once thought unattractive because of her manliness bulk, was soft, tender, caring and asking me to fuck an ass that did not have a ounce of flab. I entered slowly, but she pushed hard and I popped right in. She got crazy and told me to fuck her hard. That she was sorry for the vulgarity but getting fuck in the ass made her horny. She fucked harder. She moved off the bench and I slipped out. She said no you dont. She then kneeled on the shower floor and stuck her ass up in the air and said fuck me long and hard like last night, and dont come until I tell you. I did and after 20 minutes she screamed for me to fuck her hard. Take her hard. Pump harder and come in her ass. I did and exploded. She said your fucking coming in my ass I can feel it you fucker. You cum is all inside my muscle bound ass and youre the lucky sole to have fucked me there. She collapsed and told me that was a great fuck, but time for breakfast. Exhausted I said whatever you wish Lucy. She smiled and kissed me tenderly on the lips. She then said, what I want is more of this. She grabbed my cock, kissed it slowly, bringing it a semi hardness. She then stopped and looked at me and said, time for breakfast. We dried each other off, with Lucy paying particular attention to my cock. We then walked into the bedroom. She gave me a pair of her underwear and a tank top to wear. The cabin was warm, but I sensed that the air was chilly outside. She put on a T-shirt with a low neck line and we headed to the kitchen.

She asked what I would like for breakfast. She indicated that she was not much of a breakfast person, but would fix what ever I liked. I told her coffee and cereal would be fine. She smiled and got out a box of cheerios, some milk, two bananas and two cups of coffee, two bowls and two spoons along with a knife for the banana. I poured the Cheerios into the bowls while she peeled a banana. Before slicing the banana she place her legs up on the table and spread them so I had a full view. She then said, up until last night, things like banana here had been my best friend. She then inserted the banana into her pussy and carefully moved it in and out. She then pushed it all the way in and said if I wanted any, I would have to help myself. Not needing a further invitation, I knelt on the floor and proceeded to try and get the banana. She kept her legs closed, to make it difficult. So I began to lick her again and as she came, she opened wide and the banana came out. It was a little squished and I am sure some of it was still inside her, so I reached in with my fingers and fondled her g-spot until she came again. Making sure that all the banana was out, I then returned to my chair and sliced her cum filled banana into my cereal. I took the other banana and asked if she would like to try that again. She said, not now and took the banana and sliced it into the bowl. I then poured milk and we ate breakfast.

Looking at the clock it was almost noon. I asked if she knew what the weather was like outside. She indicated it was cool. Up in the mountains it does that, even early in September. She indicated she would like to take a bike ride and show me the property. I said that would be great. We finished breakfast. I loaded the dishes into the dishwasher while she went into the bedroom. I headed that was when I was finished. She had changed into a full body pink spandex outfit that should every curve and every muscle of her fantastic body. She was tying her hair back, when she walked over to her closet. She had pulled out an outfit for me. It was a yellow spandex outfit. She told me it was small on her and hopefully it would fit me.

I removed the clothes I had on and tried it on. The length of the arms and legs were fine, but it did not hug my body like I am sure it hugged hers. None the less it worked. She then gave me some socks and I had my sneakers with me. We walked into the great room and she headed towards the fireplace. On the other side, where I had not seen was a door that opened to a stair way. We headed down. As we got downstairs, it was another complete floor, with a sitting area, game room with billiards and ping pong, Two more bedrooms and an exit door to a garage. The garage had four stalls. Two were occupied with cars. I late model Porsche and what appeared to be brand new Rolls. I stopped and stared. She saw me and asked what was wrong.

I said, how often do you use those cars. She said only when she here. The Rolls was delivered last month and Willie had driven her once. The Porsche was ten years old and rarely is driven. She indicated she doesnt drive often because she has Willie. I told her I was impressed. She said no need to be. Again you, Willie and I are the only ones that know of this place. Id like to keep it that way. I asked if she ever journeyed out from here. She indicated she used to take the Porsche for a ride through the winding roads, but when she comes here, she stays in. I asked why she got the Rolls. She said, its an investment, thats all.

She then pointed over to the last stall, which had several mountain bikes, cross country skies and snow shoes. She asked which bike I preferred. I said, Id take the yellow one to match my clothes. She laughed and pressed a button. The garage door opened to a brick driveway that pointed towards the lake. She mounted her bike and said, let me know when you get tired. With that we were off. I followed her down the bath, that had been carved through the woods. From my position I could see that beautiful ass leading towards some large calves. We biked for 20 minutes when we came to a clearing with a structure by the lake. Lucy stopped at the house and leaned her bike against the structure. She then went over to a keypad, entered a code and opened the door next to the keypad. She was in the structure before I was off my bike. I leaned mine next to hers and went in the door. Lucy was no where to be found. But what I saw was three boats. A Cigar boat, a large boat and a very small fishing boat. The boats were all on lifts and could be lowered into the water at any time. The air inside the boathouse was chilly. I called for Lucy and she did not answer. I called again. She then responded, from the deck of the large boat. I followed her voice. When I got to the back of the boat, I called for her again. She responded from inside the boat. I climbed on board and noticed and open door. I went inside and down 6 steps to a luxurious interior. I called her name again and she responded. Following her voice I found her naked on a circular bed. She had her knees in the air and was leaning against a mound of pillows asking to be taken. She said, come eat this sweaty pussy. I did and she came. She then tore off my outfit and told me to lay down. I did. She then reminded me of my promise to teach her out to suck my cock. I laid down and said, show me how you do it.

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