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The Double Feature

by Tina on May 17, 2017 Oral Sexstories 4004 Views

Bored and alone, that weekend, I decided to go to the movies. 
I donned a tight lil halter top that tied in the back and at 
the neck, no bra, a short mini skirt, and summer sandals. 
I was sort of interested in what was playing, until these 
college guys came into the theater, sitting in the roll 
ahead of me. My nipples got hard from just looking at them. 
When one turned to look me over I parted my legs slightly, 
allow him a view of my blue satin thongs. He grinned, whispering 
a suggestion to his friend. "Are these seats taken?", he 
asked in a husky voice. I just shook my head "no" as each one 
sat on either side of me.

The lights dimmed and the movie started. I could hardly 
breath, their cologne alone was so intoxicating. I shifted 
a lil and let my arm rub up against the guy on the left of me. 
With out even looking at me, his hand found my upper thigh. 
I let my legs fall apart easily. Taking the hint, he ran his 
hand up my thigh, his fingers tickled my clit.

I couldn't help myself... it felt soooooo good!! I was squirming 
in my seat!! The friend on the right of me started playing 
with my hard nipples that were already straining through 
my top. Taking my hand, he placed it on the rock hard bulge 
in his pants. Groaning inwardly, I struggled to keep from 
moaning out loud!!!

Letting his zipper down, he pulled out his hard cock and 
wrapped my hand around it. His hot meat scorched my hand. 
It felt so good! I was already creaming over the other guy, 
whose fingers were buried deep in my pussy. Trying to keep 
my pussy accessible to the one guy, I bent over and sucked 
his friends tasty cock. I couldn't get enough!! I sucked 
and licked and nibbled. He held my head down with his hand 
tangled in my hair. I wasn't going anywhere anyway, not 
until I gobbled all that nice juicy cream of his down!!!!

When I thought I was done his friend took me by the arm, directing 
my attention to the floor in front of him. "I seem to have 
dropped something", he said with a sly grin. Looking over 
I saw the glistening head of his cock standing erect, waiting 
for me. I got on my knees between his legs and went to work. 
He rocked back an forth in the seat. Shoving his cock deeper 
into my mouth, until he exploded the hot jism down my throat 
hard, making it dribble out the sides of my aching lips.

Afterwards, they both kissed me tenderly and told me it 
had been a great show. I wonder if they meant me or the movie??

Article source: https://sexstoriesclub.com/oral/118-The-Double-Feature.html

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