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Oral Sexstories

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 20, 2017


I could barely breath with his cock shoved deep inside my mouth. I slurped and sucked at it hungrily with an uncontrollable desire. His cock head swelled as my tongue molded around it trying to taste every drop of his salty goodness. My mouth was warm and wet just like my pussy. I wanted him to fuck my face and love it, as much or more than my pussy. I love sucking his cock. I needed to suck his cock and I wasn't going to let him stop me from taking what I needed from him. His moans grew louder and his belly flexed as he sat on my couch with thighs spread enough for me to do as I longed to do for days. Yes, just three days earlier he had emptied his balls into my stomach and had pulled from me the wettest orgasm I had ever had, but I needed more. I am insatiable when it comes to him. Although he quenches my fire completely. Soaking me in my own juices until I'm breathless and ready to pass out. I awaken with a renewed fire smoldering and threatening to get out of control the ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Feb 3, 2017


This is a true story of one of his more memorable experiences.... I had broken up with my girlfriend a few months prior to this. We still got together about once every other week to screw each other's brains out. She was a screamer and the walls to my apartment were very thin. The people next door were a couple of very sexy strippers. We were friends, they'd always invite me over for their parties and just to hang out. The day before my ex had been over, and I was looking forward to having a nice relaxing day by myself. I was surprised when there was a knock on my door. It was Sara, the redhead of the two strippers. She asked me if I wouldn't mind comming over, she wanted to smoke and wanted some company. How could I refuse? We go over to her place, the other roomate, Jess, is out doing some shopping. We got comfortable on the couch smoke a bit and chit-chat. I could tell she had something on her mind, she always bit her lower lip when she was thinking about something. I ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 13, 2017


It was Friday, the end of a very stressful work week filled with meetings, deadlines and mountains of paperwork. I was left behind after everyone went home to finish up some loose ends. I pear out the second story window to find myself in a daze. How was I going to focus on finishing this project? Only one thing works really...but I had to make sure everyone was gone. After a quick listen, the place seemed quiet. I returned to my desk and lift my skirt and pull aside my panties just enough to feel my freshly shaven pussy underneath. I love it when I can feel my wetness. I rub my pussy and get it ready for my fingers to penetrate. My fingers slipping between my lips to find my clit standing erect and swollen. I slide one finger inside but pull it out to taste the sweet taste. I moan softly as my finger is in my mouth. It excites me to know how wet I am. I rub my clit just a little more as it swells between my fingers. It feels so good. Moving at a steady pace, I reach under my shirt to ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 2, 2017


All that I could see was done in wood, the walls the floors the beams. In front of me was a great room with a high ceiling and stone fireplace from the floor to the rafters above. To my left was a kitchen that was made for a chef. Walking passed the kitchen and the great room we entered a doublewide hallway. The first door on the left was a bathroom, with nothing amazing. Just a standard bathroom. We walked further down the hall and to my left was a room. Lucy turned on the light and it was her work out room with mirrors and all kinds of equipment. More than she had at home. She explained that she spent most weekends here and her Sunday workouts were hard. Continuing down the hallway was a set a double door. It opened to a large bedroom with glass windows on two sides with the center of the walls equal to where I was standing. The bedroom overlooked the lake and there was not another house or light that I could see. Lucy explained that she owned 50 acres all around the lake and there ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Mar 17, 2017


Mary was a hostess in city restaurant, working each evening from 7PM till 1AM. She was married, but with her husband being on a shift in a factory that started at 5:30 AM and having to sleep from early evening, for weeks, she had not had a chance for sex with him at all. And then, having the need to keep her job was also an extra pressure. The restaurant owner had her in his office several times in the last weeks what that meant, that if she wanted to keep her job, she needed to "help" him. Since she was always good at playjobs, she did not object and - just about daily, during the evenings - managed to get away for a half-hour or so, and sucked him off willingly. Yet, he did not do anything else to her and the playjobs got her excited and frustrated too. She tried to wake her husband a couple of times, but he was too tired that left her fingers to get herself off. As a mini-boss, the waitresses were under her care and one of them, Betsy, was a buxom woman, whose hus-band ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 2, 2017


Stephanie breathed a deep sigh as she once again sat in traffic on the interstate. Yet another commute in a life full of them. It seemed that this was all her life had been since her divorce five years ago. Commute, work, commute, sleep, commute, work and so on and so on. At age forty-six she needed a change, but the rut she was stuck in was so deep it seemed that climbing out would be impossible. Today was just like any other day except it was Wednesday, not Tuesday or Friday or even Monday. It was just another day in a string of days that seemed to never change. Stephanie's two kids were away at college. She and her ex-husband decided that two kids were enough and she agreed to have her tubes tied after she had her youngest. She was young when her kids were born. She missed them dearly. "Aw, screw this, " she muttered and began to carefully cross traffic from the lane she was in to get to the next exit ramp. Maybe she could find a short cut around this cursed traffic. ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 17, 2017


One evening, as I was relaxing on the balcony after dinner, I heard talking in my neighbour's flat - a man's voice that did not sound quite like the husband. As the conversation progressed, much of which I could not understand, the tone became more muffled and mixed with moans. Overcome by curiosity, I crouched at the edge of the partition that divided our balconies and peeked through the slit I could only see their bare legs stretched out over the balcony floor. One of her legs wrapped over to caress his thighs as his hand grabbed her thigh and pulled her up towards him. The limited view frustrated me as I racked my mind to think of how I could have a better view. Yes, my notebook's video camera! It was very small and compact, easy to mount on a stick. I slid it through the slit along the edge of the partition separating our balconies and along the drain at the foot, effectively hiding most of it from sight. Glad that the long USB cable which I bought recently was ... Continue reading →

by Bibian on Apr 22, 2017


This is something which happened about a year ago. My first 
experience of swallowing a mans cum. I was not too keen 
on it so my boyfriend would tell me when he was Cumming so 
that I could remove my mouth and jerk him off to completion. Heres what happened. It was a warm night so after my boyfriend whom I was seeing 
for about 6 months picked me up from my part time job we decided 
to go for a walk on the beach. We found a secluded spot and 
began to hug and cuddle. I was sitting between his feet with 
my back bracing on him. After a while of the cuddling I could 
feel his hardness on my back. I turned around to face him 
and I could see a smile on his face. I could not help myself 
but to messages the bulge through his jeans. This started 
to make me hot since I was so attracted to his cock so I unzipped 
his jeans took out his 6.5 inch dick and began to stroke it. There were a couple a few yards away from us but I doubted 
they could see what was going on in the dark. He was a bit ... Continue reading →

by Tina on May 17, 2017


Bored and alone, that weekend, I decided to go to the movies. 
I donned a tight lil halter top that tied in the back and at 
the neck, no bra, a short mini skirt, and summer sandals. 
I was sort of interested in what was playing, until these 
college guys came into the theater, sitting in the roll 
ahead of me. My nipples got hard from just looking at them. 
When one turned to look me over I parted my legs slightly, 
allow him a view of my blue satin thongs. He grinned, whispering 
a suggestion to his friend. "Are these seats taken?", he 
asked in a husky voice. I just shook my head "no" as each one 
sat on either side of me. 

The lights dimmed and the movie started. I could hardly 
breath, their cologne alone was so intoxicating. I shifted 
a lil and let my arm rub up against the guy on the left of me. 
With out even looking at me, his hand found my upper thigh. 
I let my legs fall apart easily. Taking the hint, he ran his 
hand up my thigh, his fingers tickled ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 23, 2017



Hi, babe. 

Hi, Sugar. Lunch break? 

Yep. The rest of the office went out, but I thought I'd 

get a sandwich from the machine and spend the time talking 

with you. 

Awww, aren't you sweet. 

Well, not as sweet as you. 

And I know how much your like my sweetness. 

Yeah, I like it a lot. Sure wish I was there to taste it now. 

Oh, you do, huh? 

Yeah, I'd like to take my lunch time to feast on you. 

Tell me. 

First, where are you? 

In the bedroom. I just finished making the bed. 

Good. Get undressed and get on the bed. 

Ewwww, getting kinky, huh? Been a long time since we did 


Yes, and it's about time we got back to it. 

I couldn't agree more. Hold on... there, I'm naked, 

like you want, and slipping into bed. 

Good. I'm sitting here in my office, the lights are 

off, the answering machine it on, and I'm lowering 

my zipper. 

Mmmmm, wish I were there. 

And if you ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 28, 2017


I used to be employed by a bus transport company, I went all 
over the western United states, and into Mexico. I remember 
one specific trip to TJ. I was at the central bus terminal 
there waiting to depart when a beautiful Latina came up 
and asked me where I was going in Spanish. I told her that 
I was going to Los Angeles, and I was the next bus out. So she 
gave me her ticket and boarded. I gathered up the remaining 
passengers and departed for the border. When I de boarded 
everyone at the border she asked me if I was going to be in 
San Ysidro I toldher I would and I would see here there. After 
I parked my bus I had about 3 hours more to kill and she walked 
up to me. She then proceeded to tell me that she wanted me 
and no other driver to take her to L.A. I said it was fine. 
We wnet and got something to eat and made small talk, to my 
surprise she spoke very good english. So I left and we continued 
to talk all the way back to L.A. When we got to the end of the 
line she had ... Continue reading →

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