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Older woman with younger tech at the office

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 27, 2017 Mature Sexstories 10155 Views

We each just had the most incredible sexual experience 
either of us ever had, when Tony gazed into my eyes and said 
to me Linda, I knew instinctively that my feelings about 
you would be right! Let me paint a picture for youIm a 
47 yr. old office manager of a small software company & 
Tony is one of my 30 yr. old technicians. I noticed lately 
that Tony was beginning to flirt with me in a friendly & 
playful way, and being that Im quite a bit older than he 
is, I was at first cautious but I was also starting to get 
turned on by this. So I began playing back in a flirtatious 
way not really expecting anything to come of it. I was really 
enjoying the attention from him since hes so young & 
good looking with quite a sensual side to his personality.

Ive always been told Im a pretty woman with a great personality 
also, but with me being a bit on the pudgy side Ive never 
given in to explore my true sexual self due to feelings 
of intimidationand I think Tony sensed this from me. This 
flirting between us had been going on now for about 2 months 
& today it would no longer be just a fantasy because 
today it became reality.

The boss was out of town on a sales meeting, and our other 
technician was on a job site, so I was alone in the office 
when Tony came back from a job site. I had been at my computer 
all morning & my neck was starting to tense up, so I was 
rubbing my shoulders & neck when Tony came in. He asked 
if I was OK and I just told him that my neck was a little tense.

He came over to my desk, stood behind my chair and started 
to rub my shoulders for me. God it felt so good and he was so 
good at it, so he told me to relax and lay my head back against 
his stomach, so I just shut my eyes and leaned back in my chair 
against him. I could feel the tension just slip out of me 
all the way to my toes and I unconsciously began to let little 
Mmmms out now & then. After a few minutes passed 
Tony began to move his hands down a bit farther toward my 
chest, but I was so into the massage I hardly noticed at first, 
but when his fingertips lightly brushed against both my 
nipples at the same time, my eyes popped open & I sat 
up in my chair. Immediately Tony swiveled my chair around 
to face him, and here I was staring into the bulging crotch 
of this gorgeous man.

I looked up to meet his eyes and a million thoughts were racing 
through my head & my blood was also racing through my 
veins. My heart was beating so hard & my breathing began 
to deepen as we stared at each other for what seemed like 
hours, when he bent down and placed his lips on mine in a most 
seductive kiss. I couldnt help but respond to that and 
I answered his kiss with my own. He pulled me up to him never 
losing contact with my lips & wrapping his arms around 
me he began to explore with his hands. He played with my nipples 
through the thin fabric and instantly they became hard.

Tony then began to unbutton my blouse as we walked embraced 
to the conference room & shut the door. Lust took over 
for both of us at this point & the clothes were flying 
in all directions. Tony picked me up and placed me on the 
large table & began to lick me all over my body while 
at the same time telling me that he has waited a long time 
for this moment with me. Over & over again he told me 
how he desired me & how sexy I was to him and that he wanted 
to help me feel that way about myself. His tongue was like 
fire against my skin every place it touched. He was moving 
down toward my pussy but he didnt lick me there just yet 
even though I wanted him too. He began to blow warm air on 
my clit while exploring my pussy with his fingers. I told 
him I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth, so he climbed up 
on the table and knealt in front of my face. His cock was HUGE 
and so hard and dripping pre cum from the tip. My tongue darted 
out to taste him while hands wrapped around that huge pole 
& stroked him. I wrapped my lips around him & took 
him in all the way down my throat, then back up again leaving 
trails of saliva as I did. I sucked him & rimmed him for 
a while but then he pulled out before he came. He winked & 
said he had other plans for his milky juices. He stepped 
off the table & pulled me to the edge while pushing my 
legs apart. He began slowly by licking & sucking my 
outer pussy lips, & then the inner lips. His thumb was 
rolling & pressing my clit & I could feel the fire 
building within me. He saw me breathing harder so he placed 
first one, then two fingers inside me curling them upward 
to massage my G spot. Immediately I came in a gush all over 
his hand. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yes, Yes Tony, dont stopYES! 
He got so turned on because I was a gusher & that only 
made him crazier. He began rubbing my juices all over my 
pussy & my ass while he leaned down & licked my pussy 
some more which made me let out another gusher. He was about 
to blow his load from the excitement, so He pushed his hard 
cock just inside my pussy while his fingers explored the 
entrance to my ass. I was crazy with lust & desire and 
I told him to Fuck me NOW! Shove that throbbing cock in 
me Tonyall the wayyes, Ahhh yes!!! Thats it baby! Ohhhh 
yeah, you feel so good in my pussyyes, thats itfill me 
up. Suddenly I felt not one but two fingers in my ass while 
hes pounding my pussy. OMG, Im cumming Tony!!!! I had 
the most incredible orgasm in my life that seemed to last 
forever. Spasm after spasm squeezing around his shaft 
& his fingers. Tony kept on pumping into my pussy while 
staring into my eyes. He asked me if I wanted more and I said 
YES! Make me cum again! So he pulled his cock out of my pussy 
& began to shove it in my ass. Then he put his two fingers 
inside my soaking wet pussy and rubbed my G spot with them 
while fucking my ass. I saw stars & exploded with him 
at the same time. I felt his cock expand in my ass & blow 
his hot sticky milk into me while I drenched his hands with 
my juicesboth of us screaming each others names. He collapsed 
on top of me & we just laid there for what seemed an eternity.

We realized how much time had passed & that everyone 
would be back soon, so we cleaned up ourselves & the 
wet table. Tony then cupped my face with his hands and kissed 
me so passionately & saidLinda, weve only just 
begun to explore the possibilities! He said, You may 
be older, you may be pudgy, but you are the sexiest & 
most passionate woman Ive ever known! All my inhibitions 
have now been replaced with curiosities I thought Id never 
get to explore. Ill let you know about our next rendezvous.

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