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The beach

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 20, 2017 Mature Sexstories 3638 Views

Looking across the beach, my binoculars always picked 
out the Johnsons first. They were an elderly couple, who 
had retired a couple of years ago and had settled here for 
some fun in the sun.

Ah..there's Tony the owner of the resturant below me talking 
to the delivery man getting ready for the weekend. I lived 
above the grill and bar and I often helped out for my rent, 
when I had writers block, which I seem to be having in abundance 

Swinging my binoculars around to catch others, on the beach, 
someone new caught my eye. Straining to get a better look...she 
appeared to be about my age.. 48ish, sunny blonde, built 
okay. Hmmm..looks like it is time to walk old Sam my golden 

Heading out the door I moved in the direction of the newcomer, 
hoping to get a better look. Considering this was not peak 
season for this area, I was surprised to see someone, particuliarly 
an attractive woman, on the beach.

By the time I reached where I had seen her.. she was gone. 
I looked around trying not to be obvious, but she was nowhere 
to be seen.

Great! I'm seeing things now. It's been a couple of months 
since I had any real sexual encounters that I am starting 
to imagine good-looking women.

Well Sam needed to walk he's getting old now and a romp on 
the beach would be good for both of us. As I walked along I 
heard a voice behind me..

"If you're looking for the little blonde, she left a few 
minutes ago.."

I turned around and it was Mr. Johnson walking away with 
a twinkle in his eye and a funny grin..I guess men are the 
same everywhere at every age.

Later that afternoon I went down to give Tony a hand with 
the lunch bunch and grab a bite myself. I wasn't paying any 
attention to who was coming in and out of the door, when I 
noticed Tony look up and stare at the door. I looked too, 
and there she was... the blonde on the beach.

Quick assessment told me she was about my age, which is 48. 
She appeared to be about 5'6" and built pretty good for an 
older gal. She had her hair pulled up in a clip, which showed 
off her face and neck. She had a nice tan and great legs!

Now I am a leg man from way back and, there is nothing I like 
better than a pair of shapely legs with some good calf muscles. 
She was wearing a coral colored slip type dress, that showed 
off her ass-ets and which, by the way, was quickly giving 
me a semi-hard.

She quickly surveyed the room and chose a table by the window 
and sat down. I immediately grabbed a menu and nearly ran 
to her table to take her order.

I wasn't sure what to expect, so swallowing like a school 
boy.. I said "Hi welcome to "Tony's".

She looked up at me and I thought I would just loose it right 
there. She had the grayest-blue eyes and sweetest smile 
I had seen in awhile. She nodded that she would like a shrimp 
salad and some wine, did I have a suggestion? I began to stumble 
some about how the white was good here and would go well with 
the shrimp.

She smiled again, and replied that would be good. So I acted 
like I took her order and walked away to give it to Tony. Well 
I barely walked away.. I was sort of shakey and was getting 
harder by the minute. I didn't know whether to ignore it 
hoping for something better later, or take matters in hand 
in the men's room.

I hurried and returned with her wine and some fresh bread 
and decided I would start the conversation. You would have 
thought I was a teenager and had never talked to a female 
in my life.

I began saying that I had never seen her before, was she just 
visiting someone or on vacation?

She answered that she doing a little of both and gave me that 
smile again, this time a dimple popped out. Oh by the way.. 
she wore these cute little gold rimmed glasses and I realize 
that does not sound sexy, but believe me it was, and my unit 
was beginning to bulge just being around her.

So I carefully nodded and smiled and left again. What in 
the world was wrong with me? I noticed Tony was laughing, 
at me in his all knowing way, and I just gave him a look.

He handed me her order and said, "Why don't you just have 
lunch with her"?

Yeah why not...then I could ejaculate down my leg that would 
certaintly impress her...

I took her salad and before I could say anything, she said 
"Why don't you join me, I hate eating alone." and smiled. 
I tell you I would have climbed to the top of the building 
and jumped off if she had asked, but I sat down instead.

We began to talk and she was funny and interesting. She didn't 
say too much about why she was here or about her private life, 
but sometimes the less known is a good thing.

I told her I was here trying to write a novel and the beach 
always seem to inspire me. She was a very good listener and 
seemed to enjoy my company, which along with her eyes, dimples 
and great legs was turning my emotions into high gear.

She said she needed to go, but had enjoyed our time. I asked 
her if she would like to have dinner, but she had already 
made plans. But...she would return to the beach in the morning 
and maybe we could meet then. Yes of course that would be 

I stayed at Tony's for awhile and then went upstairs to see 
if my lady friend had be able to unlock my writers block. 
So I began writing and after a couple of hours it wasn't bad.. 
maybe I did need a woman in my life...

Next morning I was up ready for a day on the beach, hopefully 
with my new friend. Now I know you're thinking that I am only 
wanting to lay her, and you're close but I am also interested 
in her as a person. I know it sounds cheesy but that's the 

I couldn't decide whether to be out there with Sam when she 
arrived or wait till I saw her. Either way she would know 
I was anxious to see her again. But I had this feeling other 
than a semi-hard...that she too was wanting more also. 

So.. I decided to go ahead and take Sam out and get him started 
so he would be calmer when we met up with..hmmm...you know 
I didn't even get her name. 
Just shows you how befuddled I was with her.

Sam and I went a ways down the beach and wasn't going to head 
back until I saw her. We were about a quarter of a mile down 
the beach when I saw her walking onto the beach. Sam and I 
turned around and headed back in our usual fashion..him 
running ahead and barking for me to hurry up..I was hoping 
he would run up to her, so I could see how she felt about dogs.


Well, it wasn't long old Sam went trotting over, with a wiggle 
in his hips, and she was stroking and patting him like she 
had known him all his life. Speaking of stroking and patting... 
just seeing her again started that all too familiar ache 
in my groin. I must behave myself she's going to notice and 
certaintly be offended.

I jogged over to them and called Sam over and she laughed 
and said not to worry, she loved animals and had several 
of her own.

We sort of just took off from where we ended last night. We 
sat and talked and laughed. She wasn't what you call drop-dead 
gorgeous, but she was definitely a classic.

You know the type of woman who has enjoyed life to the fullest, 
but knows in her heart there is more out there. No perfect 
model but a real person who seemed to be simple, with enjoying 
life and helping others enjoy it as well.

I asked her if she would like to try the water. This time of 
year it is not quite as warm.. but reasonably tolerable.. 
if you want to take a swim.

She nodded yes, and we took off towards the green-blue waters 
of the gulf. I'm used to it and just waded in but, she did the 
girly thing and touched the water with her toe...did I mention 
she had great feet.. another one of my hang-ups. Yeah, you're 
right I'm getting hard again.

But to my surprise she walked on in shivering as she went, 
giving me a subtle view of her breasts. I forgot to say she 
was wearing just a halter type top with some shorts..no 
bathing suit but they were great top and shorts.

We waded out deeper until we were about waist to chest high 
and began to play around. You know splashing water on each 
other, I call it saltwater foreplay.

She was good natured and responded back with water in my 
face and kicking and swimming away. And of course I would 
go after her.. I so wanted to touch her on her arms or shoulders. 
I wanted to pull her close and feel her tanned body next to 
mind, but I didn't want to rush things. I thought I would 
let her make some moves first, afterall she did seem interested 
in me and we were having fun.

So we continued our water fun and then we would talk and then 
play, and then she went under the water and I could see her, 
for the water was very clear, but I wasn't going to try and 
stop her from doing whatever she was doing. I just waited 
and acting like I was trying to grab her from the top..

When she finally emerged she was very close to me.. we were 
face to face. Up close she was wonderful, no makeup, her 
hair wet and water running off down her body. Mmmm...I thought 
this is it.. she is going to lay a good one on me...wrong she 
just splashed me with water and jumped away..laughing 
and giggling.

So she began to head for the beach and of course like a dog 
in heat I went after her. We sat down and began to dry ourselves, 
when I asked her if she had any plans for tonight she said 

I asked her if she would have dinner with me, she answered 

I decided to leave at that and give her something to think 
about.. I had to leave and get some relief. I had a boner and 
it was getting very evident in my thin shorts.

I kept wondering if she was as affected, with me, as I was 
with her. Was her heart racing when she looked at me, was 
her love spot moist and wet...sigh..I was beginning to 
feel that if I didn't have her soon I would go nuts.

Time went slowly the rest of the day, I didn't think it would 
ever be time to meet her. She was going to meet me at my place 
and then we were going to eat at Tony's.

I know it doesn't sound romantic but Tony's is about the 
only place this time of year that serves very fresh seafood.

About 7pm she met me downstairs and we went in and got a table. 
She was wearing another simple slipdress, but this time 
it was a dark blue with some black in it, with sandals to match. 
Her hair was down..not quite shoulder length and tucked 
behind her ears.

We ordered and of course the wine was on Tony, he was serving 
us with an evil grin. Everytime he came by he would clip me 
just to let me know he was there watching.

So we sipped the wine and nibbled on some fresh bread, while 
waiting on the main course. I asked her if she would like 
to hear some music, on the jukebox and she nodded, so we walked 
over to pick out a couple of songs..

Walking behind her, I could smell her cologne and it was 
delightful as her walk was. She didn't actually swing herself 
as to draw attention, but she did anyway.. draw attention 
that is. What a sight to behold and yes I was sporting a semi- 
but I was at the point of ignoring it, for my old cock seem 
to have a mind of it's own but then I totally agreed with it.

Oh by the way her name was Kathleen, I finally asked her on 
the beach, realizing that she might think I was a fool, but 
she laughed and said I had not told her my name either, giving 
me that dimpled smile.

She selected a couple of old slow songs and as we walked back 
to the table, I asked her if she wanted to dance. Shrug..no 
big deal (liar) I was looking for a way to get closer to her, 
and dancing seemed reasonable.

She turned and said yes she would like that. So I slid my right 
arm around her waist and she placed her right hand in mine..we 
began to move slowly and just chit chatting about how we 
loved the old songs..

You know they don't sing like that anymore, stuff and then 
I took a chance and pulled her closer. It was time for her 
know that I was interested in more than just food and dancing.

As I pressed the small of her back to come closer, she responded 
and for the first time our bodies began to touch and it was 
like fire for me. She moved her face close to my ear and I could 
hear her breathing and it seemed to be more rapid than normal. 
As we moved with the music, I could feel her moving against 
me and it was about more than I could deal with. Her lips were 
touching the skin of my neck and I could feel chills up and 
down my spine, which of course was connected to my brain, 
which was getting harder by the second.

I began to move my hand along her back and down closer to her 
buttocks, I could sense she was being aroused, she was doing 
that little nuzzling thing women do, when they don't want 
to be so obvious. But it wasn't working she was definitely 
getting hot and so was I..

Of course the music stopped and our food was ready, so we 
sat down and ate and tried to talk, but I knew that there was 
something awaiting the both of us, called dessert and it 
wasn't at Tony's.

We finished eating and I paid and stepped outside into the 
cool night air. I turned to her and asked her if she would 
like to go upstairs for some better wine and dancing. She 
gave me that look that would melt the heart of any man and 
nodded yes.

We climbed the stairs to my humble apartment overlooking 
the beach and went in. She immediately tossed her shoes 
off and began looking around, I guess it's a woman thing. 
I flipped on a low light and popped the switch on the CD player 
and headed to the fridge for some wine. She went over to the 
window and stood there, in the light, of the room, studying 
the beach and surf.

I came up behind her and handed her a glass of wine, and she 
continued to watch the tide go in and out..drinking and 
listening to the music.

I downed my glass and set it down and pulled her to me and gently 
brushed my lips against hers. It was like the first kiss 
I had ever had, sweet and innocent. She responded back with 
her lips against mine, but with more passion and desire. 
I tested the inside of her luscious mouth with my tongue 
I needed to feel her tongue and she gave it to me.

We began to kiss more passionately and she began to moan 
in soft kitty purrs. I could feel her heart beating at a fast 
pace. As we move close together I knew she would feel my aching 
cock, but I wanted her to know how much I wanted her.

She did...she stopped and asked me if I could cum for her 
twice tonight, what? I was so stunned I halfway nodded yes 
and she smiled and began to unbutton my jeans and it didn't 
take long for my throbbing member to jump out and beg for 
some attention. She began to touch me and moving her body 
around me, I didn't know how long I could stand this kind 
of attention... I was about ready to explode!

I remained still while she pulled off my jeans and pushed 
me up against the wall. She had not taken any of her clothes 
off, but in an instant she grabbed my hand and slid it up her 
slipdress and helped me find her special place.

She encouraged me to check out the water and as I touched 
her she began to shiver. I knew we were both not long for being 
completely overwhelmed with our passion. The water was 

I slid two fingers easily into her honey hole, which was 
overflowing with her juices, like warm melted butter. 
I had to taste her I pulled my fingers out and quickly placed 
them in my mouth and sucked of the most wonderful cunt juice 
I had ever had. I was going for some more when she knelt down 
in front of me and began to do some tasting of her own.

She gently licked my engorged cock and cleaned it of precum, 
by now I was beyond control I was shaking from the touch of 
her lips and tongue, to the tips of her fingers.

She must have realized I wouldn't last long.. so she began 
to do her magic. She licked and she teased and squeezed my 
fully loaded balls till I thought I would fall dead. She 
began to move my eight inch cock smoothly in an out of her 
mouth taking nearly all of it. She was a master of cock-sucking. 
I put my hands on the back of her head and held on for I was ready 
to release my potion into her mouth.

There would be no stopping me, for I had waited for her and 
NOW....I began to shake as I exploded in Kathleen's mouth 
and down her throat. She continued to pump me as I cummed 
a load, more than I ever remembered in my life!

She finished licking me clean and when she seem to be done.. 
I lifted her up and kissed her more passionately than ever, 
our tongues tasting one another knowing that she had just 
given me the best orgasm ever!

But I knew she was needing to be fulfilled and even though 
she had drained me of my raging hard, just knowing what was 
awaiting me, was bringing life back into my manhood.

I moved Kathleen towards the bed and gently pushed her down. 
I began to kiss and move on her.. wanting to bring her to that 
place that she had just brought me.

I found her breasts, and urged them to respond and they quickly 
did. Her nipples were hardening..I used my tongue to draw 
circles around them, she began to moan in that soft purring 
way and so I continued touching and kissing her all over..I 
made my way to her tanned thighs and as I kissed I began to 
wonder if she would make it.. she seemed so ready.

I slid my hands up and down thighs and those great legs, I 
wanted them to be wrapped around me, like you couldn't imagine. 
I finally began to tease her by very gently by touching her 
clit and lips with my tongue, she started calling my name 
and asking me to please not to stop.

Stop! The scent of her pussy alone would drive a man to cum 
in his pants.

Stop! I had just begun to do my tour of her body.

I couldn't have stopped if a hurricane had come through. 
No way I was enjoying Kathleen like I had not enjoyed a woman, 
in a long time.

As I continued to press my face in her love mound I could sense 
she was close to an orgasm and I wanted her to cum hard for 
me, like I did for her.

Her hands found their way to my head and she locked on to my 
short crew her hips moving ever so slightly with my licking 
and sucking. The sounds she was making were like she was 
running her hands all over me wanting me.. I have never heard 
a woman coo and moan that way. It only let me know that I was 
bringing her to the place she wanted and needed to go.

I wanted to please her so desperately that I asked her what 
she wanted, she replied in short breaths to please not stop..she 
wanted to cum and then she wanted me to cum inside her.

My head was spinning from the scent and taste of her pussy 
it was absolutely begging to be completely satisfied and 
that was my goal. Faster and faster we worked together to 
reach that climax and as I sucked her clit and fucked her 
hole with my tongue, I felt her body begin to spasm.

She began to cry out and shake, I thought I had hurt her. She 
was cumming so hard so I stayed, with her trying my best, 
to give her my best.

She suddenly started pushing at me, saying a in lowered 
voice, with as much passion as you can imagine..

NOW...please Joe fuck me...fuck me now! Fuck me hard and 
deep..I need you Joe..

Oh Yes sweet Kathleen..! My old dick was rock hard and ready 
for instant release.. 
I was so hard I was aching again...I quickly and gently pulled 
Kathleen down to the end of the bed and threw her lovely legs 
around my neck and in an instant drove my cock home.

She immediately grabbed my arms for greater contact and 
we began to move together, in perfect unison. Hearing her 
moan and groan was more stimulation than I was used to, and 
it only drove me to plunge my raging cock harder and deeper.

I could feel her juices on my crotch and balls.. she was amazing. 
Just when I thought I was hurting her, she would pull even 
harder groaning and moving her hips to meet mine...and 
then...as sure as the sun will rise in the morning, my cock 
began to unload more sperm than I knew existed.

For what seem like hours we rocked and bucked till we we were 
both spent. Our passion had drained us both to the point 
of exhaustion.

When I had finished filling her up with my own juice I slowly 
pulled out and laid down beside her. Her eyes were closed 
and she was breathing deeply.

I took my fingers and traced her face and down to her lips...she 
opened her eyes and smiled that smile. If you're thinking 
I was getting a semi- you would be right. But.. I'm old man 
and cumming two times, in one night, was good for me..for 

She moved closer and did that snuggling thing that women 
do.. and I love it..

I wanted to talk but when I said her name, she touched my lips 
with her finger and whispered...let's rest and talk tomorrow...yeah 
she was right we should rest now and talk in the morning.

But about what? Was there more to what we had just experienced? 
My head was going in circles.. did I care enough for this 
woman to spend more time with her?

Probably.. how much time? For how long?

Shut--up Joe...She's right rest now and talk in the morning...I 
began to drift off and I wondered, how did Kathleen like 
her coffee..black..cream..sugar....mmm..

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