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The bank loan

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 22, 2017 Mature Sexstories 4534 Views

Well the old truck was finally giving out and it was time 
to buy a new vehicle. I picked out the car I wanted and visited 
my bank to secure the loan. I was asked to wait until one of 
the loan officers was free, so I busied myself looking through 
year old magazines. As I had my nose buried in one of them 
I heard a female voice saying, I guess your next. I looked 
up from the magazine and saw a very beautiful face. She said, 
My name is Laura, follow me. I laid the magazine down and 
stood up to follow her. As I followed Laura I did a quick assessment.

About 510, nearly my height, and very, very curvy. A 'larger' 
woman than any I have dated before. Some would say she was 
plump, some would say shes chubby or voluptuous. But watching 
her walk in front of me she was just plain sexy. I really had 
to question myself about this one. She had a gorgeous face 
that was model quality, but she was more woman than what 
I was used to. Yet I felt the stirring of a hard on watching 
her walk to the desk.

I sat down in the chair in front of her desk and she got right 
to business. But I couldnt concentrate on business; I 
was actually very hard and very turned on by this woman.

I couldnt keep my eyes from wandering to her face and the 
occasional glimpses of her full-bodied cleavage. I couldnt 
think about my other creditors when she asked, all I could 
think about was what she would look like naked. Trying not 
to seem like a total nutcase, I decided that I would try the 
nothing ventured, nothing gained approach. First a 
quick assessment. No ring on her left hand, no pictures 
of a spouse or kids on the desk. Shes obviously new here, 
as I havent seen her before. She seems to be shy, but smiles 
when she makes eye contact with me. So I asked her if she was 
new in town, she was. Asked her if she was married, she wasnt.

Asked her if shed like to go out for dinner, she said no. 
Okay, that cured the horniness quickly. So I finished my 
business and left the bank rethinking my views of 'ample' 

A few days later I was watching a movie on cable and just generally 
relaxing when I heard a knock at the door. I got up to answer 
it and to my shock there stood Laura from the bank. I made 
a stupid comment about not knowing that bankers made house 
calls and she laughed and blushed. Laura asked if she could 
come in, then said, I feel silly about doing this and I could 
lose my job, but I looked up your address and wanted to come 
see you. Of course I didnt mind at all. Laura told me that 
she also was attracted to me that day at the bank, but she 
knew it wasnt good to mix business with pleasure there.

She said she was new in town and is normally shy, so she hasn't 
met alot of people. I told her that the dinner offer was still 
on if she was interested. She said Actually Id like to 
stay in and watch a movie with you if that would be alright.

So I fixed Laura a drink and we settled on the couch to watch 
a movie that she picked out. I wasnt really into, not because 
it was a chick flick, but because my mind was racing with 
thoughts of this woman naked. We talked some, laughed some 
and somehow ended up getting closer and closer to each other 
on the couch. We caught each others eyes for a second, and 
then I leaned in to kiss her full lips. It didnt take long 
until we were in a full make out session. My hands roamed 
freely as we moved to different positions on the couch. 
This was more woman than I ever felt in my hands, but was I 
ever turned on. My raging hard on was straining against 
my pants and I thought that I would die if I didnt let it free 

I grabbed Lauras hand and pulled her from the couch and 
back to the bedroom. There, I laid her down on the bed and 
took in the sight below me. She looked up at me and only said, 
Make love to me. We slowly undressed pausing once in awhile 
to steal some kisses or look over one anothers bodies. 
A few days ago I sat in the bank wondering what this woman 
would look like naked and now I knew. She had to be the sexiest 
naked woman I have ever seen in real life. All those curves 
in the right places; nice wide hips; full, large, natural 
breasts; swollen lips between her thighs. She was definitely 
curvy, and a total turn on. I couldnt just stand there looking 
at her body any longer. Ive seen it, now I want to be in it. 
Laura laid on the edge of the bed with her feet on the floor.

There was only one thing I wanted to do at this point and that 
was to kneel before her, spread her legs and bury my face 
in her pussy. She seemed to also think that was a good idea 
as she parted her legs slightly to give me a better view of 
her beautiful pussy. Soon after kissing my way along her 
thighs, Laura began to moan and then guide my head with her 
hands to where she wanted me. Her aroma was erotic, she smelled 
so clean, so turned on. Her pussy tasted even sweeter than 
it smelled. My tongue couldnt lap up her juices fast enough; 
they just kept coming and coming. Her hands pulled my face 
into her so tight, I couldnt breathe. I didnt even think 
about breathing at this point as all I wanted was to fuck 
her pussy with my tongue.

She looked down at me between her legs after cathcing her 
breath, smiled and said two words, From behind. She climbed 
all the way onto the bed and was soon on all fours. I was at 
the end of the bed and in the air before me I saw a beautifully 
round, soft and well-padded rear end. All I could say was 
Oh my God! I crawled onto the bed behind her and ran my hands 
over her sexy ass. I couldnt believe how wonderful those 
cheeks felt in my hands. She could care less about my moment 
of Zen and me wanting to feel her ass cheeks, as she was saying 
Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me now! I grabbed my really 
hard cock and guided it between her pussy lips. She moaned 
deeply as I entered her for the first time. Once again, she 
said, Fuck me hard! I held on to her wide hips as I increased 
my thrusts. I was really getting into it now and so was she.

I was slamming against her plump ass and watching her big 
tits swaying back and forth underneath her body. She would 
grab onto one of her tits once in awhile to squeeze her nipple 
or to lick it. I was pounding harder and harder as she kept 
screaming Yes! Yes! Yes! Our bodies slapping against 
one another was so loud in the room. Laura was now pushing 
hard against me and I felt she was close to cumming. I was 
right on the money as she made a final push as far as she could 
onto my dick and had a knee weakening orgasm. Watching her 
and feeling her cum all over my cock was enough for me to start 
emptying my cum into her. We both were totally spent and 
laid next to each other, just holding one another and kissing.

After a few minutes Laura turned to me and said You may make 
all the deposits you would like but there will be severe 
penalties for any early withdrawals. I laughed at that 
as I played with her nipples and tits and told her, It appears 
my interest is accruing already. Laura reached down between 
our bodies and smiled.

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