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I saw her on my way to work

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 2, 2017 Mature Sexstories 3453 Views

It was 7:00 am I was still feeling horny from the night before.

My wife, who is 38 years old, loves to consume a bottle of wine and tease me by grabbing my length, which is in plain site even though I have my pants on.sdfsd

She gets her kicks by verbally playing my brain with her sexual innuendoes. She gets me so hot that my length spits out enough precum to give me a nice quarter size wet spot on my pants.

I hate that cause it stains She usually will say, I have to pee and falls asleep on the floor or bed or on the toilet, just when my hard on is raging its full 7 inches. I put her to bed and take a cold shower. 10 years of the same routine starts to wear on the sex drive. As I said it was 7:00 am and Im driving through the neighborhood on my way to work.

The houses are all the same. The cars in the driveways offer a subtle difference in a seemingly endless row of monotony. As I round the bend and up ahead and to the right I see a women rushing out the front door of the house with a new black BMW parked in front of it. She was holding a bunched up a light blue sweater a black bra and what looked like silk stockings and black patent leather shoes with a 5 or 6 inch heel. She had dark brown hair and a hardbody that looked like it was built by Golds Gym . I could tell this because all she was wearing was a short black skirt and a golden tan. I slowed down to about 3 miles an hour and watched her as she opened the door and threw her clothes into the car. She looked up and saw me and turned towards me. Her breasts were milky white. A stark contrast to her golden toned .The shape of a bikini top clearly defined.

She was about 40 to 45 years and had a pair of 36DDs all natural. Her dark nipples the were size of a fifty cent piece.

She obviously spends a great deal of time on perfecting her tan The stark difference between her tan body and her creamy white breast made them look that much bigger. She turned back towards the car and got in. By this time Im was at the end of the street my heart was pounding as I was thinking of all the possibilities that could have occurred between this mature sultry vixen and myself. I waited to see if the black BMW Followed but after thirty seconds I felt the adrenaline start to subside.

I continued on to work entering onto the freeway in a dreamlike state.

I couldnt keep my mind focused on the road.

It was about 20 minutes later that noticed driving next to me to my left was a black BMW. My heart rate jumped into overdrive. The car kept pace with mine. I couldnt see into the very dark tinted windows. The passenger window of the Beamer slowly disappeared into the gloss black metal frame of the car. It was she. She was as topless as I had left her on the driveway.

She looked over with a casual glance and looked back at the road in front of her then reached for something on the front seat.

I could see her purse open as she pulled out a tube of lipstick she proceeded to apply a fresh coat of pink lipgloss. The application of lip-gloss was done to tease the voyeur ever so seductively. She grabbed her purse again and pulled out a long white cigarette. She placed it between her freshly polished lips. She looked at me once again and without a single emotion looked back at the road in front of her and lit her cigarette took a long drag and blew out the smoke towards the windshield. She cupped her breast with her right hand and started to pinch and slightly tug on her nipples her eyes rolling back from the pleasure she was administering herself. My hand was feverishly stroking my length the quarter size stain had reappeared and I was feeling light headed at the thought that this topless babe was putting on an exhibition for my personal viewing pleasure. Lucky for me there was very little traffic so our cars perused the freeway like two military jets flying in formation. I motioned for her to pull off at he next exit but she just closed the window and sped off as though she was in hot pursuit of a suspected felon. I was at a feverish pitch my face was flush my heart pounding, if I could only catch up to this woman.

I would probably play her first then ask questions later. My purple monster wanted satisfaction and I was willing to go all out for it. I too sped off in hot pursuit after the black BMW.

I caught up to the now cruising automobile again I maneuvered into formation. Again I motioned her to the next exit and she pulled ahead of me. She was about two minutes ahead of me when I saw her get off the freeway. The traffic slowed to a snails crawl and the two minutes turned into five. I reached the bottom of the exit and to the right was a Motel Six. The black beauty on wheels was parked in the parking lot in front of room 122. The door of the room was slightly ajar. I pulled in next to her warm hooded vehicle. I quickly got out and ran to the door my engorged length leading the charge. I opened the door and the dark skinned beauty was watching television and sitting on the dresser with her right leg propped up on the bed. Her liquid gloss lips sporting another freshly lit Virginia Slim 120 cigarette and her 36 DD breasts rising and falling to her steady breathing. Without looking at me she barked out the command, On your knees, which startled me, but none the less I complied without hesitation. I looked into her blue eyes and saw lust. She took another drag on her cigarette.

Suck on my softness she said with a stern motherly voice. Again without hesitation I followed her command.

Her softness was clean shaven her lips were slightly swollen and a clear liquid was oozing out.

My tongue reached out and touched the soft pink flesh the taste was very sweet and yet a little salty but I could tell I was eating sloppy seconds. I didnt care I wanted every bit of her slit and whatever was in it. She looked down at me and cupped her breast with both hands her fingers massaging her now erect nipples the cigarette dangling from her lips. I want to see you masturbate Her tone was a little more wanton. I pulled my length out of my pants and started to stroke it.

Faster she yelled. My hand slid up and down the full 7 inches of rock hard flesh.

I started to speak and she put her hand over my mouth as if to silence any communication from me.

She took another puff on her cigarette and blew the smoke towards my face.

Now I want you to play me she lay down on the bed and I immediately mounted her, throwing her legs up over my shoulders.

I grabbed the back of her neck and forcing my manhood as far up her slick pink warmth as I it could go.

I pounded her softness with as much force as a jackhammer unleashes when ripping apart concrete. Her perfume mixed with the cigarette smoke drove my olfactory sensors into overload. I played her hard she moaned with pleasure. I watched her eyes roll back and could feel her body spasm. Her finger nails digging through the first layer of flesh on my back. PLAY ME HARDER she screamed. MAKE ME CUM.

She shuttered again and her lips started to quiver. This bronze goddess suddenly went limp in my arms.

I stood there with my length buried deep into her private part thinking not again. I was motionless for about twenty seconds. She had her eyes closed and I could feel her softness contracting and then releasing. Suddenly she barked out another command STICK YOUR GODAMN LENGTH IN MY SENSITIVE PLACE .

NOW! Again with out hesitation I pulled out of her warm slit and raised her soft place in the air so I could spit some lubrication onto her slightly puckered soft place. I let loose a wad of saliva and dropped her back on the bed threw her legs up over my shoulder and shoved my length deep into her soft place with one swift and painful push. She screamed in pain as I plunged in and out .

Again I was pounding her like a jack hammer. She whimpered on every stroke of my rock hard length into her tiny little sensitive place.

Soon her whimpers turned into moans and she started to match my rhythmic strokes. I couldnt take much more and could feel my orgasm welling up in my swaying balls. I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples and she let out another cry of both pain and pleasure as though the added sensation was the breaking point to yet another orgasm.

I too started to convulse my length starts shooting the thick white cream deep into her soft place. Now she can leave teasing from both her soft place and her cunt. I rolled off her and lay on the bed. She quickly got up put her skirt on and then lit up another cigarette she checked her hair in the bathroom mirror touched up her makeup. I was laying across the bed my head hanging over the edge of the bed. She walked over to me and with the cigarette dangling from her lips raised up her skirt and planted her leaking soft place onto my mouth and barked out the last command CLEAN MY SOFT PLACE. I willingly obliged and sucked as much of my cum out of her soft place as I could while she smoked her cigarette and watched television.

When she finished her cig she grabbed her blouse her shoes and ran out to her black BMW .My length started to rise once again.

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