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Night the movies

by Guest on Feb 14, 2017 Mature Sexstories 4832 Views

This happened about a few years ago. I used to work a manger a movie theater during college, just to make some spending money. Anyway, there was this women I used to work with, and she was around 40 years old, and for her age she was hot...big tits, a nice firm soft place, very pretty. At the time I was about 22, and we would always flirt back and fourth, but nothing to serious. But one night we had been working late together and we were both tired from the work day. We were making our rounds to make sure the theaters were clear, and she turns to me and asked if I had ever had sex in a theater. Since we always talk like this I played along and said no. I pointed out that the upper row would be perfect, since it was dark and hard to see back there. She said lets see, as we made our way up there, I couldn't take my eyes off of here sweet soft place as she walk up the stairs. My length was getting hard just imaging how good it would feel to play her. As we got to the top, she sat down she noticed my huge buldge and she said "Is that for me". i couldn't do anything but nod. With that, she unzipped my pants and pulled out my rock hard length and gave me the best playjob I had ever had.

I grabbed the back of her head and play her hot mouth.

She raised her skirt and began finging her wet softness, I could see the wetness teasing off her hands. She completely engulfed my 7 in length like a pro.

Starting off slow then increasing the speed, I could tell she was very experianced, soon I couldn't hold out any longer, she said "I want you cum down my thoat" At that point she suck like there was not tomorrow. Faster and faster massageing my balls at the same time.

I shot my load deep in her mouth and she didn't waste a drop.

I dropped to my knees and toyed up her sweet juices. Her legs wrapping around my neck driving her hips harder against my hungry tongue. Nibbling on her personal place making her cum all over my face at least 3 times. She looked at me with a passion and toyed her jucies off my face saying "lets see how good you are at playing my softness." I turned her around and took her sweet softness from the back slamming my length deep inside her. She starts sceaming with pleasure, telling me "play me faster..faster , I have always wanted you to play me. Oh shit grab my hair." This women was getting the play of her life. And I wasn't stopping till I filled her softness with cum. After about half an hour os so I came and came some more..she toyed and sucked me dry. Finally saying she needed that stress reliver and maybe we can continue At her house...

And boy did we....

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