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Old Ladies Rule!

by Guest on Jan 11, 2017 Mature Sexstories 4702 Views

Dean would watch her every morning at 8:00 she would leave the house .She was always in such a rush. He would see her often during the day as she was his neighbor. Her daughter attended the University. He loved the way she wore her hair up with all those pins and her clothes were always so polished, so put together. Her silk blouse with a hint of cleavage that drove him mad with desire. Her fitted skirts that left his imagination wander to the lingerie underneath. Yes, that's what did it for him… imagining her lacey panties rubbing up against her cunt as she walked, garters hugging those creamy thighs. He lived in a dorm across from a row of flats. His roommates at the dorm chided him for his crush on a woman old enough to be his mother, but she was exquisite!

If he rushed from his world history class, he could catch her on her way to the gym. She wore a leotard, that clung to her rounded breasts, accentuating the full peaks of her nipples. No one his age had breasts like that. He had to meet her, but how? He had fantasies of approaching her door and she would answer in a see-through dressing gown and a white lace teddy and say, "Finally, you've come, what took you so long?" Then she would motion for him to come into the bedroom and she would teach him about sex in every way. His 20 year- old body hungry to learn the pleasures that she would offer. He wanted to bend her over and stuff his cock between those seasoned thighs. To taste those juices between her legs. He wanted to rub his cock between her tits as she told him how to pleasure her and he would give it to her good, like no old guy could, over and over.

But Dean had a plan. It was a little perverse, he knew but it was all he could think of. He asked out the daughter. She was a pretty girl. Very fresh with blonde hair and rosy cheeks. She accepted and said that it sounded silly but would he mind meeting with her mother first? She explained that she was an only child and that her mother had raised her alone and she felt it was the right thing to do. Dean said it was no problem. He couldn't believe he would be in her house ,near her bedroom, it was a dream come true! He just had to figure out how top get rid of the daughter and seduce the mother.

He approached the stairs and knocked on the door just as he had envisioned many times before. The door opened. 

"Hi, Im Jess' mother Serena. You must be Dean. Come in", she was wearing a conservative suit, the kind that drove him nuts. Her heavy breasts were tucked neatly into a clingy blouse. His cock was rock hard. He hoped she didn't notice.

"Jess will be down in a minute. In the meantime why don't you step in here and we can visit for a minute." She turned around, her ass cheeks rubbing against the fabric of her skirt as her hips swayed left to right.

He took a seat. She sat across from him crossing one leg over another seductively. She raised an eyebrow and seemed to be appraising him. He liked it. She leaned forward to hand him a glass of iced tea and he caught a glimpse down her bra. It was a lacy bra, white and full to the brim. She uncrossed her legs . Her legs were slightly apart. He could see the top of her thighs, clad in garters and a peak of panties. What was she doing? Was she actually flirting with him? 

"Dean, Jess tells me you are a very naughty boy." She pulled a pin from her hair and her lovely curls fell onto her shoulders. " She had her eye on you for quite awhile but she said it was very obvious, you were more interested in someone else, a little older!""

Dean was stunned. Was he dreaming? All his masturbatory fantasies were coming true right now at this moment. He stammered and went red. Serena walked up to him and put one leg up on the chair he was sitting on.

"No, Jess, isn't here. But I am. I have been very lonely lately and I was thinking maybe since you find me so fascinating that you could stay awhile." 

She reached for his hand and put it up her skirt. He felt the top of her smooth thigh over the silky stocking and let his fingers move upwards to the heated triangle of her pussy. Her panties were damp! He reached up and removed them clumsily. He put his head under her skirt and worked his tongue over her pussy lips. It was no teen cunt. This was delicious, exciting. This woman was exciting and seductive and experienced! She shook her head.

"Not here", and led him to her bedroom. 

She bent him back on the bed and undid his trousers.

She traced his cock with her well-manicured fingernails and said, "I am going to give you a blowjob that you'll remember for years to come." She placed her lips around his helmet and flicked her tongue slowly, torturously underneath the tip, while massaging his balls. He felt his young cock twitch and pull as she went to work. She licked along the side of his bulging vein and then devoured him like he was an ice cream cone. His body was in heaven as she sucked him whole. He didn't want to cum but could not hold back as he filled her mouth with his salty cum. She swallowed his load. Then she turned on the stereo and began to peel off her clothes slowly. It was voluptuous, unlike any other girl he had been with. Her hips were smooth and shapely but full and she moved erotically and so sensually he felt another boner building as his cock sprung to life once again. Serena looked impressed. She slowly danced her way over to him and lowered herself onto his erect cock . She was tight and wet and warm. She moved expertly on top of him as he sat up on the side of the bed. Her breasts were in his face as he bent down to take one pink nipple between his lips. He could feel her, fill her up, breathe in her musty sex smell. She arched her back and spasmed as she screamed aloud and came hard on top of him. Her excitement and unabashed sexuality overtook him and she turned around as he entered her from behind. He had a nice view of her heart-shaped ass backing up to him and he couldn't hold it anymore. He pulled out and covered her ass with his cum. When she disappeared into the bedroom to clean herself up, he went to her lingerie drawer and swiped a pair of silky panties.

Leaving the house that afternoon, he was a man, no longer a boy, and every night he twisted the satiny silky panties over his rigid cock , laid them over his face and breathed in their aroma, and he would cum and think of his older neighbor, Serena and smile.

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