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Mature Sexstories

by Guest on Jan 11, 2017


Dean would watch her every morning at 8:00 she would leave the house .She was always in such a rush. He would see her often during the day as she was his neighbor. Her daughter attended the University. He loved the way she wore her hair up with all those pins and her clothes were always so polished, so put together. Her silk blouse with a hint of cleavage that drove him mad with desire. Her fitted skirts that left his imagination wander to the lingerie underneath. Yes, that's what did it for him… imagining her lacey panties rubbing up against her cunt as she walked, garters hugging those creamy thighs. He lived in a dorm across from a row of flats. His roommates at the dorm chided him for his crush on a woman old enough to be his mother, but she was exquisite! If he rushed from his world history class, he could catch her on her way to the gym. She wore a leotard, that clung to her rounded breasts, accentuating the full peaks of her nipples. No one his age had breasts like that. He ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 27, 2017


We each just had the most incredible sexual experience 
either of us ever had, when Tony gazed into my eyes and said 
to me Linda, I knew instinctively that my feelings about 
you would be right! Let me paint a picture for youIm a 
47 yr. old office manager of a small software company & 
Tony is one of my 30 yr. old technicians. I noticed lately 
that Tony was beginning to flirt with me in a friendly & 
playful way, and being that Im quite a bit older than he 
is, I was at first cautious but I was also starting to get 
turned on by this. So I began playing back in a flirtatious 
way not really expecting anything to come of it. I was really 
enjoying the attention from him since hes so young & 
good looking with quite a sensual side to his personality. Ive always been told Im a pretty woman with a great personality 
also, but with me being a bit on the pudgy side Ive never 
given in to explore my true sexual self due to feelings 
of intimidationand I think Tony sensed this ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Feb 14, 2017


This happened about a few years ago. I used to work a manger a movie theater during college, just to make some spending money. Anyway, there was this women I used to work with, and she was around 40 years old, and for her age she was hot...big tits, a nice firm soft place, very pretty. At the time I was about 22, and we would always flirt back and fourth, but nothing to serious. But one night we had been working late together and we were both tired from the work day. We were making our rounds to make sure the theaters were clear, and she turns to me and asked if I had ever had sex in a theater. Since we always talk like this I played along and said no. I pointed out that the upper row would be perfect, since it was dark and hard to see back there. She said lets see, as we made our way up there, I couldn't take my eyes off of here sweet soft place as she walk up the stairs. My length was getting hard just imaging how good it would feel to play her. As we got to the top, she sat ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 2, 2017


It was 7:00 am I was still feeling horny from the night before. My wife, who is 38 years old, loves to consume a bottle of wine and tease me by grabbing my length, which is in plain site even though I have my pants on.sdfsd She gets her kicks by verbally playing my brain with her sexual innuendoes. She gets me so hot that my length spits out enough precum to give me a nice quarter size wet spot on my pants. I hate that cause it stains She usually will say, I have to pee and falls asleep on the floor or bed or on the toilet, just when my hard on is raging its full 7 inches. I put her to bed and take a cold shower. 10 years of the same routine starts to wear on the sex drive. As I said it was 7:00 am and Im driving through the neighborhood on my way to work. The houses are all the same. The cars in the driveways offer a subtle difference in a seemingly endless row of monotony. As I round the bend and up ahead and to the right I see a women rushing out the front door of the house with a ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 22, 2017


Well the old truck was finally giving out and it was time 
to buy a new vehicle. I picked out the car I wanted and visited 
my bank to secure the loan. I was asked to wait until one of 
the loan officers was free, so I busied myself looking through 
year old magazines. As I had my nose buried in one of them 
I heard a female voice saying, I guess your next. I looked 
up from the magazine and saw a very beautiful face. She said, 
My name is Laura, follow me. I laid the magazine down and 
stood up to follow her. As I followed Laura I did a quick assessment. About 510, nearly my height, and very, very curvy. A 'larger' 
woman than any I have dated before. Some would say she was 
plump, some would say shes chubby or voluptuous. But watching 
her walk in front of me she was just plain sexy. I really had 
to question myself about this one. She had a gorgeous face 
that was model quality, but she was more woman than what 
I was used to. Yet I felt the stirring of a hard on watching ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 20, 2017


Looking across the beach, my binoculars always picked 
out the Johnsons first. They were an elderly couple, who 
had retired a couple of years ago and had settled here for 
some fun in the sun. 

Ah..there's Tony the owner of the resturant below me talking 
to the delivery man getting ready for the weekend. I lived 
above the grill and bar and I often helped out for my rent, 
when I had writers block, which I seem to be having in abundance 

Swinging my binoculars around to catch others, on the beach, 
someone new caught my eye. Straining to get a better look...she 
appeared to be about my age.. 48ish, sunny blonde, built 
okay. Hmmm..looks like it is time to walk old Sam my golden 

Heading out the door I moved in the direction of the newcomer, 
hoping to get a better look. Considering this was not peak 
season for this area, I was surprised to see someone, particuliarly 
an attractive woman, on the beach. 

By the time I reached where I had seen her.. ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jun 6, 2017


I'd been invited to a wedding and I was dateless, but 
thought I might be able to pick myself up a nice piece of ass 
at the reception. People always seem to get so pissed at 
weddings and often the girls really let their hair down 
and turned into horny little sluts. Well, to my disappointment 
there wasn't much unattached talent at the party so 
I decided to make the most of the free booze and food and have 
a good time anyway. 
I hardly knew anyone there so I loaded up my plate, grabbed 
a bottle and headed out to a large balcony that was off the 
reception room. After I'd eaten I thought a walk in 
the grounds might be nice so I started to wander around and 
that's when I saw someone sitting under a tree in the 

As I approached I could see that the stranger was a woman 
of mature age and I could hear muffled noises that sounded 
like crying. She heard me approaching and began to wipe 
her eyes and she tried to smile as she stood up brushing grass 
off her ... Continue reading →

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