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My first Bi-lesbian experience in a night club bathroom

by Guest on Feb 3, 2017 Lesbian Sexstories 4959 Views

I am a 30 year women who has always fantisized about other women.

One night last summer a few friends and I went into the city to an upscale club. It wasnt too crowded so I didnt have to wait long to use the bathroom. I was fixing my makeup when this hot girl comes in. She says hello and then stands next to me fixing her makeup as well. She is so pretty I cant stop looking at her in the mirror. She knows. She goes into the private stall and within minutes returns to the mirror.

I am of course still there pretending to be fixing myself still.

When all of the sudden she comes up right behind me and puts her arms around my waist and wispers to me, your beautiful......I am in shock because i have never had his happen to me before.

I wisper thankyou back and i dont move.....she stays behind me and starts running her hands up and down my smooth suntanned legs. I am so turned on but manage to mutter that i have never done this before with a women.

She tells me that she has been with women but that she has never picked one up in a club before.

She had been watching me all night and waited to follow me to the bathroom. I am wearing a miniskirt with string thong undies, and my juice is teasing now. She takes me into the stall and says relax as she pulls up her skirt exposing her perfectly shaved softness. It is already swollen 2 times its normal size and i am amazed at the size of her personal place! She pulls up my skirt and takes my now soaking wet panties off.

Then she says I will show you how good it feels to be with a women. No one can even hear us in here. The stalls are sound proof. She pulls her body against mine and starts kissing me with her tongue so passionately that i am ready to cum down my leg and she hasnt touched me yet. She puts her hand on my softness and starts to rub it so softly, pulling my juices from my warmth and rubbing it all over my softness.

I start to buck my hips and she sticks her fingers into my warmth while keeping her thumb on my personal place, i start yelling yes baby play my softness, and then i came so much it ran down her arm.

She keeps kissing me all the while, then taking my hand to her engorged softness, i returned the favor to her very quickly and she screams im cumming so loud and her cum actually shot out! We never stopped kissing or talking dirty to each other, really dirty.......so each of us were ready again to cum in no time.

I told her I wanted her to eat my softness and she said stand up on the toilet. I did and wow, it was the perfect height, right in her face! She started to eat it out and play my softness and soft place..and well as soon as she penetrated my I came so hard she could feel my softness and soft place pulsating around her fingers. This got her sucking on my personal place harder and well i never felt such pleasure, i grabbed her head and pulled her closer to my softness, playing her face hard, oh my, the best feeling! By this point I couldnt wait to see her softness up close and kiss and suck on it. This was the chance of a lifetime! She stood on the toilet and I gave it to her the same way, it felt good for her to, so good that before she came she actually peed a little bit! And it turned me on! I kept sucking her personal place anyway cumming again myself! She came and we kissed some more getting each other hotter than ever! I never came so much in so little time before.......

i wanted more of her! She then sat me down on the stool in there and said spread them for me baby, wide.

I did, and she strattled her legs over the outside of mine opening her softness wide open too and spread my lips open with one hand and hers with the other and put our personal places together.

She wispered i want to softness play you now......

she started to move up and down, our juiced flowing together, it was so slippery that we both came twice, fingering each others soft placees, pulling closer together as we came together. We kissed a little longer and then exchanged numbers. Her name was Angel and well she was! We kissed once more and actually masterbated each other once more "for the road". She and I get together once a month.

You should hear the things we do now!!!!

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