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Bi-curious chatroom

by Guest on Apr 16, 2017 Lesbian Sexstories 5374 Views

I logged on the internet and decided to try chatting in a chatroom. I wanted to have my first experience to be exciting and memorable, so I went into a bi-curious chatroom for women. To my surprise, there were so many women in there looking for either real life experiences with another female, or cybersex. Me being very curious about being with another woman made me wonder about this cybersex thing. I met a girl about 24 years old. She said she was very interested in being with another woman as well, but never had the guts to act on her feelings.

We talked awhile and she asked would I like to cyber with her. Without thinking to ask what do I do when I cyber, I just agreed and said yes immediately. We went into a private room and she started asking me questions. First she wanted to know what room in my house was I. I said my bedroom. She then asked what I was wearing. I told her a white t-shirt and white panties. I then saw "mmmmm" come on the screen. I asked her did she like what I just said? and she said yes.

You sound so sexy. I said thank you. Well, I asked her the same questions. She said she was wearing red thong panties and a red bra. I asked her what size were here breasts. She said 38dd. I gasped and immediately became aroused. She asked the size of mines. I said 38c. She replied by saying,"nice." It grew very quiet. I thought I had done something wrong. I asked was she still with me? She said she was imagining me lying next to her naked softly caressing my breasts. Twirling my nipple with her thumb and index finger. I slowly closed my eyes thinking of her doing that to me. I could feel my nipples grow so hard. I wanted to touch them so badly, but I didn't know if I should continue to type or satisfy the stiff nipples growing under my t-shirt. She asked me if I ever masturbated. I told her yes several times. 

She asked had I ever masturbated with another person? I said, "no." She said I want us to masturbate together. I asked her how. With her living in California and me in Missouri, how could I possibly make that happen. She said very low and incredibly sexy, "Call me." My heart began to pound in my chest. I moved my hands from the keyboard and stared at the two words on my screen. She asked me was I there? I said yes. She said, "well, do you want to call me?" I could feel my heart pound in my ears, I could feel my nipples straining against my shirt, my pussy begin to drip on my thighs. I said, "sure." I couldn't believe what I just said. She gave me her phone number and I quickly, but nervously wrote the number down. She gave me her name, so did I. We signed off and I laid on my bed for a few minutes thinking if I should or shouldn't. My hand held the paper with her phone number on it. My other hand lightly rubbed my right nipple. It was so hard it ached. I was so horny I knew I had to call her. I reached over and picked up my phone. 

One ring, two rings, my heart felt as if it would jump out of my chest. The third ring and she answered. She sounded so sweet and young, yet sexy and so HOT! I could feel my clit begin to throb. After about a 3 minute conversation of us getting to know each other, she asked what I was doing. I told her I was squeezing my tits, pushing them together. She sighed. She told me to take off my shirt. I did as I was told. My nipples had never been that hard before. I asked her what she was doing. She said lubing her 10 inch vibrating dildo with baby oil. She said it was so big and fat and ready for her to use it. She said her pussy was so wet from talking to me, she had to use her baby instead of her fingers tonight. She asked me did I have any toys. I said, "a vibrator". 

She told me to get it. I reached in my dresser and took it out. She told me to suck on it while she played with her clit. I slowly put my 8 inch vibrator in my mouth, sucking it slowly. My legs were apart. I could feel my panties so wet. I heard her slightly moan. She told me to keep sucking that vib. It taste so good to me. She told me to take off my panties. I did as I was told.

The cool air hit my clit and made my back arch. She told me she wanted me to fuck myself so good with that vibrator. I told her the same. I lowered my vib down to my clit and massaged it. It was like she was taking her beautiful lips and sucking my clit so good. She said the dildo was so fat and her pussy was so tight it was hurting, but it was the best fucking feeling she ever felt.

I couldn't hold it any longer. I put that vib inside me and began to slam that hard vib so hard I started to scream. I feverishly rubbed my clit with my free hand. I would take those same fingers and put them in my mouth. 

My juices taste so sweet. I put them back and rubbed and pinched my clit while my other hand continued to pound my pussy. I could hear her breathing. I was low and throaty. She told me I made her so wet that she could hop on a plane and come to eat me so good. I pounded my pussy even harder moaning her name telling her that I wished she were here with me. I then slightly opened my eyes and there stood my boyfriend with his 8 1/2 inch cock fully erect. He kneeled in front of me and told me to continue to talk. He rubbed his cock up and down wiping the pre-cum around the head and down the shaft of his incredibly hard cock. Hearing her on the phone and seeing my boyfriend jerk off in front of me sent waves of ectasy through my body.

His balls were so tight while and pulled his cock with such violence. My vibrator was on full power. I moved it in and out of my pussy faster and faster, harder and harder. He rubbed his chest and down to cock. It was humongous. I had never seen him that hard before. I squeezed my tits continuing to shove that vib in my juicy pussy. I could feel my juices run between my ass cheeks. 

That made me even my hotter. My phone partner breathing became even more intense. She said she was on the verge of cumming. She said she had that dildo in her ass. She said it hurt her so much it burned, but it felt great. My boyfriend slightly leaned over me still beating that swollen meat of his. He was moving above me back and forth simulating we were fucking. He look so good. I knew I couldn't control myself any longer. I had to cum. My breathing became heavier and heavier. I pushed that vib as deep as possible. I could hear her screams come from deep in her throat. She moaned so loudly, I closed my eyes to deal with the massive orgasm that was about to happen. My body began to jerk. My hips met with each thrust. I dropped the phone and grabbed my boyfriend's arm. My mouth opened so wide and I screamed so loudly.

My boyfriend jerked his cock, fucking his hand like it was my pussy. His stomach muscles flexed. His eyes closed tightly. His orgasm came just in time to join mines. His cum laided in my mouth, on my tits, and stomach. I removed my vib. He started to suck on it tasting my juices dripping from my toy. I licked the cum off my mouth and my tits and stomach. 

I honestly forgot about the telephone. I quickly picked it up and said hello. She was laughing on the other end. I asked her what was funny? She said we started off together and ended in a threesome. I started laughing. She said he sounded sexy cumming. I replied with a smile and a kiss to my boyfriend. We promised each other we would do this again and possibly do this in person. From that day on, she and I continue to get ourselves off over the phone. We haven't made any plans to meet in person, but you never know. If we do, I promise to write and let you know how it was. 

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