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My Best Friend Girlfriend

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 17, 2017 Lesbian Sexstories 4512 Views

I've been best friends with Jas for as long as i can remember. We went all the way through first school together, then through high school, and now we even worked in the same office, our desks opposite each other, and we lived together in my 2 bedroom appartment. Neither of us had really been lucky in relationships, having the odd fling every now and again, the longest lasting only about 6 months, so when Jas met Kelly i was excited for him. She was beautiful, legs up to her armpits, stunning deep blue eyes and flowing blonde hair down past her shoulders. They met when we were both out clubbing one night, he spotted her across the bar with some of her mates, but was too shy to go and talk to her. So in the end i spoke to her on his behalf, explained that he liked her but was a little shy when it come to chatting up women. So she came over to him and instantly they hit it off. They have been together for 9 months now and they were so deeply in love it was clear to anyone who knew them.

Kelly stayed at our place most weekends and often during the week. This didnt bother me because i liked Kelly, enjoyed her company. Jas done a lot of overtime in work, earning money to buy his own place, so often it was just myself and Kelly sharing a bottle of wine watching a good movie. One particular night Jas called to tell Kelly he would be late home as he was doing a little overtime, but to stay up as he wouldnt be home much after midnight. So we got into the usual routine of cracking open a bottle and putting on one of our favourite chick flicks. I couldnt get comfy on the sofa, the day before i had hurt my right shoulder playing tennis and it was really aching. I sat there rubbing it, hopeing it would ease the pain. 

"Hey, let me help you with that" Kelly said. I sat on the floor infront of the sofa and she parked behind me and started to massage the sore spot. It hurt to start with but i knew it was slowly undoing the knots. "I really appreciate you letting me spend time her Aim" Kelly said to me, "I hate living at mine, the girls there do my head in". "Hey its cool, we get on so it doesnt bother me, why dont you ask Jas if you can move in, im sure he would jump at the chance" i replied. "Hey! you sure about this? I know we get on but you sure you could handle living with me?" she laughed. "Yeah no worries, if i can live with Jas im sure i can live with you." We continued to watch the movie, the knots in my shoulder almost gone now, but i didnt tell Kelly this because it was seriously relaxing me and i didnt want her to stop. I was sat there in only my bra as she massaged me, we were not strangers to each others nakedness, we had often walked around the house in just our undies when Jas had early mornings in work, forgetting each other was there but never being embarassed by it, so i felt completely relaxed say there almost topless now. Without warning i felt her hands move around to my front and caress my breasts. I jumped a mile and stood up. "Hey, what you doing girl?" i asked her. "Oh come on, you trying to tell me you aint ever been with another girl before?" she asked, "yeah, course i have, but come on, your my best mates missus! This aint right." I replied. "What Jas doesnt know wont hurt him, anyway, he knows i fancy you, ive often talked about it to him and hes cool about it all." she responded with a wink. "nah chick i cant do it, im sorry, its just not right" i said and sat back down. Without another word she continued with her sensual massage. Of course i fancied her, any hot blooded human would, but i couldnt do it to Jas, we were like family and you dont shit on your own doorstep right?

By the time the movie had finished and the second one started, we were on our third bottle of wine, and still she continued to work my soreness. Her hands worked like magic, hardly touching my skin but effecting me so much. I loved it when she was close to me but i daren't show it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. I wasnt wearing much, just my bra and a pair of sports shorts i changed into when i got out of the shower. All she had on was her pyjama bottoms and a strappy top. She started working on my neck, easing the stiffness away, my shoulders fully relaxed, the pain being no more. I let out a little sigh, "That feels so much better" i said, "You should do this for a living." She giggled a little, "nah no way, i dont wanna touch gross old people, i only do it for my mates, and Jas of course." I slowly and quietly went into my own little world.

I was startled when i felt her hot breath on my neck but refused to move away. Her lips planting gentle kisses on my skin. I knew it was wrong, the stirring between my legs forbidden, but still i couldnt help but stay still, my body refusing to stay away. Again her hands moved around to my front. She cupped at my breasts again, this time underneath my bra, feeling my stiff nipples with his fingertips. I reached my hands behind me and undone my bra, freeing my breasts from the silky material. Her hands greedily fondled my breasts, pulling on my nipples. I let out a little sigh, telling her i was enjoying the feeling. I turned my head towards her and waited for her lips to meet mine. Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth, welcomed by its moistness. We kissed like lovers who had been apart for many years, savouring the spark between us. She got off the sofa and came down to my level, pushing my up onto the sofa, laying me back, she removed my shorts. I knew so badly that this was wrong, but as much as i tried i couldnt pull myself away. Her lips and hands moved up my thighs. Higher she kissed untill she got to my already wet panties. She kissed my mound through the material before removing them swiftly with her hands.

Kelly instantly buried her face into my pussy, her lips pushing past my lips, finding my clit with her tongue. She worked beautifully, definatly had practice doing this before now. She flicked at my bud, moans escaping my lips. Her fingers slid easily into my wet hole, sliding in and out, cleaning herself as she came out everytime. She put her fingers up to my mouth, allowing me to taste my own juices. After removing her top and bottoms, she climbed up to my level and kissed me again on the lips. I held on to her head as we franticly kissed. My hands freely roamed her body, her skin so soft under my fingertips, her erect nipples rubbing against mine.


We didnt hear the key in the front door, we didnt hear it slamming as Jas retured, and we didnt hear him coming into the room untill it was too late. "What the hell are you doing?" he shouted. I jumped a mile and sat there staring right into Jas's eyes, not knowing what to say or do. Kelly didnt flinch, she just stared at him with a big grin on her face. "Oh come on Jas, you knew it was going to happen eventually, we've talked about it so many times." she said. "Yeah but i thought you would have at least done it when i was not here!" he replied. "But you werent here were you, it just started a little late thats all." she said back. I stood up and gathered my clothes. "I think im going to leave you guys to it, ill be in my room" i said. But as i went to walk off, Kellys arms grabbed hold of me and pulled me back onto the sofa. She pounced on me and slipped her tongue into my mouth once more. I tried to fight her off but she had a firm grip on me. I was powerless to her, as much as i tried i couldnt resist. I knew Jas was watching us, but i couldnt leave her. I needed her so badly. Knowing Jas was watching just hightened my pleasure. I couldnt hold back any longer, my hands running over every inch of her suculant body, feeling her skin under my touch. My hand lowered, feeling for her wetness. She welcomed me and opened her legs, i instantly slipped my fingers into her tightness. She started moaning, her head tilting back as i pleasured her. I parked little kisses all over her body, taking each erect nipple in my mouth in turn, kissing down her tummy, down to her little turf of hair, all the way down to her throbbing clit. I sucked it into my mouth, tasting her juices for the first time. She wrapped her legs around my head and pulled me in closer. I plunged my tongue into her pussy, started slipping it in and out, swallowing her sweet juices. I was so wrapped up in what i was doing, i didnt notice Jas stripping off in the door way, i didnt hear him coming up behind me, i only noticed his presence when i felt his fingers slide between my legs. I jumped a mile but didnt pull away. I cannot deny, i used to fantasise about Jas for years, imagining what it would be like to fuck my best friend, to know if he was a good kisser, to find out what he felt like inside me, but never did i imagine it would actually happen. I moaned as i sucked on Kellys clit, the vibrations of my noise adding to her pleasure. I had waited for this moment for as long as i could remember. What it would feel like, how it would taste, the smell, now i was enjoying my ultimate fantasy. Jas slipped his throbbing cock into me from behind. His length was huge, filling me right up, A loud moan excaped my lips as i felt his balls pushing against me. He rocked back and fourth, entering me time and time again. My fingers continued to work inside Kellys pussy, the sounds of her juices clearly audiable. She tasted so sweet on my lips.


We changed positions, Kelly was in 69 with me and Jas was entering her from behind. I could clearly see his monster thundering into her, every now and then i would suck her juices from his cock before he fiercely slammed back into her. It was a spectacular view. I was experiencing so much pleasure just by watching the two of them fucking, it was unbelievable! Jas moved round to Kellys head and slammed his dripping cock into her mouth. Hungrily she sucked off her own juices. I continued to suck on her clit, flicking my tongue over her most sensitive parts, making her moan heavily. Jas's cock entered into me again, i cannot
even begin to describe the feeling it was giving me. My entire body was filled with electricity, all my senses alert, my body aching with desire for him. Kelly's eyes were fixed on us, watching with a huge grin on her face as her boyfriend brought me to a huge climax. As i was coming she placed her mouth around my clit, hightening the experience. I screamed as i felt my whole body tighten up around his shaft, my legs locking around Jas's hips, begging for him to not pull out of me. 

Between the two of them they brought me down from what seemed like an everlasting orgasm. I lay there spent, unable to move through the pyralasys which had suddenly taken over me. I noticed Kelly had got down on her knees and was taking Jas deeply in her mouth again. Her fingers playing with her soaking pussy at all times. I managed to get down to her level and between us we managed to bring Jas to his climax. We took it in turns sucking on his shaft, our tongues running up and down his length, kissing each other on the lips between sucks. He fiercely grabbed hold of both of our heads and pulled us both towards him. "I'm coming!" he shouted at us, and no sooner had he finished saying this he started shooting his thick hot sticky cum all over our faces and tits. Instantly we started to lick it off each others body, cleaning up this sensual mess. Our mouths meeting once again to share the taste of his seed.

"I need to work later more often." said Jas, both Kelly and myself erupting with laughter. Needless to say this wasnt a one off, it became a regular habbit of ours. Timing it perfectly so we would be making out when Jas was walking through the door. Kelly moved in shortly after our first night so we had all the time in the world to 'play'. Secretly tho, me and Kelly have fun more than Jas knows. When hes in the shower in the mornings, Kelly will creep into my room, slide under the duvet whilst im still sleeping and wake me with her tongue fucking my morning pussy. But thats our little secret... 

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