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I need a bath

by Guest on Feb 26, 2017 Lesbian Sexstories 7419 Views

She could hear the water running from the bedroom as she stepped out of her exercise clothes and into the robe that was lying across the bed. The sound of the rushing water gave her chills as she imagined the feel of the warm water flowing over her body.

She walked into the bathroom and noticed the window was open. She stood in front of it, feeling the breeze hit the silk material of the robe as it flowed over her breasts and instantly made her nipples erect. She watched as the neighbor next door looked her way and she wondered if she could see her.

She finally moved away from the window and leaned over the large oval garden tub and poured some liquid from the bottle. Bubbles began to flood the tub and the iridescent colors fascinated her and her mind began to drift off.

Her robe lightly dusted her shoulders before hitting the floor. She stepped up to the stairs leading her to her afternoon getaway and turned off the faucet. The water was exactly the way she liked it and she slipped into the hot water and melted to become one with it.

It was relaxing, and her mind began to clear from the daily activities that had made her tense in the first place. She felt for the bar of soap through the bubbles and when she found it in the water, she began to rub it over her soft skin. When she got to her breasts, she lingered on them for a while until they ached. She rolled her nipples between her fingers and she could feel the burning between her legs.

Her hands slipped from her breasts and made their way underneath the water, to the folds of her pussy. Her eyes now closed, she pressed the curved piece of soap on her swollen clit and began to stroke it. She arched her back to meet each stroke. Fast at first, then slowly tracing the outline of her lip with the soap.

She dropped the soap and began to finger her pussy. She traced the outer lips gently, the spread them and could feel the rush of the water enter her. This excited her as she began to pump her fingers in and out with the left hand and hungrily rub her clit with her right.

Her mind flipped through the images of the sex she had the night before. She had done the same thing to her while she was lying on the bed with her. She was just as wet last night too when she put his fingers in and fondled her clit until she came.

She was reaching her climax as the water rushed over her clit as she moved to the rhythm. It was more than she could take. She slapped her clit then rubbed it while she continued to sink her fingers inside until she came. The orgasm rushed through her body like wildfire and she screamed out as she did.

She sank back into the tub breathing heavily. Satisfied from her orgasm and pleasantly surprised at what she had just done

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