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I caught my wife on her knees servicing her female employee

by SexStoriesClub on Jun 11, 2017 Lesbian Sexstories 2927 Views

Before my wife and I married she told me that she desparately 
wanted kids but because of her father being a 
Baptist Minister she had to marry even though she prefered 
the company of women (sexually) to men. She told me that 
we could have sex from time to time but not to expect it on a 
regular basis. She had been involved with a girl since they 
were both in Jr. High and she had no intention of ever breaking 
it off with her. She did include however that she 
did not expect me to go without female sex and that I had 
her blessing about finding sex elsewhere. I promptly got 
her pregnant and we were married 6 weeks later. On the 1st 
leg of our Honeymoon we went to New Orleans. We checked into 
our Hotel Suite and immediately went to the French Quarter.

We had gone into several bars (even though she was not drinking) 
and were both having a great time. We had gone 
into O'Brians and were sittting at the bar when she 
excused herself to go to the ladies restroom. After about 20 minutes 
when she hadn't returned I began to get a bit concerned.

I asked a waiter where the Gents room was and proceeded to 
that direction. I passed the ladies and there were women 
coming and going as usual then I passed a door that was closed 
and labeled "Office", as I passed I heard a bump 
against the hall wall then a loud "OH GOD EAT ME YOU 
SLUT"! I slowly opened the door and there was my beautiful 
new bride, on her back nude with an absolutely knock out 
looking young girl riding her face. There was another nude 
older woman between my wifes legs fingering her and sucking 
her clit. I watched for a moment then quietly backed away 
a little shocked. I went back to the bar with a huge hard 
on and had another drink. Soon she returned looking fresh 
as ever however she could not cover the distinctive smell 
pussy that had gotten into her hair. I leaned over and smelled 
her hair, then said to her, "Well dear it smells like 
you got a little pussy while you were gone, did she 
cum in your mouth while you were eating her"? My wife 
a bright red color and started to deny it but I stopped her 
telling her that I had gone to the restroom and on my way 
I had discovered the "Office" and had seen them.

That was 
the first time. Present: About 3 weeks ago I was close to 
wifes office so I thought I'd stop by and see if she wanted 
to go to lunch but when I arrived there was a note up saying 
that they were out to lunch and would be back in 30 minutes.

Since I have a key, I thought that I would let myself in and 
wait until she got back. I let myself in, locked the door 
behind me and proceeded to walk to the back of the suite 
where my wifes office was located. However I was shocked 
hear what sounded like someone having wild sex coming from 
the direction of her office. Quietly, I made my way down 
hall and soon arrived at the open door of her office. I could 
hear a very young female voice. She said, "I'm 
soooorrrry....I didn't mean to messsss it AHHHhhhhhhhh...Oh 
please don't fire meeeee Ahhhhohhhhhhh it's 
so good. Please 
don't tell my mom that we did this, she'd kill meeeeeeee.

Ahhhhhhhhh, what are you doing? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhh 
Uhmp ummmmmm". Ilooked around the corner and here 
was my 
a very very young girl (about 17 or 18) sitting on my wifes 
face, humping her mouth like a pro. More to come.......

Article source: https://sexstoriesclub.com/lesbian/126-I-caught-my-wife-on-her-knees-servicing-her-female-employee.html

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