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My First Time In The Strip Club

by Guest on May 25, 2017 Lesbian Sexstories 3951 Views

As soon as I knew I would be going to "the strip club" 
I got all excited and nervous at the same time, and more because 
I was going to best one in town. I went there for my first time 
w my friend that was turning 21, she was excited too as it 
was her first time too, and she loves pretty girls like I 
do too! She went w her boyfriend and I went w my friend that 
I had just met two days ago. It was more excited to go w this 
"special" friend of mine, because he is so fun, 
very open minded about me being into girls as much as I am 
into men as well. Well, when I was in the "club" 
my eyes were electrified w all the natural beauties I was 
watching. Their moves, their hair, and especially their 
skin looked "purely delicious", but my favorite 
thing of me watching the whole thing was when men would go 
up the beautiful dancers on stage, and they would just go 
crazy as the women would "tempt" them to touch, 
that just turns me on so much, to see men go crazy by women, 
if I had a men that enjoyed that I would be so turned on "always"!!! 
Well, I also got my own personal lap dance by one of the most 
beautiful girls in the club, and I was able to touch her beautiful 
skin, and I could feel her breasts brush against mine, then 
I was completely gone in my mind!! I also went up the stage 
w my girl friend when a girl dressed as a "nurse" 
let me see her nice, soft pussy...mmmmm!!!! That same girl, 
the "nurse" gave my boy friend a lap dance, and 
I was enjying it SO MUCH to see how my friend was getting aroused 
by this girl, I could see it in his eyes, and felt it in his 
big cock, how he just wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck 
her soft, wet pussy, that would be my fantasy come true, 
to see him fuck a girl like her! As the night ended, we were 
about to leave when the same girl that gave me the lap dance, 
asked me if I was ready for the "vip room" dance, 
I was shocked and excited as I also felt my excitment go to 
my wet pussy.....and more because my boy friend would be 
there w me to enjoy this gilr w me, so when we were in there, 
we sat in a couch and we started talking a bit, but then as 
our favorite song started this beautiful girl started 
getting undressed to nothing, and she slowly opened my 
legs as she got on top of me, brushing her whole body against 
mine, and I softly put my hands around her waist, and her 
beautiful breasts, I could feel that she liked it as I was 
gently passing my fingernails throughtout all her body, 
her smell was making me go crazy, and her body was SO SOFT, 
I was about to cum of excitement....and it turned me more 
on to see how much my friend was enjoying it TOO! At the end 
she gave my a wet, soft kiss w her beautiful lips...mmmmmm, 
simply sensational!!!! I just felt like I had been "mentally 
fucked" by that girl, and with all my eyes saw that 
night. I left for the night w my boy friend, gave a hug to my 
girl friend, and I was in the door when the "girl" 
asked me to go back to see her soon, of course I am, I said. 
And I was off to finish off the nite w my boy friend, ....mmmmmmm, 
one of the best nights I had in my life!!!!

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