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First lesbian camper

by Guest on May 12, 2017 Lesbian Sexstories 2669 Views

It was the first camping trip of the summer for Sarah's 
family. They went at least 10 times every year. Usually 
Sarah did not enjoy these trips because she was young and 
the last thing she wanted was to spend a whole weekend with 
her parents; however, this time Sarah's parents allowed 
her to bring a friend, which made the whole idea seem a lot 
more appealing. Sarah decided she would bring Rachel, 
who had been her best friend since 1st grade. They talked 
about everything together: boys, school, and "personal 
things". She figured it would be a great time to catch 
up with Rachel since it had been a couple monthes since they 
last slept over and really had a chance to talk.

The weather was great. The sky was blue and there was hardly 
a cloud in the sky. It was a little hot, but by the time they 
made it to the mountains it had cooled off due to their altitude. 
When they got to the site they unpacked the car, and Sarah's 
parents set up their tent and Rachel and Sarah set up their 
own tent about 50 feet away from the other tent, just so they 
could talk late at night without disturbing Sarah's 
parents. They had just finished dinner when Rachel suggested 
to Sarah that they take a walk out in the woods. So off they 
went, rummaging through the brush and trees. Sarah loved 
to get out and breath the fresh air. It always made her feel 
so at peace and seperated from the world she was used to back 
in the city. Then, as Rachel was climbing over a stump, Sarah 
heard the sound of ripping cloth. She looked up quickly 
only to find that Rachel's short cargo shorts had ripped 
right up and down the seat of the pants. Even though they 
had been friends a long time, neither Sarah nor Rachel had 
ever seen each other's naked bodies or even seen each 
other's underware, and surprisingly enough, Sarah 
was slightly arroused to find that Rachel, for whatever 
reason, was wearing no underware! There, right infront 
of her, lay a very attractive nude backside that Sarah couldn't 
keep her eyes off of. "Oh dear!" cried Rachel, 
as she tried to cover up quickly. "It's ok." 
said Sarah, halfway laughing. "I dont mind." 
"I'm so embarrassed!" Rachel stuttered. 
"How much could you see?"she asked, covering 
up. "Over half of it" Sarah said smiling. Rachel 
went on and on for about 10 minutes about how embarrassing 
it was for her. She was very self concious about her body, 
even though it was a very attractive one. She wasnt used 
to people seeing her private areas. Sarah couldnt believe 
how much Rachel was blowing this out of proportion, so in 
a quick hasty motion, without thinking, Sarah slipped 
off her shorts and mooned Rachel. "There, we're 
even now ok?" she said laughing again. When she turned 
around and looked into her friend's face, she noticed 
that Rachel was mezmorized and was still watching her body 
as she turned around. Rachel's jaw was slightly dropped. 
"What?" asked Sarah. Rachel insisted it was 
nothing but Sarah kept asking until Rachel finally broke 
down. "I've never really been attracted to another 
girl before, but there is something about your body that 
I really kinda like" "Really?" Sarah 
asked, now feeling less guilty about being attracted to 
her friends naked backside. "Well to tell you the 
truth, I kinda liked seeing your butt a while ago. " 
She giggled. " In fact, I'd kinda like to see it 
again since no one is out here in this part of the woods." 
Sarah said this as she lifted up her shirt slowly, reveiling 
her sky blue bra. Once again, Rachel was mezmorized by Sarahs 
body. She stared at Sarah's contained breasts as she 
slipped off her shirt as well. Sarah was just as mezmorized 
as Rachel. "I'm actually kinda nervous to show 
you everything" Sarah said with a smile. "Me 
too, lets take off our bras on the count of three so we can 
be embarrassed together."

And so they did and out 
popped Sarah's 36a's and out popped Rachel's 
36b's and they began to giggle and compare their breasts. 
Rachels breasts were bigger, and sagged slightly. She 
had large nipples. Sarah had small but perky breasts with 
small puffy nipples. As time went on they began to open up 
and be able to talk like they usually could. Sarah began 
to carress her nipples as did Rachel. Then, Rachel began 
to stroke her inner thighs as she took a seat on the forest 
floor of leaves. Sarah joined her as she slipped off her 
matching sky blue panties, and tossed them behind her.

She was sure to keep her legs together so she wouldnt expose 
her vagina to Rachel already. Rachel then let out a slight 
moan as she twisted her hard, erect nipples. She pulled 
her panties off with her legs together as well so she wouldnt 
be exposed. There they were, naked, leaning against two 
different trees, facing each other. "Are you as horny 
as I am?" asked Rachel. Sarah just stared at Rachel, 
moaned, and opened her legs wide and spread her vagina for 
Rachel to see. Rachel couldnt believe her eyes. She loved 
the dark brown, thick bush that was surrounding Sarah's 
slit. She could feel her clitoris stiffen with excitment. 
Rachel then spread her legs and her vaginal lips as well.

Sarah loved Rachel's large lips and thin blonde hair 
that surrounded them. Both girls were moist within minutes. 
They began to moan as they both masturbated at stared at 
each other's vagina.

Sarah rubbed her clitoris slowly.

Rachel had her finger thrusted inside her own vagina and 
was going in and out rapidly. This went on for about 15 minutes. 
They watched each other's every move. Then, Sarah 
began to moan louder than Rachel and with a few more quick 
rubs of her clitoris, she tilted her head back and orgasmed. 
Her juices dripped slowly from her crack as she watched 
Rachel finish herself off. Sarah got down close to Rachel's 
vagina so she could have a good veiw of the orgasm that was 
about to take place. Sarah was overwhelmed by the sweet 
smell of Rachel's Vagina. Sarah couldnt help herself 
anymore. She reached out and touched Rachel's clitoris, 
and with that, Rachel orgasmed and shot out her juices onto 
the forest floor. The girls layed for about 10 minutes, 
just watching each other's breasts heave up and down 
and watching each other's vagina's dry off. They 
stood up and began to put their clothes on. Sarah looked 
down and laughed when she saw the to wet marks on the forest 
floor that their juices had made. "We'll have 
to come back out here before we leave" Rachel insisted, 

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