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Lesbian Sexstories

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 11, 2017


I masterbate on a DAILY BASIS.... and this is my favorite memory that makes me leaking like a faucet. I love to keep my pussy clean and shaven. Most I know like it that way. I get SUPER wet and being shaven only enhances the feeling. My clit swells up and is crazy sensitive. I get it professionally shaven and it was funny, because the first time I got it done was my first bi experience as the person who I was scheduled with was a woman named Max.. When I went to the place, I thought max was going to be a man.. But low and behold Max- (Maxine) was a co-owner of the place and did the best shaves. Well I actually felt a little relief that it was a woman and she was pretty too. Shaped like me but taller and a little thicker. She asked was I nervous, and I was. Plus I wasn't sure how it was going to be after because I heard it itches as it grows back. She assured me she was the best so I went with it. She got one looked and my hairy but short trimmed pussy hair and petted it like a ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Feb 3, 2017


I am a 30 year women who has always fantisized about other women. One night last summer a few friends and I went into the city to an upscale club. It wasnt too crowded so I didnt have to wait long to use the bathroom. I was fixing my makeup when this hot girl comes in. She says hello and then stands next to me fixing her makeup as well. She is so pretty I cant stop looking at her in the mirror. She knows. She goes into the private stall and within minutes returns to the mirror. I am of course still there pretending to be fixing myself still. When all of the sudden she comes up right behind me and puts her arms around my waist and wispers to me, your beautiful......I am in shock because i have never had his happen to me before. I wisper thankyou back and i dont move.....she stays behind me and starts running her hands up and down my smooth suntanned legs. I am so turned on but manage to mutter that i have never done this before with a women. She tells me that she has been with women ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Feb 26, 2017


She could hear the water running from the bedroom as she stepped out of her exercise clothes and into the robe that was lying across the bed. The sound of the rushing water gave her chills as she imagined the feel of the warm water flowing over her body. She walked into the bathroom and noticed the window was open. She stood in front of it, feeling the breeze hit the silk material of the robe as it flowed over her breasts and instantly made her nipples erect. She watched as the neighbor next door looked her way and she wondered if she could see her. She finally moved away from the window and leaned over the large oval garden tub and poured some liquid from the bottle. Bubbles began to flood the tub and the iridescent colors fascinated her and her mind began to drift off. Her robe lightly dusted her shoulders before hitting the floor. She stepped up to the stairs leading her to her afternoon getaway and turned off the faucet. The water was exactly the way she liked it and she slipped ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 2, 2017


It was a Saturday afternoon and in the gym of the local high school five girls were practicing their new cheer routine. You could take one took at any one of these girls and tell they were meant to wear those uniforms. The purple and gold outfits outlined their bodies perfectly. Showing off their firm round asses and letting just a few inches of abs show. They were even a little low cut so you could see their perky tits bounce as they did their routine. Leah was the head cheerleader. She had red hair and was made for the job. No one dare question her know how on cheering and what was best for the squad. They even relied on her with their personal lives and that is why all the girls were still virgins. Leah thought that if they were sleeping with the football players they would distract them from there game and that would be bad for everyone. Well, this day at practice they were moving through the steps and were coming across some problems a few of the girls seemed to be ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 17, 2017


I've been best friends with Jas for as long as i can remember. We went all the way through first school together, then through high school, and now we even worked in the same office, our desks opposite each other, and we lived together in my 2 bedroom appartment. Neither of us had really been lucky in relationships, having the odd fling every now and again, the longest lasting only about 6 months, so when Jas met Kelly i was excited for him. She was beautiful, legs up to her armpits, stunning deep blue eyes and flowing blonde hair down past her shoulders. They met when we were both out clubbing one night, he spotted her across the bar with some of her mates, but was too shy to go and talk to her. So in the end i spoke to her on his behalf, explained that he liked her but was a little shy when it come to chatting up women. So she came over to him and instantly they hit it off. They have been together for 9 months now and they were so deeply in love it was clear to anyone who knew ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 16, 2017


I logged on the internet and decided to try chatting in a chatroom. I wanted to have my first experience to be exciting and memorable, so I went into a bi-curious chatroom for women. To my surprise, there were so many women in there looking for either real life experiences with another female, or cybersex. Me being very curious about being with another woman made me wonder about this cybersex thing. I met a girl about 24 years old. She said she was very interested in being with another woman as well, but never had the guts to act on her feelings. We talked awhile and she asked would I like to cyber with her. Without thinking to ask what do I do when I cyber, I just agreed and said yes immediately. We went into a private room and she started asking me questions. First she wanted to know what room in my house was I. I said my bedroom. She then asked what I was wearing. I told her a white t-shirt and white panties. I then saw "mmmmm" come on the screen. I asked her did she like ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 12, 2017


It was the first camping trip of the summer for Sarah's 
family. They went at least 10 times every year. Usually 
Sarah did not enjoy these trips because she was young and 
the last thing she wanted was to spend a whole weekend with 
her parents; however, this time Sarah's parents allowed 
her to bring a friend, which made the whole idea seem a lot 
more appealing. Sarah decided she would bring Rachel, 
who had been her best friend since 1st grade. They talked 
about everything together: boys, school, and "personal 
things". She figured it would be a great time to catch 
up with Rachel since it had been a couple monthes since they 
last slept over and really had a chance to talk. 

The weather was great. The sky was blue and there was hardly 
a cloud in the sky. It was a little hot, but by the time they 
made it to the mountains it had cooled off due to their altitude. 
When they got to the site they unpacked the car, and Sarah's 
parents set up their tent and ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 25, 2017


As soon as I knew I would be going to "the strip club" 
I got all excited and nervous at the same time, and more because 
I was going to best one in town. I went there for my first time 
w my friend that was turning 21, she was excited too as it 
was her first time too, and she loves pretty girls like I 
do too! She went w her boyfriend and I went w my friend that 
I had just met two days ago. It was more excited to go w this 
"special" friend of mine, because he is so fun, 
very open minded about me being into girls as much as I am 
into men as well. Well, when I was in the "club" 
my eyes were electrified w all the natural beauties I was 
watching. Their moves, their hair, and especially their 
skin looked "purely delicious", but my favorite 
thing of me watching the whole thing was when men would go 
up the beautiful dancers on stage, and they would just go 
crazy as the women would "tempt" them to touch, 
that just turns me on so ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Jun 11, 2017


Before my wife and I married she told me that she desparately 
wanted kids but because of her father being a 
Baptist Minister she had to marry even though she prefered 
the company of women (sexually) to men. She told me that 
we could have sex from time to time but not to expect it on a 
regular basis. She had been involved with a girl since they 
were both in Jr. High and she had no intention of ever breaking 
it off with her. She did include however that she 
did Continue reading →

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