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by Guest on Oct 18, 2017

Webcam Sexstories


Ek din shraddha ki venity van bigad gai thi. Mene(tej) ne use dik kiya.  Mene usme ek hidden camera laga diya tha.  Jab shraddha ne kapde change kiye to uski nangi video mere pass hidden camera ki vajse aa gayi.  Ab mene shraddha ko uska video dikhaya. Vo shock ho gayi. Use kuch samaj nahi aa raha tha.  Mene use kaha agar tum mere sath sex karogi tabhi me ye video leak nahi karunga varna tumhari zindagi barbad ho jayegi.  Use man nahi pada. Mene use time aur jaga batayi.  Vo sunday night ko mere ghar aa gayi.  Ab mere ghar me sirf me aur shraddha hi the. Usne mujse kaha tume jitne paise chahiye le lo par meri dvd de do. Mene kaha chup kar.  Mene use jor se kiss kiyaa.  Pehle mene uski T-shirt utari. Usne kale rang ki bra pehni thi. Phir uska pant utara. Ab wo mere samne bra aur panty me khadi thi.  Mene kaha chal ab mere kapde nikal. Usne mere sabhi kapde nikal diye.  Me shraddha ko kiss karte karte apne bed room me le gaya. ... Continue reading →

by EricUS on Jul 5, 2017

BDSM Sexstories


I arrive at your house at the time you had indicated, not a moment sooner or later. After parking my car, I walk to your door and ring the bell as instructed. When you let me in, I am wearing a long leather trench coat, beneath which you can just see the high heels of my black boots. I offer myself in submission to you, and you remove my coat. I emerge wearing a black leather teddy, and my boots, now fully visible, extend over my knees and up to my thighs. A pair of black fishnet hose peek just above the tops of my boots. My outfit is completed with a pair of long black leather gloves, which grace my arms to my elbows. You take a pair of handcuffs and fasten my hands in front of me, limiting my movement. With that completed, I am ordered to pour and serve drinks for the two of us. I ask for and receive your permission to have a cigarette with my drink. You watch with silent amusement, but offer no assistance, as I struggle to open the pack, remove the cigarette and light it while so ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Jun 11, 2017

Lesbian Sexstories


Before my wife and I married she told me that she desparately 
wanted kids but because of her father being a 
Baptist Minister she had to marry even though she prefered 
the company of women (sexually) to men. She told me that 
we could have sex from time to time but not to expect it on a 
regular basis. She had been involved with a girl since they 
were both in Jr. High and she had no intention of ever breaking 
it off with her. She did include however that she 
did Continue reading →

by Guest on Jun 6, 2017

Mature Sexstories


I'd been invited to a wedding and I was dateless, but 
thought I might be able to pick myself up a nice piece of ass 
at the reception. People always seem to get so pissed at 
weddings and often the girls really let their hair down 
and turned into horny little sluts. Well, to my disappointment 
there wasn't much unattached talent at the party so 
I decided to make the most of the free booze and food and have 
a good time anyway. 
I hardly knew anyone there so I loaded up my plate, grabbed 
a bottle and headed out to a large balcony that was off the 
reception room. After I'd eaten I thought a walk in 
the grounds might be nice so I started to wander around and 
that's when I saw someone sitting under a tree in the 

As I approached I could see that the stranger was a woman 
of mature age and I could hear muffled noises that sounded 
like crying. She heard me approaching and began to wipe 
her eyes and she tried to smile as she stood up brushing grass 
off her ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jun 2, 2017

Webcam Sexstories


On the information super highway, known as the internet where Kim lives her life on webcam, many men worship the lady. 11:30PM Carl is a 63 year-old just retired executive. He just finished watching the evening news on TV. He's waiting for his wife to go to bed. He hopes that she will go to sleep right away. The show will start at midnight. He has his chair positioned at the computer screen. It's not often that Carl's dick gets hard, but every night at midnight it gets hard. Paul is a 50 year-old insurance underwriter. His wife just went to sleep. He looked on the website where Kim exhibits. He sighed. There isno activity yet in the young girl's bedroom. Just thinking about her made Paul's cock erect. He has to wait. The show starts at midnight. James is a 31 year-old investment banker. His wife is out of town for thewhole week. He is horny. Last night's show drove him up the walls. All he could think of was her black tights and her red panties. What color ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 28, 2017

Oral Sexstories


I used to be employed by a bus transport company, I went all 
over the western United states, and into Mexico. I remember 
one specific trip to TJ. I was at the central bus terminal 
there waiting to depart when a beautiful Latina came up 
and asked me where I was going in Spanish. I told her that 
I was going to Los Angeles, and I was the next bus out. So she 
gave me her ticket and boarded. I gathered up the remaining 
passengers and departed for the border. When I de boarded 
everyone at the border she asked me if I was going to be in 
San Ysidro I toldher I would and I would see here there. After 
I parked my bus I had about 3 hours more to kill and she walked 
up to me. She then proceeded to tell me that she wanted me 
and no other driver to take her to L.A. I said it was fine. 
We wnet and got something to eat and made small talk, to my 
surprise she spoke very good english. So I left and we continued 
to talk all the way back to L.A. When we got to the end of the 
line she had ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 25, 2017

Lesbian Sexstories


As soon as I knew I would be going to "the strip club" 
I got all excited and nervous at the same time, and more because 
I was going to best one in town. I went there for my first time 
w my friend that was turning 21, she was excited too as it 
was her first time too, and she loves pretty girls like I 
do too! She went w her boyfriend and I went w my friend that 
I had just met two days ago. It was more excited to go w this 
"special" friend of mine, because he is so fun, 
very open minded about me being into girls as much as I am 
into men as well. Well, when I was in the "club" 
my eyes were electrified w all the natural beauties I was 
watching. Their moves, their hair, and especially their 
skin looked "purely delicious", but my favorite 
thing of me watching the whole thing was when men would go 
up the beautiful dancers on stage, and they would just go 
crazy as the women would "tempt" them to touch, 
that just turns me on so ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 23, 2017

Oral Sexstories



Hi, babe. 

Hi, Sugar. Lunch break? 

Yep. The rest of the office went out, but I thought I'd 

get a sandwich from the machine and spend the time talking 

with you. 

Awww, aren't you sweet. 

Well, not as sweet as you. 

And I know how much your like my sweetness. 

Yeah, I like it a lot. Sure wish I was there to taste it now. 

Oh, you do, huh? 

Yeah, I'd like to take my lunch time to feast on you. 

Tell me. 

First, where are you? 

In the bedroom. I just finished making the bed. 

Good. Get undressed and get on the bed. 

Ewwww, getting kinky, huh? Been a long time since we did 


Yes, and it's about time we got back to it. 

I couldn't agree more. Hold on... there, I'm naked, 

like you want, and slipping into bed. 

Good. I'm sitting here in my office, the lights are 

off, the answering machine it on, and I'm lowering 

my zipper. 

Mmmmm, wish I were there. 

And if you ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 18, 2017

Webcam Sexstories


Sondra was an overweight woman of thirty five years and spent her time chatting online. She had been talking with a 22 year old male for awhile and he asked her if she wanted to watch him and his girlfriend on webcam.  She agreeded and opened her webcam program and saw two young naked bodies... Leaning forward, Alice tongued the tip of his cock, licking the drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Peter thought he would explode right there and then. He closed his eyes as her tongue ran down the length of his shaft and swirled around his balls. He couldn't wait for that hot, wet sensation when her mouth could close over his aching cock. Taking her time, Alice sucked on his balls, then moved her way back up his shaft. Then in a fluid motion she engulfed the length of his cock, sliding his young hardness all the way down her throat. She let it slide out slowly, then swallowed it again. She could feel the heat in his balls, she knew it wouldn't take many strokes before she was ... Continue reading →

by Tina on May 17, 2017

Oral Sexstories


Bored and alone, that weekend, I decided to go to the movies. 
I donned a tight lil halter top that tied in the back and at 
the neck, no bra, a short mini skirt, and summer sandals. 
I was sort of interested in what was playing, until these 
college guys came into the theater, sitting in the roll 
ahead of me. My nipples got hard from just looking at them. 
When one turned to look me over I parted my legs slightly, 
allow him a view of my blue satin thongs. He grinned, whispering 
a suggestion to his friend. "Are these seats taken?", he 
asked in a husky voice. I just shook my head "no" as each one 
sat on either side of me. 

The lights dimmed and the movie started. I could hardly 
breath, their cologne alone was so intoxicating. I shifted 
a lil and let my arm rub up against the guy on the left of me. 
With out even looking at me, his hand found my upper thigh. 
I let my legs fall apart easily. Taking the hint, he ran his 
hand up my thigh, his fingers tickled ... Continue reading →

by michael on May 15, 2017

Gay Sexstories


I met him at a friend's party celebrating a big promotion. 
I don't think we talked for much more than 20 minutes 
or so before he invited me to sneak off to another room. We 
snuck into the downstairs bathroom and locked the door 
behind us. Our mouths locked together and our hands feverishly 
undid each others pants. His cock nearly sprang from his 
jeans, unhindered by underwear at the same time that I felt 
his strong grip on my own shaft. We slid further out of our 
pants in order for us to better admire the sight of each others' 
firm manflesh, and soon we squirmed around in order to watch 
in the mirror as we masturbated each other. It took only 
a few minutes of this raw excitement before I felt his climax 
rising, and we watched enthralled as his creamy manjuice 
erupted from him in several powerful spurts. I couldn't 
resist and bent down and captured the last of his orgasm 
on my tongue and sucked the last few drops from him, then 
brought my mouth to his, ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 14, 2017

Romantic Sexstories


As we are wandering around the house, doing the normal day 
to day chores, I notice you are wearing a pair of figure hugging 
jeans and a loose button up blouse. I am trying to finish 
my chores, but your exceptional beauty has my attention. 
My mind keeps wandering back to you. I become so distracted 
that my glances become wanton glares. You notice me staring 
at you. 
Whats wrong, Honey? Are you lost? you ask. 
Uh, Oh, nothing I reply trying to play it off. Its just 
that you are really hot. You chuckle and tell me to get back 
to work and that I might get lucky if I finish all of my chores. 
Temporarily shut down, I resumed my work trying to get your 
sexy images out of my mind. In and out of the house, I finished 
3 chores that I had planned. On the way to the basement to 
get a few more tools I noticed you standing on your toes, 
reaching for an upper shelf. Your shirt was pulled up exposing 
your tightly jeans covered buttocks. I could no longer 
hold back. I walk up behind you ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 12, 2017

Lesbian Sexstories


It was the first camping trip of the summer for Sarah's 
family. They went at least 10 times every year. Usually 
Sarah did not enjoy these trips because she was young and 
the last thing she wanted was to spend a whole weekend with 
her parents; however, this time Sarah's parents allowed 
her to bring a friend, which made the whole idea seem a lot 
more appealing. Sarah decided she would bring Rachel, 
who had been her best friend since 1st grade. They talked 
about everything together: boys, school, and "personal 
things". She figured it would be a great time to catch 
up with Rachel since it had been a couple monthes since they 
last slept over and really had a chance to talk. 

The weather was great. The sky was blue and there was hardly 
a cloud in the sky. It was a little hot, but by the time they 
made it to the mountains it had cooled off due to their altitude. 
When they got to the site they unpacked the car, and Sarah's 
parents set up their tent and ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 10, 2017

Hotel Sexstories


I arrived at the hotel just before 11:00PM. I had just enough 
time to unpack my things and organize my business notes 
before hitting the sack. The Introduction breakfast/meeting 
started at 8:00AM in the large meeting room just down the 
hall from the front desk. I was glad there was going to serve 
food at this meeting because it would save me time in the 
morning and I hadnt eaten since the middle of the afternoon. 
I laid there in the dark thinking about how long this week 
was going to be. It was going to be a long 9 day convention. 
Meetings till noon on Saturday and Sunday, 8 to 4 equipment 
demonstrations and seminars during the week, and an 8 to 
2 wrap up next Saturday. My flight leaves at 2:00 PM next 
Sunday for home sweet home. 

In the morning I felt almost as tired as I did the night before. 
During the morning break I ran into a few guys that I had met 
during previous conventions. One of the guys, Danny, I 
had gone out drinking with a few times. He was a nice guy, ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 7, 2017

Anal Sexstories


We stumble through the apartment door, slightly drunk. 
As soon as I get the door closed, I am astonished to find you 
upon me, attacking me with a savage kiss, opening and closing 
your mouth on mine over and over, sucking my lips, assaulting 
them its as if Im being eaten alive. I love it. I hold you 
tight, feeling the shape of you, returning your kiss, tasting 
you, sucking your tongue .. 

As my mouth moves to your neck, licking and nibbling, tasting 
your delicious flesh, I feel your strong hands grasping 
my buttocks, pulling me to you even closer I am thrilled 
by your audacity, and return the favor by letting my hands 
seek out the cool flesh of your back. You do the same, and 
our hands rake, caress, explore I can already feel my cock 
getting hard, and instinctively, I press it, through layers 
of clothes, against the softness of your hips and belly. 

Suddenly, your hands fly to my shoulders and start pressing 
down firmly its plain what you want. I willingly drop 
to my ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 4, 2017

Gangbang Sexstories


Im a 44 year old banker in Las Vegas whose wife, Pam, is 10 

years younger. Pam is a petite 5'4 who was 18 when she had 

a baby by her childhood sweetheart. Her daughter, Lindsey, 

is an 19 year old high school cheerleader with auburn hair 

down to her butt, 5'8 tall, 115 pounds, with a killer smile 

and blue eyes like her mother. She is an A student and moved 

in with Pam & I about 6 months ago. She lived with her father 

and his family for most of her childhood after her parents 

divorced when she was an infant. Pam is thrilled to have 

her only child back after so many years. The two of them are 

more like sisters than mother/daughter and spend as much 

time together catching up for their many years apart as 

possible. Pam looks young enough to pass for a 21 year old 

and at 34 has a hard body 35c-26-34 figure, blonde shoulder 

length hair and flawless oval face with a slight cleft chin 

that makes her still the beauty I fell in love with and married ... Continue reading →

by Bibian on May 2, 2017

Teen Sexstories


It was an extremely warm summer day and I was pottering around the house, somewhat bored and wanting something but not really knowing what that was. There was a knock at the door and I found standing there, a good-looking young boy looking for work to make some extra money. He looked to be about 18years of age, tall, and had long blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. He wore a short tee shirt and running shorts and from the looks of things he was going to grow into quite a man. I told him that I had a few things that he could do and proceeded to walk out back to show him. He started working, and because it was so hot, he started perspiring intensely. I decided that since he was here to perform some of the jobs I was going to do, I would sunbathe in the hammock and read a book. I put on my skimpiest bikini, grabbed a sexy new book I was reading, my oil, and headed outside. He glanced up when I walked out the door, and kind of did a double take since my breasts were practically hanging ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 1, 2017

Teen Sexstories


The week passed by and we headed home. Band started the next week and school was only 3 weeks away. Dad would be home until the last week of August, which made Mom happy. They spent much of their time going out to dinner and spending time together. A week later marching band started. Traci was already there when I arrived. She came up to me and said hello and asked how summer had been. I said interesting and quiet. She said that hers was about the same except for seeing Robert Winslow. Robert was a jock. Well built but did not do well in school. Traci explained how they had dated and then broke up last week when Robert tried to pressure her into doing things she did not want to do. I said I was sorry. That I was always hear to listen and help. She thanked me and off we went to our first practice. At the end she asked if I could come by the house and help her move some things from her room to another bedroom. Tommy and Tanya were moving out and Tori was staying in the room they had ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 29, 2017

Gangbang Sexstories


Jack and Kathys relationship was very sexual charged, but was missing something. They spent a considerable amount of time together after work and on weekends. They watched television together, went to movies and bars, and a range of restaurants from the fancy to the downright impoverished. The two of them were constantly touching each other. Hands held, fingers on the others arm, the two maintained a continual display of affection both in public and in private. The first six months Jack and Kathy were totally into each other. No one else mattered and no one else entered his or her life. But again, something was missing. The sex transitioned from great, fantastic, and awesome to good and barely tolerable moreover, the conversations werent as vibrant and continual as before. Jack attributed the slow down to the fact the two of them had been together for sometime and they were just growing use to each other. Kathy agreed to some ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 27, 2017

Webcam Sexstories


I hadn't seen my boyfriend, Karl, in almost three months. He had been teaching English in South Africa, and I was stuck back at home in Texas, working. I was so horny and missing him badly. Every night of Karl's absence, I laid in bed alone dreaming of his thick cock and strong fingers on me, inside and out. Occasionally we would indulge in cybersex on the internet, when his boss was away.  Finally, he was coming home. I got off of work early and dashed home to change clothes before picking him up at the airport. I tossed aside my paralegal's conservative skirt and blazer for a slinky silver top, no bra, and black low-riding pants that showed off my curvy hips and ass. I knew I looked hot, hip with my short black bob and large blue eyes. Driving to the airport, I was wet judst thinking about the lovely weekend to come. Karl and I would have a lot of catching up to do. I sat in the airport lounge for only 10 minutes before Karl's plane arrived, right on schedule. I ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 26, 2017

Swingers Sexstories


My girls and I just seen Emcee give a hot ass performance. 
Like all his other shows they were off the chain. Hi Im Mahogany, 
but you can call me Mo. Im here chilling with my girls Cherri 
and Maxine but you can call her Maxi. We are out in here chilling 
at the release party of Emcees third album Cristal champagne 
flowing, music sounding good and people having a good time. 
A whole some atmosphere you think? Not even close, especially 
whats about to go down in 3 hours. I guess like everyone 
here we are Emcees biggest fans, but we are his BIGGEST 
FANS. Have you seen this man? If not let me describe him to 
you: 65 1/2, 190lbs nice lean cut body not too big not too 
skinny. He has nice round brown eyes. The kind you can stare 
into all hours of the day. Lipsman lips that nice and succulent 
you know. Somewhat like LL Cool Js lips. When he licks them 
make your panties instantly wet. Thats how Emcees are. Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 25, 2017

Milf Sexstories


I was 36, divorced and horny. They say women peak sexually 
in their 30s, and boy are they right! Ive always been one 
to enjoy sex, but now its all I can think about. Day and night 
I think about sex. And Gods cruel joke is that men, like 
my ex, hit their sexual peak years before. Oh our sex life 
started out great. Then it slowed with day-to-day real 
life. Just before our divorce I was lucky to get anything 
once a month. So thats my story. Horny, lonely and frustrated 
as hell. 

I found myself a nice apartment with an awesome pool in the 
complex. There were several other singles in the complex 
but I was new and have only met a few people. That didnt stop 
me from enjoying my time in the sun and working on my tan. 
It was a warm Saturday afternoon and the pool was quiet, 
I was the only one there. I drifted off while lying on the 
lounge chair, dreaming sexy thoughts as usual. The sound 
of the pool gate being opened and closed brought me back 
to reality. I shielded my eyes ... Continue reading →

by Bibian on Apr 24, 2017

Threesome Sexstories


If you have been following along I have experienced my first 
orgasm and just finished giving and receiving oral sex. 
But it wasn't over yet. 

Johns cock was standing to attention again and he asked 
if I was ready for another round of fun. I looked at Paul and 
he nodded and kissed me, telling me to have fun. John moved 
down the bed and knelt, he asked me to move over him, by sort 
of sqwatting over him, using his shoulders for balance, 
he guided me down until his cock was rubbing on my pussy. 
Paul sat watching from the end of the bed, as I slowly slide 
down onto Johns waiting cock, John moaned softly then turned 
to Paul to comment on how tight my pussy was. Now sitting 
on Johns lap with his cock deep inside me John lifted me up 
slightly and began to rock me. At this angle I was soon moaning 
and using his shoulders and my legs I was able to take control 
and began to fuck him as he sucked and nibbled on my swollen 
nipples. His arms wrapped behind me taking some of my ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 23, 2017

BDSM Sexstories


Assume the position he told her ... He held the rear of the 
belt at the waist of her skirt, and his hand firmly pressed 
against the back of her head until her forehead was pressed 
against the cool concrete of the wall ... 

Her arms spread wide as were her long legs ... 

Sharply he tapped her right foot with his ... farther back 
he ordered and when she 
complied he did the same with her left foot.... 

She was totally helpless against the wall ... braced against 
it with her forehead ... her legs spread as far as her skirt 
would allow... 

Almost roughly he took her right wrist and pulled it away 
from the wall and up behind her... She knew the utter helplessness 
of her situation as she felt the cold steel of the handcuff 
tighten first on her right wrist then on her left . 
Her hands were secured behind her back and still he left 
her leaning against the wall. 

"Now lets check you for weapons" he murmured 
... his large hand briskly patted her hips then ran across ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 23, 2017

Historias de sexo


El da estaba sumamente caluroso. 
Nos despertamos temprano y bajamos a la playa, estaba desierta, 
por lo tanto decid quitarme la parte de arriba del traje 
de bao para broncear mis pechos. Marcelo se quit el short 
y se tir a mi lado a tomar sol, comenzamos a besarnos y, bueno, 
calentones como somos, a calentarnos. 
Estbamos los dos con muchas ganas de hacernos el amor, 
pero, estbamos en un lugar pblico. Decididamente no 
era el lugar apropiado, pero.... como hacer para detener 
la calentura que tenamos encima? 
Marcelo empez a chuparme las tetas. Con todo el dolor del 
mundo me lo saqu de encima. 
-No Marcelo, mejor nos calmamos. Le dije 
El replic : 
- Est bien Vernica, pero es que los dos estamos muy excitados. 
Te propongo nos masturbemos, lo hacemos rpido, mucho 
no vamos a tardar. 
Sin mediar palabra, Marcelo se quit el short y su esplendorosa 
pija fue demasiado irresistible para m. No pude aguantar 
ni un segundo y me abalanc con mi boca abierta contra esa 
dura verga. 
La ... Continue reading →

by Bibian on Apr 22, 2017

Oral Sexstories


This is something which happened about a year ago. My first 
experience of swallowing a mans cum. I was not too keen 
on it so my boyfriend would tell me when he was Cumming so 
that I could remove my mouth and jerk him off to completion. Heres what happened. It was a warm night so after my boyfriend whom I was seeing 
for about 6 months picked me up from my part time job we decided 
to go for a walk on the beach. We found a secluded spot and 
began to hug and cuddle. I was sitting between his feet with 
my back bracing on him. After a while of the cuddling I could 
feel his hardness on my back. I turned around to face him 
and I could see a smile on his face. I could not help myself 
but to messages the bulge through his jeans. This started 
to make me hot since I was so attracted to his cock so I unzipped 
his jeans took out his 6.5 inch dick and began to stroke it. There were a couple a few yards away from us but I doubted 
they could see what was going on in the dark. He was a bit ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 21, 2017

Incest Sexstories


Charolette was a nymphomaniacal and debaucherous mother who began 
leading her son down a path of drunken dissolution that 
led to their becoming so depraved in the Sea of Flesh series 
that their antics at the Wormpit are nothing short of disgusting. 

It might surprise Charolettes followers to find that 
she was once a woman of faith. Yes, Charolette was only a 
few short months ago, a bulwark of an evangelistic, fundamentalist 
sect under whose auspices she sallied forth every weekend 
to visit the homes of the reprobate with messages of salvation. 

So, how did the foxy-looking Charolette fall from grace? 
The answer is provided in vivid detail in my unpublished 
novel, The Good, The Bad, and The Orgy, which follows 
her actions from the moment she knocks on Jenny Laymans 
door and stumbles into an orgy in progress. 

Without mentioning the details of how Charolette was seduced, 
she emerged from Jennys domicile with oleaginous and 
inflamed genitalia, reeking of alcohol, minus ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 20, 2017

Mature Sexstories


Looking across the beach, my binoculars always picked 
out the Johnsons first. They were an elderly couple, who 
had retired a couple of years ago and had settled here for 
some fun in the sun. 

Ah..there's Tony the owner of the resturant below me talking 
to the delivery man getting ready for the weekend. I lived 
above the grill and bar and I often helped out for my rent, 
when I had writers block, which I seem to be having in abundance 

Swinging my binoculars around to catch others, on the beach, 
someone new caught my eye. Straining to get a better look...she 
appeared to be about my age.. 48ish, sunny blonde, built 
okay. Hmmm..looks like it is time to walk old Sam my golden 

Heading out the door I moved in the direction of the newcomer, 
hoping to get a better look. Considering this was not peak 
season for this area, I was surprised to see someone, particuliarly 
an attractive woman, on the beach. 

By the time I reached where I had seen her.. ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 19, 2017

BDSM Sexstories


She had not gone very far with the woman before I broke in 
and put an end to it... In fact, nothing more had happened 
than a slow dance (and a particularly hot one!) that ended 
in a passionate kiss on the dance floor, when I rudely interupted 
their encounter. Wrapping my fingers in her hair, I pulled 
her away from the woman's embrace and told her it was 
time to leave. She was confused and a little agitated as 
she begrudeonly obeyed my command to say goodbye and follow 
me to the parking lot. Her frustration was evident as we walked out into the cold 
night. She began to speak as she reached into her coat pocket 
for a smoke. "What did I do?" she asked as she brought the 
cigarette to her mouth, "I thought you wanted to see 
me with..." Her sentence was cut short as I slapped the cigarette away 
and placed the piece of tape across her mouth. "Are you questioning my control Princess?" I asked as I cuffed her hands in front of her. Her eyes danced ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 18, 2017

Teen Sexstories


It had been four years. Laura had been gone that long and it still seemed like yesterday to me. I am Bill. I was married to Laura for twelve years. Twelve wonderful and happy years. Then in one terrible blow it had ended. Laura had been taken from me by a stupid accident. She had gone to the convenience store for a few things to finish off dinner. She would just be gone a few minutes. The next thing I knew a policeman was knocking at our door with our local minister. There had been an accident. Laura was gone. I can't remember much after that. She had pulled out in front of a semi-truck. He couldn't stop in time. Killed instantly they said. Numbness gripped me for over a year. Friends tried to get me out and about. I just sat at home and brooded. Insurance money sat unspent in an account. I went to work still...each day quietly hoping that I was having a bad nightmare. One day I woke up and realized that Laura was gone. She was not coming back. It was a Friday, I called into ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Apr 17, 2017

Oral Sexstories


One evening, as I was relaxing on the balcony after dinner, I heard talking in my neighbour's flat - a man's voice that did not sound quite like the husband. As the conversation progressed, much of which I could not understand, the tone became more muffled and mixed with moans. Overcome by curiosity, I crouched at the edge of the partition that divided our balconies and peeked through the slit I could only see their bare legs stretched out over the balcony floor. One of her legs wrapped over to caress his thighs as his hand grabbed her thigh and pulled her up towards him. The limited view frustrated me as I racked my mind to think of how I could have a better view. Yes, my notebook's video camera! It was very small and compact, easy to mount on a stick. I slid it through the slit along the edge of the partition separating our balconies and along the drain at the foot, effectively hiding most of it from sight. Glad that the long USB cable which I bought recently was ... Continue reading →

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Lesbian Sexstories


I logged on the internet and decided to try chatting in a chatroom. I wanted to have my first experience to be exciting and memorable, so I went into a bi-curious chatroom for women. To my surprise, there were so many women in there looking for either real life experiences with another female, or cybersex. Me being very curious about being with another woman made me wonder about this cybersex thing. I met a girl about 24 years old. She said she was very interested in being with another woman as well, but never had the guts to act on her feelings. We talked awhile and she asked would I like to cyber with her. Without thinking to ask what do I do when I cyber, I just agreed and said yes immediately. We went into a private room and she started asking me questions. First she wanted to know what room in my house was I. I said my bedroom. She then asked what I was wearing. I told her a white t-shirt and white panties. I then saw "mmmmm" come on the screen. I asked her did she like ... Continue reading →

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After the first time I let Wayne fuck me in the ass he had a bunch of other times after that where he asked for anal and I always refused telling him to cum in my pussy. He said he wouldnt take any more chances because we got lucky the one time he shot in my pussy and he wasnt ready to start a family yet. He'd only shot in my pussy one time and after we were married would only do it wearing a rubber. I didnt give up my ass to him again until we were married for about two months. We went to the bar on a Saturday night after eating and I thought I had some food stuck in my front teeth. Instead of going to the bathroom to look in the mirror I smiled at Wayne asking if there was a piece of meat in my front teeth. He said no and asked if Id like some meat between my teeth. He kept joking around about sex when he said hed love to bend me over one of the pool tables and fuck me in the ass. Naturally I told him that wasnt going to happen. He started saying how he was tired of always ... Continue reading →

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Threesome Sexstories


We get a table and order drinks and laugh at the guys in the band because they seem way too drunk to be playing. We look around and everyone seems to be high or drunk or maybe just really happy. The dance floor gets more and more crowded and it gets hotter and hotter even though the breeze off the water is blowing harder than usual. Pretty soon we are tipsy ourselves and dancing as close as we can as everyone else pushes against us as they dance. I see Michelle, the cute girl that works at the condo place, and she is laughing and dancing in the middle of the crowd. She sees us and comes our way. She is flushed and sweaty like the rest of us and seems to be just as tipsy. She dances around me because we both like this song, and you watch the way we move together. We cant help touching each other because it is so crowded and the dance floor is so small. Me and Michelle are trying to talk over the music but it is too loud and we are not making a lot of sense anyway. She just got off work ... Continue reading →

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There was 3 years difference between myself and my sister. She was 19 and in a relationship and I was just starting to kiss girls. My sister had a pretty body and always wore tight jeans to show off her soft place. In the summer she had friends over to swim and I would watch. I couldn't help but notice my sister was always the sexiest in the group. For a few years I would sneak into her room and look through her panties drawer. She was now wearing very lacy and extreamly sexy briefs. I would picture her wearing them and masterbate or use the fabric to jerk off with. On this particular day I came home for a friends house and noticed my parents car was gone. I walked in the front door and nobody was around. The urge hit me and I wanted a quick release before my folks got home. I quickly walked down the hall with the idea of using her panties again but was surprised when I pushed open her door to see her on her knees sucking her boyfriends length. Panic set in and she jumped up ... Continue reading →

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Let me start by saying I'm a married male with two kids. I had been having thoughts run through my head that included 
fucking and sucking with another guy. I've often gotten 
very hard and have masturbated while thinking I'm 
sucking another guys cock. I travel quite a bit and this last time I was in San Francisco. I was staying at a very nice hotel. After flying all day, 
when I went to check in. The clerk was a very handsome younger 
guy. He was about 6 foot lean and was black but more of a chocolate 
color. He genuinely made we feel welcome. I went up to the 
room, showered and decided to go to the bar to help unwind. I was there about 30 minutes when a young man went to sit next 
to me. I looked over and it was the clerk from the front desk. He had change clothes and looked over and said that his shift 
was over. We sat there chit chatting for awhile and seemed 
to be getting along very well. I decided to go for broke and 
asked him if he would like to come to the ... Continue reading →

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Oral Sexstories


Stephanie breathed a deep sigh as she once again sat in traffic on the interstate. Yet another commute in a life full of them. It seemed that this was all her life had been since her divorce five years ago. Commute, work, commute, sleep, commute, work and so on and so on. At age forty-six she needed a change, but the rut she was stuck in was so deep it seemed that climbing out would be impossible. Today was just like any other day except it was Wednesday, not Tuesday or Friday or even Monday. It was just another day in a string of days that seemed to never change. Stephanie's two kids were away at college. She and her ex-husband decided that two kids were enough and she agreed to have her tubes tied after she had her youngest. She was young when her kids were born. She missed them dearly. "Aw, screw this, " she muttered and began to carefully cross traffic from the lane she was in to get to the next exit ramp. Maybe she could find a short cut around this cursed traffic. ... Continue reading →

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It was coming to the end of our9 day hunting trip and wheather turned nasty, freezing rain and cold, we were all gathered in the large army surplus tent one of the guys brought and set up for more room, inside had large old wood burning stove blazing away making weather outside not so bad.There was only 5or 6 of us left including my ex father-in-law.And my present wife Cindy, At 45 she was strkingly beatifull and sexy. After eating everyone but Cindy myself and Mark went to local bar to get some refreshments.Went out to chop some wood for fire and when returned Cindy took me aside and said that while I was out that Mark had started rubbing her soft place and tits.Not knowing what to do or say ask if she stopped him, which she said know she didnt want to hurt his feelings, He had told her it had been many years since touched a beatifull lady.And that day before he had seen her giving me a playjob in the woods and His wife of 30 years never would do that.Anyway she said felt sorry for ... Continue reading →

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Sarah pulled up to the motel unit Ross had described... he had told her stories about this sales rep Jean, who paid him monthly visits, and tonight Sarah had agreed to come along and watch him fuck her. Room 115 was the room number he gave her, but the door to that room was open. Sarah knocked on the door... no answer, only the sound of low moans coming from the deck outside. She stepped into the motel room and closed the door behind her. This must be the right room, Ross's car was parked outside, but where were they she thought... A familiar male voice called out "Sarah, we are out on the deck, come on out", much to Sarahs surprise there were three people on the deck. Two naked women and Ross... sitting in deck chairs watching the world walk past (which one was Jean, thought Sarah). The two empty bottles of chardonnay on the table and the third bottle open, waiting, explained why everyone was naked... but this was 2.00pm in the afternoon and although the solid screen ... Continue reading →

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My Husband went to pick up Tim as arranged. I stayed at home and got ready as specified. Tim has grilled Hub on the car journey to find out every sexual encounter we had every had. He understood our limits and knew where he could expand them. When they entered the house I was knelt on the kitchen floor dressed in a under the breasts basque, stockings and high heels. They both hesitated and my husband said please Tim use my wife for your pleasure. Tim said god you look fantastic and walked over to me. I pulled down his zip and took out his semi hard cock and started to suck on it. He had asked for this greeting. Hubby left us in the kitchen and took Tims things into the back bed room. I sucked Tims cock well feeling it grow hard and swell to totally fill my mouth. He then took hold of my head and pumped into my willing face. I was tasting his leakage and then he stopped and pull out saying not yet you bitch you have not earned my cum yet. He walked of just saying follow me. He led me ... Continue reading →

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Well the old truck was finally giving out and it was time 
to buy a new vehicle. I picked out the car I wanted and visited 
my bank to secure the loan. I was asked to wait until one of 
the loan officers was free, so I busied myself looking through 
year old magazines. As I had my nose buried in one of them 
I heard a female voice saying, I guess your next. I looked 
up from the magazine and saw a very beautiful face. She said, 
My name is Laura, follow me. I laid the magazine down and 
stood up to follow her. As I followed Laura I did a quick assessment. About 510, nearly my height, and very, very curvy. A 'larger' 
woman than any I have dated before. Some would say she was 
plump, some would say shes chubby or voluptuous. But watching 
her walk in front of me she was just plain sexy. I really had 
to question myself about this one. She had a gorgeous face 
that was model quality, but she was more woman than what 
I was used to. Yet I felt the stirring of a hard on watching ... Continue reading →

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Historias de sexo


la primera ves q tuve sexo con mi mejor amiga fue 
una de muchas ocasiones en q visite el yunque, en rio grande 
Puerto Rico. mi amiga es una chica conservadora y solamente 
habia tenido sexo con tres hombres distintos, claro es 
una chica de 19 aos actualmente y si es conservadora pues 
su experiencia se limita a lo capaz q sea la otra parte de 
llevarla a esa situacion. habiamos comenzado a coquetear 
con la idea. ella dice q soy todo un hombre y q la curiosidad 
la estaba matando, mientras le contaba de mis otras experiencias 
con otras chicas. pasabamos horas largas contandonos 
eso relatos por telefono y siempre terminabamos masturbandonos. 
era impresionante escuchar como gemia. tambien era increible 
como nos sincronizabamos y casi siempre nos veniamos juntos. 
coordinamos un bonito dia cercanos a verano, y claro hacia 
un sol de pelicula y el dia estaba mas q perfecto. llegamos 
al estacionamiento y ella decide cambiarse la ropa para 
ponerse traje de bao. nunca habiamos ... Continue reading →

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A few weeks ago my new boss, a lady named Jeri came by my place before we were to head out for dinner together. She brought along a young guy named Justin who I thought was some sort of relative of hers. While I was showing them my apartment, and we were in my master bedroom, they kinda lost control and started making out right in front of me! Turns out Justin, only 21, was Jeri's lover AND the father of her 3 year old daughter. Jeri's 45. Justin has been doing her since he was 18 and she was, well, you do the math! Jeri had seemed like a straight laced girl to me so far, but, now it seemed she was an exhibitionist and a voyeur like me. Not only did Justin get on Jeri right there in my bed, but, she actually told me to strip and try out Justin's dick for myself! You should have seen it! Eight thick inches! Justin plowed Jeri pretty good and when he brought her off once he pulled out and slipped into my pussy. FUCK! Not only was this the biggest dick I'd ever had to ... Continue reading →

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Oral Sexstories


Mary was a hostess in city restaurant, working each evening from 7PM till 1AM. She was married, but with her husband being on a shift in a factory that started at 5:30 AM and having to sleep from early evening, for weeks, she had not had a chance for sex with him at all. And then, having the need to keep her job was also an extra pressure. The restaurant owner had her in his office several times in the last weeks what that meant, that if she wanted to keep her job, she needed to "help" him. Since she was always good at playjobs, she did not object and - just about daily, during the evenings - managed to get away for a half-hour or so, and sucked him off willingly. Yet, he did not do anything else to her and the playjobs got her excited and frustrated too. She tried to wake her husband a couple of times, but he was too tired that left her fingers to get herself off. As a mini-boss, the waitresses were under her care and one of them, Betsy, was a buxom woman, whose hus-band ... Continue reading →

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I've been best friends with Jas for as long as i can remember. We went all the way through first school together, then through high school, and now we even worked in the same office, our desks opposite each other, and we lived together in my 2 bedroom appartment. Neither of us had really been lucky in relationships, having the odd fling every now and again, the longest lasting only about 6 months, so when Jas met Kelly i was excited for him. She was beautiful, legs up to her armpits, stunning deep blue eyes and flowing blonde hair down past her shoulders. They met when we were both out clubbing one night, he spotted her across the bar with some of her mates, but was too shy to go and talk to her. So in the end i spoke to her on his behalf, explained that he liked her but was a little shy when it come to chatting up women. So she came over to him and instantly they hit it off. They have been together for 9 months now and they were so deeply in love it was clear to anyone who knew ... Continue reading →

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Bisexual Sexstories


I was hitching a ride to a friend's house and it stated to rain. It was early summer and I was only wearing shorts and a tank top. So there I was standing in the rain no cars in sight wondering what to do, now to explain . We lived out in the woods no neighbors for miles so I decided to start walking home.About ten minutes into my wet walk along comes this old pick-up truck. He pulls over and yells for me to get in. I quickly complied as it was getting dark and I was soaked.As we started to drive I noticed the guy who had rescued me was blonde haired and fairly good looking but he was totaly naked. He said he had just got caught in the rain like I had and didn't want to get the seat wet.Right as he is saying that I noticed he was sporting one of the nicest looking lengths I had ever seen. For awhile now I had been feeling a strong urge when ever I saw another guy's length to want to maybe try it toy it suck it see how it tasted.Well seeing this guy's length my length ... Continue reading →

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I woke up to find Michelle straddling my hard manhood. Her long blond wet hair swaying in the dawns light "what are you.." before I could finish my question she lowered her pussy onto my dick. Her wetness and the feeling of her pussy sucking on my cock drained my mind of any questions. Michelle began to ride me hard and fast, her large 34dd tits began swinging and slapping her stomach. Slap slap slap! It was loud and animal I swear I saw bruises forming from her tits slapping. As if that wasnt bad enough she began to talk loud enough to overcome het tit slap.."Oh fuck it cant get any deeper oh fuck Im gonna cum" with that she tightened up so strong I thought she was going to rip my dick off. See this was the first time I had ever fucked Michelle we had been friends for years. Sure I had seen her naked before and I felt her tits a time or two, but she was off limits. Why might you ask? The brothers pact! See I have a brother and a best friend. We are all so close ... Continue reading →

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This night was just fucking crazy. My name is Amanda and your not going to believe this story for one minute its that wild but i want to tell you anyway cause it really did happen. I was 18 and just finishing up my first year of college when me and my friends decided to go out and party it up for a night. I was excited. I was in the mood for anything drinking,smoking,getting fucked up and just hopefully having a good awesome time with my friends. Well that fucking fell through because all my girlfriends had boyfriends and were whipped by all of them so they all stayed in with there boyfriends that night. I was pissed because i really wanted to party with all of them. I had a boyfriend too but i didnt want to be anywhere near him that night because for once i wanted to feel free. Its hard being tied down.  Especially when i have guys flirting with me and constantly grabbing my ass. Im not conceited but i know i look good with all the attention i get.All the guys i talk to ... Continue reading →

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Anal Sexstories


Marty had met Sindy in a popular bar in town. Sindy was a smoldering sex goddess. Cinnamon-colored hair, perky smooth tits, long legs and a horny pussy that was insatiable. Marty was an attorney. He had been married twice and was looking for adventure when he met his love, his erotic muse. Sex with Sindy was the most erotic sex of his life. The little slut loved anal sex. She was a tight fuck too. Her pretty pert little ass raised up and allowed him entry whenever he got horny. Sindy loved to dress up for Marty. On this occasion, she was slipping into some silky stockings. The sensation of the fabric against her taut, tight skin was exquisite, and made her nipples harden with want. She slipped the stockings over her smoothly shaven dancer's legs one at a time. The panties, she had bought at an exclusive boutique on 5th Ave. They were cream color and high cut and had lace trim on the sides . She felt beautiful. She attached the garter and slipped her foot into a pair of stilettos. ... Continue reading →

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Gay Sexstories


We were 14, and it was the end of our 8th grade year. The class 
had an end-of-junior-high pool party at a private club. 
Edgar had moved into our town earlier that year. He was a 
bit scrawny, but his parents were rich, and he was pretty 
cool. He had long, dark hair and spoke with a bit of a northeastern 
accent. I hadn't paid that much attention to him, but on this 
day, he showed up wearing a bikini Speedo swim suit. No one 
in our Midwestern town wore such revealing suits. I was 
drawn to it because I envied anyone who could be so open. 
I was on the shy side. 

Edgar's penis was a little on the small side, but through 
the bikini, there was little left to the imagination. He 
was obviously circumsized. His penis stuck straight out 
at a 45 degree angle. You could even make out the piss slit. 

I wasn't one of the cool kids, so I was surprised when 
Edgar spoke to me in the locker room. I was shocked by what 
he asked me. 

He must have seen that I was interested in ... Continue reading →

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Anal Sexstories


My best friend in the world is Jay. We had dated a little bit a few times back in high school, but we found we were much better friends than anything else. When we were juniors in high school, not quite 17, he was a photographer for the school paper. He was good at it too. This year his assignment was to photograph the Homecoming football game, the Homecoming Court and the crowning of the Homecoming Queen during halftime. He never had problems with girls, but even he welcomed the opportunity to get up close and personal with the six of the most beautiful girls in our class. During halftime, Jay went down to the field to start shooting the Homecoming Court and crowning of the Queen, and I stayed up in the stands. I love the cool October air, and up on the top of the bleachers, there was always a good breeze, even with a thousand fans in the stands. After a few minutes one of my friends came over, Stacey, and plunked down on the bench next to me. My boyfriend is SUCH a jerk. No, ... Continue reading →

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Gangbang Sexstories


My hubby and I were bored one Friday night and thought we would just go out to a lounge and have a few drinks and just do some people watching. Really didnt have any thing planed. We were sitting and having a few drinks and having a really relaxing time just talking about nothing. It was fun. About and hour into our stay I notice a couple of guys I have played with. I hadnt seen them in a long time. They are in there mid 20s and are very sexy hunks. I also notice they had a girl with them as well. I did not recognize her but she was very sexy. She was about the same age as the men and was a real sexpot. Short, about 4-11, big breast probably about 38 C maybe even D. Long black hair down to her ass. She had an hourglass figure. Tinny waist. Nice firm bubble Butt. Firm thighs. She was beautiful in the face dark complexion. She looked Hispanic. Jim, one of the guys recognized us and waved. We waved back and motioned them over to our table. Jim and Troy introduced the girl as Maria. Jim ... Continue reading →

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Oral Sexstories


All that I could see was done in wood, the walls the floors the beams. In front of me was a great room with a high ceiling and stone fireplace from the floor to the rafters above. To my left was a kitchen that was made for a chef. Walking passed the kitchen and the great room we entered a doublewide hallway. The first door on the left was a bathroom, with nothing amazing. Just a standard bathroom. We walked further down the hall and to my left was a room. Lucy turned on the light and it was her work out room with mirrors and all kinds of equipment. More than she had at home. She explained that she spent most weekends here and her Sunday workouts were hard. Continuing down the hallway was a set a double door. It opened to a large bedroom with glass windows on two sides with the center of the walls equal to where I was standing. The bedroom overlooked the lake and there was not another house or light that I could see. Lucy explained that she owned 50 acres all around the lake and there ... Continue reading →

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Lesbian Sexstories


It was a Saturday afternoon and in the gym of the local high school five girls were practicing their new cheer routine. You could take one took at any one of these girls and tell they were meant to wear those uniforms. The purple and gold outfits outlined their bodies perfectly. Showing off their firm round asses and letting just a few inches of abs show. They were even a little low cut so you could see their perky tits bounce as they did their routine. Leah was the head cheerleader. She had red hair and was made for the job. No one dare question her know how on cheering and what was best for the squad. They even relied on her with their personal lives and that is why all the girls were still virgins. Leah thought that if they were sleeping with the football players they would distract them from there game and that would be bad for everyone. Well, this day at practice they were moving through the steps and were coming across some problems a few of the girls seemed to be ... Continue reading →

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Mature Sexstories


It was 7:00 am I was still feeling horny from the night before. My wife, who is 38 years old, loves to consume a bottle of wine and tease me by grabbing my length, which is in plain site even though I have my pants on.sdfsd She gets her kicks by verbally playing my brain with her sexual innuendoes. She gets me so hot that my length spits out enough precum to give me a nice quarter size wet spot on my pants. I hate that cause it stains She usually will say, I have to pee and falls asleep on the floor or bed or on the toilet, just when my hard on is raging its full 7 inches. I put her to bed and take a cold shower. 10 years of the same routine starts to wear on the sex drive. As I said it was 7:00 am and Im driving through the neighborhood on my way to work. The houses are all the same. The cars in the driveways offer a subtle difference in a seemingly endless row of monotony. As I round the bend and up ahead and to the right I see a women rushing out the front door of the house with a ... Continue reading →

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Anal Sexstories


The very first time we had a few friends over for football. There were three other guys, my husband and one other lady. Now at this time I wasn't going topless at home as I do now. I did not wear a bra tho. Because it was at our house I felt that I should serve our guests and my husband, with whatever food and beverages that they needed. At half time the two guys that were single thought that they would leave and go to a bar to watch the second half of the game. When I asked why they were leaving, they kinda stammered and made a lame excuse that nobody believed. They finally admitted that the waitress at the bar would always wear a sexy low cut top and would show a lot of cleavage as she served them. My husband quickly chimed in that he may want to go too and soon the other ladies husband agreed also. I said, "Look if you all want to leave please do, but if its just cleavage that you like you can see all you want right here." I went upstairs and changed my blouse and put ... Continue reading →

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Lesbian Sexstories


She could hear the water running from the bedroom as she stepped out of her exercise clothes and into the robe that was lying across the bed. The sound of the rushing water gave her chills as she imagined the feel of the warm water flowing over her body. She walked into the bathroom and noticed the window was open. She stood in front of it, feeling the breeze hit the silk material of the robe as it flowed over her breasts and instantly made her nipples erect. She watched as the neighbor next door looked her way and she wondered if she could see her. She finally moved away from the window and leaned over the large oval garden tub and poured some liquid from the bottle. Bubbles began to flood the tub and the iridescent colors fascinated her and her mind began to drift off. Her robe lightly dusted her shoulders before hitting the floor. She stepped up to the stairs leading her to her afternoon getaway and turned off the faucet. The water was exactly the way she liked it and she slipped ... Continue reading →

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Anal Sexstories


This is a true incident that happened a few weeks ago. I am a regular at the local gym. A lady comes there with her hubby. She is awesome, big tits atleast 44 size and a beautiful face. An exhibitionist to the core, has no qualms of doing exercise in front of men. She is difficult not to stare at. When she sweats one can see the outline of her pussy in her gym pants. She knows I stare and she even encourages it. That day she came alone to the gym and was exercising. She was wearing a white t shirt and her massive tits were protruding as usual. After an hour it was time for me to go home and I sauntered off to my car. As I was about to get inside I heard a female voice calling out. It was Big Boobs. She asked sweetly if I could drop her home, her tshirt was dripping in sweat and I could see her nipples. She saw me seeing and I di not care. We drove to her house nearby. When we reached she asked me to come inside for a coffee. I was about to excuse but I decided to accept. We went ... Continue reading →

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Bisexual Sexstories


I had been spending a lot of time with my new friends Jane, Mark and Leslie when one afternoon the girls said that they were going shopping why dont we do some guy thing? Mark and I packed some lunch and a cooler and headed to the beach to see some eye candy. I headed to the more popular beach I knew but Mark said have you ever been to The Cove? I said I thought that was a private beach and nude too. He said he had a pass card to get in and if I was uncomfortable we could go somewhere else. I asked him what it like was. He said small with little nooks in the dunes for privacy and it was coed but there were a lot of guys there. Everyone leaves each other alone unless asked. I said what the hell lets go. We got there soon enough and Mark let our car in with his pass card. There were only three other cars in the parking lot so I figured we would have some privacy. We packed up our stuff and went through the dunes to the edge of them. Mark stopped and said its bare ass from here bud So we ... Continue reading →

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Gangbang Sexstories


It was finally Friday night! Thank God the long work week was over. I couldn't wait to just kick back for a quiet evening with friends. My boyfriend and I were going over to John's house to watch movies and hang out in his hot tub. I could just imagine the feeling of those hot bubbles running up and down my skin... I was getting wet just thinking about it. I sighed contentedly to myself as I tied my bikini top, which barely covered my perky 36C tits. Just then, the doorbell rang. Kevin was here! I rushed over to let him in. He sized up my torso in a glance and pushed his way in, backing me up until I felt my shoulder blades touch the wall. He pressed his hard dick up against my crotch and breathed hotly into my ear, "You look fucking hot." I shivered, and I could feel my pussy begin to tingle with my desire. He began to kiss my neck, and I arched it as much as I could against the wall and ground my hips against his crotch. He had me moaning in no time as his lips and ... Continue reading →

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Hotel Sexstories


We had discussed how this night would play out many times. The fantasy we wanted to make reality. He was so excited that tonight was the night it would happen. He made the arrangements at an upper scale hotel, one that had a lounge with a lot of traveling business men. He called her to let her know the location, he would remain there. He wanted a seat that would insure he could see all the events play out. She was at home, she was showering making sure all the details on her end were perfect. She wore a tight white blouse with a suede skirt. She thought to herself panties or no panties. She decided that she would wear none and that excited her. Her instructions were clear, she was going to the hotel to pick up a stranger that she would fuck as her man watched. She arrived at the hotel checked in, then went to the lounge. There he was chatting with other patrons, their eyes made contact but, nothing was said. After all they wanted it to appear she was alone and available. She took a ... Continue reading →

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Historias de sexo


Tena como quince aos cuando tuve mi primera experiencia 
sexual. Fue tras una fiesta en casa de un amigo, para ser 
ms concreto con su hermana mayor. El motivo de la fiesta 
fue celebrar los dieciocho aos de mi primo Carlos. Nos 
reunimos toda la prole de primos (somos quince) y nuestros 
respectivos amigos y amigas. Lo celebramos con msica, 
cerveza, ginebra, otras bebidas baratas de alta graduacin 
 y unos cuantos canutos. 
A las tres de la madrugada empezaron a marchar casi todos 
los congregados, camino de la discoteca o de la cama. Yo 
me qued rezagado, para ayudar a recoger y arreglar los 
destrozos. Al final nos quedamos solo Carlos, que estaba 
demasiado borracho y call dormido en un sof, su hermana 
Andrea y yo. Hacia las cuatro acabamos de recogerlo y limpiarlo todo, 
pero como an tenamos ganas de fiesta metimos a su hermano 
en la cama y nos quedamos escuchando msica y apurando alguna 
botella en el comedor. Como ninguno de los dos tenamos 
coche no podamos ir a otra parte, ... Continue reading →

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Gangbang Sexstories


This happened a few years ago as my then 50 year old wife and I were heading home from NYC after attending a formal dinner held by my company. As we were heading home, my wife remarked how down she was feeling as she seemed to be the oldest woman compared to the many women she talked to at the event who mostly seemed to be in their 30's or 40s and how much younger they appeared than her. While it is true that many of the women were younger than her, my wife still looked, to me and by others, to be one of the more attractive women , not only at our table, but perhaps at the whole event. My wife still looked great in her nice fitting black cocktail dress, slit nicely up the side enough to show off her still fantastic legs and tastefully lower cut top to expose just enough cleavage to still keep a distinguished, yet very sexy look about her. She is 5'4" tall, about 115, 36C and naturally blonde. As I could see she was feeling more depressed as she talked about it, I assured ... Continue reading →

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Mature Sexstories


This happened about a few years ago. I used to work a manger a movie theater during college, just to make some spending money. Anyway, there was this women I used to work with, and she was around 40 years old, and for her age she was hot...big tits, a nice firm soft place, very pretty. At the time I was about 22, and we would always flirt back and fourth, but nothing to serious. But one night we had been working late together and we were both tired from the work day. We were making our rounds to make sure the theaters were clear, and she turns to me and asked if I had ever had sex in a theater. Since we always talk like this I played along and said no. I pointed out that the upper row would be perfect, since it was dark and hard to see back there. She said lets see, as we made our way up there, I couldn't take my eyes off of here sweet soft place as she walk up the stairs. My length was getting hard just imaging how good it would feel to play her. As we got to the top, she sat ... Continue reading →

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Oral Sexstories


It was Friday, the end of a very stressful work week filled with meetings, deadlines and mountains of paperwork. I was left behind after everyone went home to finish up some loose ends. I pear out the second story window to find myself in a daze. How was I going to focus on finishing this project? Only one thing works really...but I had to make sure everyone was gone. After a quick listen, the place seemed quiet. I returned to my desk and lift my skirt and pull aside my panties just enough to feel my freshly shaven pussy underneath. I love it when I can feel my wetness. I rub my pussy and get it ready for my fingers to penetrate. My fingers slipping between my lips to find my clit standing erect and swollen. I slide one finger inside but pull it out to taste the sweet taste. I moan softly as my finger is in my mouth. It excites me to know how wet I am. I rub my clit just a little more as it swells between my fingers. It feels so good. Moving at a steady pace, I reach under my shirt to ... Continue reading →

by Mikey on Feb 11, 2017

BDSM Sexstories


I have traveled this road many times but never like this. Today this road has a different meaning as it is the road to an unknown pleasure. It is a journey to my fire of desire. As I pull my car into the long term parking space and gather my belongings, I feel my heart pounding. I can hear each beat. I am dripping with wetness, my juices flowing uncontrollably. I have been instructed to wear no panties. I am very self conscious of this, and only hope it is not noticeable to others. I am wearing a short black skirt, my bare legs are tanned. It is a very humid and hot Florida afternoon. I feel my ankles sweating under the black leather ankle strap shoes that I had been instructed to wear. As I board the train that will take me to my gate I am concerned that other passengers may notice the glistening moistness on the inner side of my thighs. I hide behind my sunglasses. As I walk to my gate, I can hear the actual sounds of my wetness, I nervously giggle to myself at how unbelievable this ... Continue reading →

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Swingers Sexstories


I flopped on to the sofa next to Steve.
 Wed just spent the day shopping in Reading. My boyfriend
Ben hated shopping with me. Well, not just with me, just
shopping in general! So Bens best mate Steve offered to
go with me. Steve was great at shopping, willing to go in
to all the girlie shops and even giving a male outlook
on clothes. My purchases of the day lay on the floor at my
feet, a diamante thong, a (very!) short denim skirt and
some new make up. I looked at Steve who was sat on the sofa
next to me. Being friendly with a boyfriends best mate
was weird for me; I never spent time with my exs mates. But
Steve and I got on well, too well sometimes. I was really
into Ben and had even had thoughts that he could be The One
but there was something about Steve. And he had an effect
that he shouldnt have on me. Steve and I chatted online frequently and about things
I probably should only say to Ben. Im very open about sex
and will talk to almost anyone about it. Steve was more than
happy ... Continue reading →

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Romantic Sexstories


I opened the door and let you in. The scent of chocolate filled the air of the living room and the fireplace was flickering bright. In the front of the mantle lay a furry throw. Candles were sprinkled throughout the room. I asked if you wanted a drink. You got comfy on the throw as I brought back 2 beers. I settled in next to you and we gazed at the fire as we talked. I had turned on soft music, which tonight you didnt seem to mind so much. On the table nearby you noticed some dishes and brushes, you asked what they were for. I said I was planning on doing some painting. Then I slowly raised my hand and brushed your cheek. Looking into your eyes I leaned forward and met your lips with mine. Your arms slid around me pulling me closer as our kiss deepened, both of us losing ourselves in the awakening passion. Slowly my hands moved to the bottom of your shirt and slid underneath, my thumbs catching it as they roamed upward pulling your shirt with them. Lifting it up and off. I continued ... Continue reading →

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Teen Sexstories


Lacey was just out of college and was hired working for a local office. At 19, she was a sexy little minx, shapely legs, 36 C breasts, and a small waiste.She was 5'6. Lovely smile and big blue eyes.. Part of her sexyness was her attitude. Though, she was not that experienced, she was always eager to learn. Dan was a senior agent, 45 and had been with the company for quite some time. Lacey always came to him when she was stuck. She espeically loved standing close to him and displaying her beautiful tits in front of him. Teasing him His eyes were drawn to them...there sexual banter always made Lacey wet and wonder what he was like. Dan checked her out every chance he could get. There was a great deal of sexual tension between these two. She sure made him hard. Bending over the desk like that. Naughty, naughty young lady!! And so, Friday afternoon came, everyone left early but Dan and Lacey . Dan locked the door, he didn't expect anyone to come in at that time of the day and he ... Continue reading →

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Threesome Sexstories


Meredith was feeling blue, it was 10 oclock, her birthday and her favourite sister hadnt called. We were also a little tiddly having been celebrating ourselves with a bubbly or 2 since about 4 oclock. Lets go to the pub I suggested Well play the pokies for a while and have another drink. It didnt take any more talking, Meredith told me to wait a minute while she changed out of her work clothes. When she came out of the bedroom I nearly said forget it, she had changed into a low cut stretchy dress which showed off her great figure. Meredith is a size 12 with DD tits and a small, tight arse on top of long beautifully sculptured legs and a taut waist. I said Ill have to be on the lookout tonight, in that gear every guy in the pub will be lusting after you. She just gave me a coquettish smile and said Youll just have to be on your best behaviour then wont you. I patted her on the arse and we went out to the car. When we walked into the pub there was hardly anyone in the bar, a mere ... Continue reading →

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Incest Sexstories


My sister was asked to attend a conference late into the 
night and would my wife and I mind looking after my niece 
for the night.No problem, we thought it would be great to 
have some younger thoughts and minds around as we had no 
kids and were in our fifties 
After ordering pizza and watching TV, I asked my niece Rita 
if she wanted to go to bed, she replied yes and off she went 
my wife fell asleep in front of the TV so I told her to be quiet 
and see her in the morning.An hour or two later I covered 
the wife with a blanket switched off the lights and went 
to the bathroom.Standing in front of the mirror I suddenley 
saw the shower curtain, which blocked off the bath, opened 
gently and there in the bath Rita smiling from ear to ear.I 
excused myself but she asked me not to go as she needed to 
ask me something. 
Feeling slightly embarrased standing in my jockeys I said "Sure go for it" 
With one movement she stood up and and in all her innocence 
said to me. ... Continue reading →

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Lesbian Sexstories


I am a 30 year women who has always fantisized about other women. One night last summer a few friends and I went into the city to an upscale club. It wasnt too crowded so I didnt have to wait long to use the bathroom. I was fixing my makeup when this hot girl comes in. She says hello and then stands next to me fixing her makeup as well. She is so pretty I cant stop looking at her in the mirror. She knows. She goes into the private stall and within minutes returns to the mirror. I am of course still there pretending to be fixing myself still. When all of the sudden she comes up right behind me and puts her arms around my waist and wispers to me, your beautiful......I am in shock because i have never had his happen to me before. I wisper thankyou back and i dont move.....she stays behind me and starts running her hands up and down my smooth suntanned legs. I am so turned on but manage to mutter that i have never done this before with a women. She tells me that she has been with women ... Continue reading →

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Gay Sexstories


Danny's profile fairly jumped off the page into my eyes. I wanted to make love to a black man for the first time. He wanted to make love to a man for the first time. We seemed compatible from our profiles, but I didn't have enough confidence to believe that I could actually get my dream date--a hot 6'4" black man--but I sent him a message anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote back within a few days. As we chatted though, it was all clear. Danny figured that I could teach him to enjoy this new experience, he liked the fact that I was clean, healthy, and discreet, and it was good that I had a place we could meet. We set our first date. The time came and went, and an hour later I went to bed disappointed. I was also surprised, because I knew I was sincere and I would have bet he was. So I wasn't surprised when I got his new message the next day. When he had announced that he was going from the military base into town for a drink, someone decided to tag ... Continue reading →

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Oral Sexstories


This is a true story of one of his more memorable experiences.... I had broken up with my girlfriend a few months prior to this. We still got together about once every other week to screw each other's brains out. She was a screamer and the walls to my apartment were very thin. The people next door were a couple of very sexy strippers. We were friends, they'd always invite me over for their parties and just to hang out. The day before my ex had been over, and I was looking forward to having a nice relaxing day by myself. I was surprised when there was a knock on my door. It was Sara, the redhead of the two strippers. She asked me if I wouldn't mind comming over, she wanted to smoke and wanted some company. How could I refuse? We go over to her place, the other roomate, Jess, is out doing some shopping. We got comfortable on the couch smoke a bit and chit-chat. I could tell she had something on her mind, she always bit her lower lip when she was thinking about something. I ... Continue reading →

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Threesome Sexstories


A few weeks ago, one of my wife's friends came over for a visit. We hadn't seen her for several months, as they'd moved away from the area, but now they were back in town for a few days. She arrived without her husband or kids in tow, which was nice. Her husband is a jackass, and her kids, while nice kids, are noisy and disruptive, so we were happy that she showed up alone. Her husband throws her a beating once in a while and is often verbally abusive, but much as she complains about him to my wife, she won't leave him. I guess that's pretty typical. I was surprised to see how she was dressed. Not modest, to say the least. She wore a snug fitting top which left her belly exposed, and a pair of low cut, tight blue jeans. She's fashionable, but I'd never seen her dress so provocatively before. She's actually quite shy, so it seemed particularly odd. I mostly avoided looking at her, because I knew my eyes would wander and I didn't want to be rude, nor ... Continue reading →

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Mature Sexstories


We each just had the most incredible sexual experience 
either of us ever had, when Tony gazed into my eyes and said 
to me Linda, I knew instinctively that my feelings about 
you would be right! Let me paint a picture for youIm a 
47 yr. old office manager of a small software company & 
Tony is one of my 30 yr. old technicians. I noticed lately 
that Tony was beginning to flirt with me in a friendly & 
playful way, and being that Im quite a bit older than he 
is, I was at first cautious but I was also starting to get 
turned on by this. So I began playing back in a flirtatious 
way not really expecting anything to come of it. I was really 
enjoying the attention from him since hes so young & 
good looking with quite a sensual side to his personality. Ive always been told Im a pretty woman with a great personality 
also, but with me being a bit on the pudgy side Ive never 
given in to explore my true sexual self due to feelings 
of intimidationand I think Tony sensed this ... Continue reading →

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Bisexual Sexstories


Danny's profile fairly jumped off the page into my eyes. I wanted to make love to a black man for the first time. He wanted to make love to a man for the first time. We seemed compatible from our profiles, but I didn't have enough confidence to believe that I could actually get my dream date--a hot 6'4" black man--but I sent him a message anyway. I was pleasantly surprised when he wrote back within a few days. As we chatted though, it was all clear. Danny figured that I could teach him to enjoy this new experience, he liked the fact that I was clean, healthy, and discreet, and it was good that I had a place we could meet. We set our first date. The time came and went, and an hour later I went to bed disappointed. I was also surprised, because I knew I was sincere and I would have bet he was. So I wasn't surprised when I got his new message the next day. When he had announced that he was going from the military base into town for a drink, someone decided to tag ... Continue reading →

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Oral Sexstories


I could barely breath with his cock shoved deep inside my mouth. I slurped and sucked at it hungrily with an uncontrollable desire. His cock head swelled as my tongue molded around it trying to taste every drop of his salty goodness. My mouth was warm and wet just like my pussy. I wanted him to fuck my face and love it, as much or more than my pussy. I love sucking his cock. I needed to suck his cock and I wasn't going to let him stop me from taking what I needed from him. His moans grew louder and his belly flexed as he sat on my couch with thighs spread enough for me to do as I longed to do for days. Yes, just three days earlier he had emptied his balls into my stomach and had pulled from me the wettest orgasm I had ever had, but I needed more. I am insatiable when it comes to him. Although he quenches my fire completely. Soaking me in my own juices until I'm breathless and ready to pass out. I awaken with a renewed fire smoldering and threatening to get out of control the ... Continue reading →

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Gay Sexstories


I met Jim through a datingsite and had discussed with him on many occasions about getting together for some one on one sex. He is a good looking guy, 38 years old, with a nice body and 8 inch cock with a slight inward curve that glistened in the pictures hed sent to me. I arrived at his home near the coast just after lunch. He answered the door wearing a t-shirt and designer boxer shorts. I could tell he was excited from the bulge visible through his pants. Shaking his hand and greeting him for the first time, a bit shaky inside myself, I entered his home as my cock started rising to the occasion. Without hesitation I dropped to my knees, opened the slot in his boxers and reached for his hardening cock. I said, I remember you told me that you didnt want small talk. So Im going to accommodate your wish and satisfy you right here and now. Without a single word from him I easily pulled his almost fully erect cock from his boxers, looked at it momentarily while stroking him even harder. ... Continue reading →

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Interracial Sexstories


The warm air swept my hair as I followed the drumbeats to the Luau. The water shone and reflected the moon above. The Polynesian dancers writhed their luscious dark bodies and vibrated their hips spasmodically, hypnotizing the hungry guests. I was looking for sex.. I was on holiday, looking sexy as hell and on the loose.  I surveyed the area. What lucky soul or souls would have their head buried in my pussy tonight? There was a young couple to my left, real cute, but they looked very devoted and probably were monogamous. Straight ahead a couple of drunken lesbians. They looked like fun ,but something big, hard and throbbing was missing that I needed bad. I took a seat and was handed some tropical elixir with an umbrella and downed it quickly. A man approached. He had huge hands and a deep voice. His accent was thick from the islands and his skin the color of dark rum. With the length of those fingers, his cock must be huge, I thought optimistically. We sat and drank, the usual ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jan 12, 2017

Anal Sexstories


My wife's nice was staying with us for awhile. Susan is in her mid thirties and has black hair and one smokin body. One morning my wife was working and i had gone to work, but had forgotten something at home. When i was walking down the hall, Susan's door was slightly open and i heard moaning. I looked inside to see her with her knees up and because of the blanket couldn't see, but was sure she was playing with herself. our eyes caught each other immediately and she kicked the covers off her legs, explosing her wet pussy with a vibrator inside of it. she smiled as i walked next to the bed, she pulled the vibrator out of her wet pussy and stuck it into her mouth. sucking and licking the fake penis. She layed it down on the bed and reached over to rub my balls through my pants. She unzipped my pants and pulled them down, then she took and slid my underwear down my legs too. My cock was instantly rock hard and it is about 8 1/2 inches long and almost two inches around. She ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jan 12, 2017

Hotel Sexstories


It was about midnight and I went to the bar at the hotel where 
I had been staying. It was still pretty crowded, and I stood 
at the end of the bar, next to a couple who had obviously been 
there a while. Eventually we started talking and kept the 
conversation going until the bar closed. The next night I got there earlier, and they were there standing 
in the same spot. The woman, Carla, waved me over as soon 
as I came in. We had a few drinks, and her boyfriend would 
go off to shoot darts, but came back between games to get 
another drink. After a couple of hours the conversation 
was definitely shifting to a more intimate level. And when 
her boyfriend returned to stay, I could sense that she did 
not want him there. A woman wearing a very, very, short miniskirt came in the 
bar, obviously a hooker, and the three of us watched her 
work her way around the bar for a while. For some reason we 
were talking about what services she might be offering, 
and what she was charging for ... Continue reading →

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Swingers Sexstories


Im a highly sexual being and I stay horny 24/7. I have a steady partner or at least I had one, but it seems that lately hes been too busy with his work to spend much time with me. I dont like to go off thinking that hes grown tired of me or that he has someone new, but I have to wonder when 3 and 4 weeks go past without our having relations. I get a little irritated with him at times, because I lead a pretty normal sex life until he came into the picture, he convinced me to let my hair down and to explore my inner being as he called it. He was the one that introduced me to this alternative lifestyle. And now its rare that we spend any time together, and its been ages since we had another woman to join us! He swears that theres nothing wrong and I have no choice but to believe him, but my needs are going unmet and I think its time for me to move on or to at least set out to meet other people with like minds! I never considered myself to be anything sexually, I just enjoyed sex when ... Continue reading →

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Lesbian Sexstories


I masterbate on a DAILY BASIS.... and this is my favorite memory that makes me leaking like a faucet. I love to keep my pussy clean and shaven. Most I know like it that way. I get SUPER wet and being shaven only enhances the feeling. My clit swells up and is crazy sensitive. I get it professionally shaven and it was funny, because the first time I got it done was my first bi experience as the person who I was scheduled with was a woman named Max.. When I went to the place, I thought max was going to be a man.. But low and behold Max- (Maxine) was a co-owner of the place and did the best shaves. Well I actually felt a little relief that it was a woman and she was pretty too. Shaped like me but taller and a little thicker. She asked was I nervous, and I was. Plus I wasn't sure how it was going to be after because I heard it itches as it grows back. She assured me she was the best so I went with it. She got one looked and my hairy but short trimmed pussy hair and petted it like a ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jan 11, 2017

Mature Sexstories


Dean would watch her every morning at 8:00 she would leave the house .She was always in such a rush. He would see her often during the day as she was his neighbor. Her daughter attended the University. He loved the way she wore her hair up with all those pins and her clothes were always so polished, so put together. Her silk blouse with a hint of cleavage that drove him mad with desire. Her fitted skirts that left his imagination wander to the lingerie underneath. Yes, that's what did it for him… imagining her lacey panties rubbing up against her cunt as she walked, garters hugging those creamy thighs. He lived in a dorm across from a row of flats. His roommates at the dorm chided him for his crush on a woman old enough to be his mother, but she was exquisite! If he rushed from his world history class, he could catch her on her way to the gym. She wore a leotard, that clung to her rounded breasts, accentuating the full peaks of her nipples. No one his age had breasts like that. He ... Continue reading →

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Gangbang Sexstories


The dust beneath his feet kicked up as he mounted the horse. Joe had owned the ranch all his life, and ran it as he lived his life, alone. With his callused broad hands he stroked the mare, and galloped heartily down the hills towards town. As he rode his full sandy blonde hair fell over his forehead; enhancing eyes that were ocean blue set in a rugged face. Joe ordered his staples from Lydia, the grocer's wife and was about to exit the store when a pair of eyes met his at the door and he felt his loins stir and his heart tremble. She was magnificent. Eyes as brown as coffee with milk, full lips that looked like ripe berries. Her hair was the color of liquid fire. Joe's eyes took in this ravishing creature. His eyes surveyed her long, tan legs and her willowy thighs. Her ample breasts were spilling out from a ruffled bodice. Joe had never felt desire such as this. He took the brimmed Stetson from his head and placed it over his heart. "Ma'am, My name is Joe. I own the ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jan 10, 2017

Incest Sexstories


Tom, himself having been released from a drying out place had picked up 
his luscious wife, Irene, at another alcohol rehab, and 
now they were on their way to pick up their cute, 18 year 
old daughter, Mindy. Her older brother, Kevin, had arrived 
home from yet another drunk farm, and was awaiting for the 
family to be reunited after a 6 week stint for all of them. 
How this all happened was that daddy, mommy, and the kids 
hadnt been able to shut down a weekend long party. The Lovelust 
residence had become the wildest party house in Sexton, 
and every Friday afternoon began a 2 & day long debauch. 
Men and nearby housewives arrived at all hours to partake 
of each others and the Lovelusts bodily fluids and booze. 
Up until their round the clock partying had gone out of control, 
Tom and Kevin would at weekends ending, manage to clear 
the house by dawn, lock up and, bringing more booze upstairs 
to then join the glistening and lubricous Irene and Mindy 
who had, in their ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jan 9, 2017

Milf Sexstories


I was about 23 years old when this happened. A good friend of mine and I were going to go hunting with his father one weekend. I was to stay in the guest room at their place that night. My friend and I decided to hit the bar for a few drinks then home to bed. Four in the morning comes really early and when his father came to wake me I told I felt to bad and would meet them later that day. He told me where they would be and left. About 7:30am I woke up. I had kicked all the covers off and had my normal morning hard on. Just as I started to open my eyes I heard something off to my right. I barely opened my eyes, just a slit and looked to see what it was. What a surprise! Mrs. Burdett my friends mother, was on a chair just a few feet away, in her nightgown. The nightgown was pulled up, her legs spread wide. I could see her softness and she was moving her fingers quickly in and out of her softness. At the same time her other hand was rubbing her personal place. Her mouth was open, her ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 8, 2017

Teen Sexstories


Giggling like a schoolgirl I lay on the bed wearing nothing but a pair of not very flattering black cotton knickers. The two boys, both 18 and virgins, climbed onto the bed either side of me and lay on their sides facing eachother across my 38 year old, but still sexy body. Both pairs of underpants contained an erect cock desperate to get inside a woman for the first time. I slipped a hand inside each of their undies and squeezed both cocks. Their hands began feeling my body, their first touch of a woman. As my breasts were squeezed and my nipples teased by their inexperienced hands I pulled their cocks out of their pants and began stroking them. It only took about 10 strokes of my hand before brian, to my left, reached orgasm. His spunk squirted powerfully out across my side and over my breasts. Jon to my right lasted only a few moments longer before cumming loudly, his spunk gushing in spurt after spurt onto my stomach and panties. What good boys they were ! I put an arm around each ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jan 6, 2017

Webcam Sexstories


I have heard about all these wild internet sex stories friends tell me about and being a horndog myself. I decied to purchase a computer and see what the talk was about. I spent around three months learning how to use it etc. My friends all had webcams and I had no clue what one was. I called my buddy at work Jerry to seek his advice but his girlfriend Shana answered the phone and agreeded to come over and show me how to set it up. I have my pc system in my bedroom and she has it installed and working in like ten minutes. I asked her whats a good site to see some hot women and she replied naughy webcams is where Jerry and I exhibit.  Next thing I know, we are at the naughty webcams site. She is explaining to me that the website pays them to have sex on webcam. I jokingly asked her if she wanted to work some now. To my surprise she said yeah why not. She loged in her user information and the chatroom filled up fast. She told me to lay back on the bed. She claws at my pants, taking ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Jan 5, 2017

BDSM Sexstories


If I wasn't such a control freak, I wouldn't have been punished. I always have to have the last word, and I am ALWAYS right. WRONG! Mack decided that it was time for a little lesson in obedience. I tried to protest, but all it got me was a ball gag in my mouth. This might not be so bad after all... Tonight is poker night. Lots of men, drinking, and cigar smoking. Dirty stories, tales of all sorts, and big bets are the norm. Tonight, I would not be the happy little hostess. Tonight, I would learn to bow down to my master. Literally. I am outfitted in an interesting leather outfit with a crotchless panty. I find this exciting, not humiliating, as I had been told it would be. But alas, I thought too soon. Next, a heavily diamond-studded leather collar is placed around my neck. It is locked with a key. I have no power to remove it. Mack shows me the gift he has purchased with last week's winnings...it is a solid gold dog tag, and it is engraved with my name. My name for the ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Jan 4, 2017

Historias de sexo


Me encuentro delante de un folio en blanco que me grita same 
y no se que decirte. Se me refleja tu nombre en cada rincn 
de mi casa, all donde vaya, all ests t. Finalmente me siento en mi butaca y te dibujo en mi mente, 
linda, perfecta, lo que yo so y te moldeo a mi ilusin. Imagino que te siento, que te acurrucas en mi regazo mientras 
me dejas acariciarte, sentirte, sentir cada mota de tu 
piel, cada milmetro de tu cuerpo, sentir en mi cuello tu 
aliento, tu respirar, sentir como a cada momento me enamoro 
mas de ti. Estar loco? Te cuento como me enamore, susurrndote 
en el odo, en voz baja, mientras t cierras tus bellos y 
lindos ojos, esas dos a gatas de cristal que brillan cuando 
me ven. Te encontr entre miles de estrellas, no se quien eres, 
como eres, solo te siento, y siento como en mi interior me 
martillea un nico pensamiento, un nico recuerdo, un 
nico t, tu nombre, bella Rosa. Me enamore, sin conocerte, de ti; sin saber si eres guapa 
o fea, sin saber nada ms que tu ... Continue reading →

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If you like Bi stories, this is one for you! Like a lot of guys, I was getting complacent in my relationship with my fianc and so I began to surf the net. I found Adult FriendFinder and joined to check it out. I decided to join both me and my fianc just to see if anything interesting would pop up. I was hoping I could get my fiance Pam interested in a 3some or 4some with me, like I had done with my first wife years ago. After only a day we started getting a lot of email from several guys and a few couples. My fiance is a very beautiful blonde standing at 5 3 and only 112 lbs carrying a very beautiful set of 36-C cup tits with perky small nipples that harden at the slightest hint of chill. As you can suspect many of the guys were rude and indicated their prowess and desire to play my wifeno news there. A few responses from the couples were very interesting especially this one I really liked. The first part of their profile indicated they were both bi-curious, which got me excited just ... Continue reading →

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I guess I'd had the hots for my boss Ray for a very long time, but I knew he was married, and so I'd never done anything about it. I also had a policy of at least TRYING to keep work and sex separate, although in the past I had a co-worked I was fuck-buddies with, before I met and married my husband Steven. Now Steven and I do have an open relationship, having met over the internet, on a swingers and adult sex site ourselves, but still, most of our encounters with others, we share together. Somehow, I just couldn't see myself explaining that to my boss, or even seeing him in bed with another man, much less my own husband! And so my fantasies about Ray my boss, stayed just that, fantasies! One day I was in the bookkeeping room doing some filing. It is also the room with all our office copy machines, and as I filed people would come and go, using the copiers. At one point, I was on the other side of some file cabinets, and in walked Ray and another male co-worker, and they ... Continue reading →

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Ran into some friends while out

My hubby and I were bored one Friday night and thought we would just go out to a lounge and have a few drinks and just do some people watching....

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My new boss her boyfriend

A few weeks ago my new boss, a lady named Jeri came by my place before we were to head out for dinner together. She brought along a young guy named...

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Wild night

This night was just fucking crazy. My name is Amanda and your not going to believe this story for one minute its that wild but i want to tell...

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Una De Muchas

la primera ves q tuve sexo con mi mejor amiga fue 
una de muchas ocasiones en q visite el yunque, en rio grande 
Puerto Rico. mi amiga es una chica...

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The beach

Looking across the beach, my binoculars always picked 
out the Johnsons first. They were an elderly couple, who 
had retired a couple of years ago...

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A Woman's Sexual Peak

I was 36, divorced and horny. They say women peak sexually 
in their 30s, and boy are they right! Ive always been one 
to enjoy sex, but now its...

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