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Tropical Fantasy

by Guest on Jan 13, 2017 Interracial Sexstories 4606 Views

The warm air swept my hair as I followed the drumbeats to the Luau. The water shone and reflected the moon above. The Polynesian dancers writhed their luscious dark bodies and vibrated their hips spasmodically, hypnotizing the hungry guests. I was looking for sex.. I was on holiday, looking sexy as hell and on the loose. 

I surveyed the area. What lucky soul or souls would have their head buried in my pussy tonight? There was a young couple to my left, real cute, but they looked very devoted and probably were monogamous. Straight ahead a couple of drunken lesbians. They looked like fun ,but something big, hard and throbbing was missing that I needed bad.

I took a seat and was handed some tropical elixir with an umbrella and downed it quickly. A man approached. He had huge hands and a deep voice. His accent was thick from the islands and his skin the color of dark rum. With the length of those fingers, his cock must be huge, I thought optimistically. We sat and drank, the usual chitchat and I finally said you know what I really don't care about your life, I really just want to fuck you on the beach. I am white, very pale, lemon blonde, and blue-eyed. I love dark men. Opposites attract I guess. They give me something I crave, and I love to see the contrast of dark skin on white. Asian, Latin, Black, bring them on as far as I was concerned. This man was very much my type and from the looks of things, he could appreciate a curvaceous blonde.

We left the luau in a hurry, his hand was up my skirt and it was an amazingly beautiful night to fuck outside. Walking down the beach for awhile, I asked him straight out," What have you got for me tonight daddy? Cause this girl need inches!"

He snickered sexily and said I'd get what I needed.

Suddenly he turned around and pulled me on the sandy beach. The sand was soft and warm and I felt wild as he literally ripped the top of my dress off, revealing creamy flesh unmarked and salty. He flicked his tongue over my rosy nipples, teasing them mercilessly.

"You need a good fucking and I'm gonna give you what you deserve pretty lady, but you're gonna have to earn it first," he said in that delicious syrupy accent.

"And what qualifies you?" I panted saucily.

"11 inches of solid cock!", he said, and he pulled out an amazingly large black and bulging rod.

Never had I seen a tool this large! It was thick too! I wanted to go to work! I would beg for this cock.

Still on my back, now with pale breasts exposed lying in the white sand, this large- cocked dark stranger took the torn strips from my dress and bound my hands while straddling my body with his muscular thighs.

I creamed at the sight of his perfect , huge cock and my body thrilled at the idea of sucking it dry. He sat on my face so that his balls were pressed against my mouth, and I lapped at them with my tongue. They were salty and so full of cum. If I had my hands free I'd be all over this man-but it was all about control and he had it now. The cloth around my wrists was a real turn on, my nipples hardened with desire ,I raised my cunt, which was becoming saturated with my own juices. Then he put the first few inches between my breasts and slowly rubbed it in between. His dark cock rubbed against my ivory skin. The contrast was beautiful. My skin slowly chafed pink.

He took his time.

"Please give me that cock to lick," I begged.

"Open your mouth", he commanded.

I did and he put it in. I could have sucked that solid chocolate lollipop all day. He fucked my throat and he filled my mouth, there was barely any more room in my mouth at all. My cunt was so jealous.

My breasts had dick burn from his cock rubbing between them and they stung red. I heard the ocean and its rhythmic waves lapping at the shore was louder than my moans and groans of pleasure.

Then a wave came up and covered us both. My dress was no longer on my body. I was naked except for some lace panties and the cloth around my wrists and the slight wet chill of the water made my body feel so alive! Then he removed the panties with his large rough hands and put his large tongue in my dripping slit and I was incredibly aroused, my clit solid under its delicate folds, his mouth kissing my rose-colored pussy lips as I wriggled all over the beach in pleasure. No one had ever mastered my body that way!

I refused to cum because I wanted to know more of his pleasures. To feel that solid 11 inches inside me. I reached my tied hands around his neck and went to kiss his manly lips, to bring him on top of me, to coax him inside me.

And then he plunged that huge drill inside my tight cunt over and over. My whole body shook up and down and the waves were crashing around us ,there was no sound s but the water, our screams were muted and his huge head plunged deeper and deeper. I felt as though this man would tear me in half with the force of his erection. I came, exploding out of control, the pounding surf, my sandy skin, this incredible fuck was everything I needed right now.

Then he pulled out and came all over me in spurts. It mixed with the salty sea foam and. He untied me. My dress was nowhere to be seen, but I was satisfied, naked and humbled. He gave me his shirt to wear as we walked down the beach back down to the luau. His dark bronze chest illuminated by the moon.

The sea was beautiful that evening.

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