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Interracial Sexstories

by Guest on Jan 13, 2017


The warm air swept my hair as I followed the drumbeats to the Luau. The water shone and reflected the moon above. The Polynesian dancers writhed their luscious dark bodies and vibrated their hips spasmodically, hypnotizing the hungry guests. I was looking for sex.. I was on holiday, looking sexy as hell and on the loose.  I surveyed the area. What lucky soul or souls would have their head buried in my pussy tonight? There was a young couple to my left, real cute, but they looked very devoted and probably were monogamous. Straight ahead a couple of drunken lesbians. They looked like fun ,but something big, hard and throbbing was missing that I needed bad. I took a seat and was handed some tropical elixir with an umbrella and downed it quickly. A man approached. He had huge hands and a deep voice. His accent was thick from the islands and his skin the color of dark rum. With the length of those fingers, his cock must be huge, I thought optimistically. We sat and drank, the usual ... Continue reading →

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