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The party that spilled over

by Guest on Jan 10, 2017 Incest Sexstories 4530 Views

Tom, himself having been released from a drying out place had picked up 
his luscious wife, Irene, at another alcohol rehab, and 
now they were on their way to pick up their cute, 18 year 
old daughter, Mindy. Her older brother, Kevin, had arrived 
home from yet another drunk farm, and was awaiting for the 
family to be reunited after a 6 week stint for all of them.

How this all happened was that daddy, mommy, and the kids 
hadnt been able to shut down a weekend long party. The Lovelust 
residence had become the wildest party house in Sexton, 
and every Friday afternoon began a 2 & day long debauch.

Men and nearby housewives arrived at all hours to partake 
of each others and the Lovelusts bodily fluids and booze. 
Up until their round the clock partying had gone out of control, 
Tom and Kevin would at weekends ending, manage to clear 
the house by dawn, lock up and, bringing more booze upstairs 
to then join the glistening and lubricous Irene and Mindy 
who had, in their drunken rut, become bed bound beneath 
each other and whoever else might join them in thrashing 
out their visions of depravity.

Now, just the 4 of them, with fetid imaginations inspired 
by recalls of depraved lovers having run amok all weekend, 
would, as the boy and girl drinking of booze and each others 
and their mothers genitalia, incest themselves into 
a series of demented comas on their cum drenched bed until 
sleep finally overcame them by nightfall. By Tuesday morning, 
they would clean up, pick up, and nourish themselves back 
to functionality.

But it had become more and more difficult as Monday mornings 
neared, for the drunk and naked Lovelusts to eject their 
drunk and naked guests. Finally, one early Monday AM, thanks 
to the fact that they had left the upstairs windows open, 
keeping the house cleared of revelers had become impossible.

Tom had, as usual, locked the front door but forgot to secure 
the back.

Joining his very drunk, but still horny, wife, daughter, 
and son in the bed for a post party party, the sounds accompanying 
their sucking and fucking drew the attention of other party 
goers about to return home.

Even as daylight flooded the morning streets, horny studs, 
having partied in other Sextons housewives abodes, 
were drawn to Irenes and Mindys howls and screams floating 
from the open windows upstairs.

It didnt take long to find a way in, and one of the interlopers 
threw open the front door to admit others, including housewives 
who didnt waste a minute in occupying the couch as the overflow 
of men mounted the stairs, then mounted Irene and Mindy.

Time lost all meaning. Liquor deliveries followed and 
lovers came and went. The open windows and front door transmitted 
the lurid sights and climactic sounds that accompany multiple 
exchanges of bodily fluid.

As the days of partying went into the next weekend, the continuously 
drunk and sexually aroused Lovelusts were now too busy 
sexing to eat.

It was fortunate that Tom and Kevin loved cunt eating and 
whenever possible, siphoned Irenes and Mindys continuously 
replenished vaginal entrapments.

The many dozens of party crashers cock loads that both 
females engulfed, helped, along with their mutual cunnilingus 
(depriving the father and brother of that nourishment) 
helped save Mindy and Irene from starvation but not ultimate 

Tom and Kevin also fed off of visiting mommas overflowing 
vaginas to help sustain them, but it was fortunate that, 
by the middle of the following week, Jenny and Ralph appearedafter 
partying, themselves, through the rest of the night with 
the residue of degenerate party goers, shut down the party 
and rescue the delirious Lovelusts.

Tom, Irene, Mindy, and Kevin all required drying out plus 
a month and a half of aftercare to regain lost weight. Now, 
as the aroused mother and father proceeded to pick up their 
horny daughter from her rehab, they had begun to plan a new 
party, only a wilder one.

Article source: https://sexstoriesclub.com/incest/90-The-party-that-spilled-over.html

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