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An Old Man Remembers

by Guest on Feb 4, 2017 Incest Sexstories 3878 Views

My sister was asked to attend a conference late into the 
night and would my wife and I mind looking after my niece 
for the night.No problem, we thought it would be great to 
have some younger thoughts and minds around as we had no 
kids and were in our fifties

After ordering pizza and watching TV, I asked my niece Rita 
if she wanted to go to bed, she replied yes and off she went 
my wife fell asleep in front of the TV so I told her to be quiet 
and see her in the morning.An hour or two later I covered 
the wife with a blanket switched off the lights and went 
to the bathroom.Standing in front of the mirror I suddenley 
saw the shower curtain, which blocked off the bath, opened 
gently and there in the bath Rita smiling from ear to ear.I 
excused myself but she asked me not to go as she needed to 
ask me something.

Feeling slightly embarrased standing in my jockeys I said "Sure go for it"

With one movement she stood up and and in all her innocence 
said to me.

"Uncle Max, do you think I, m pretty"

With a casual glance at her 18 yr old body in front of me I said 
, "Rita you are very pretty but your boy friend should 
tell you that all the time"

"Oh Uncle Max I have never had a boyfriend" she 

By this time I was now staring at her semi-haired cunt and 
34 tits and my cock started to stir.

Rita saw this and exclaimed how come my cock was moving in 
my pants, taking the biggest chance in my life I asked her 
to take my dick in her mouth and see what would happen.

As she bent down and took my now fully blown cock into her 
mouth I reached out and placed my hand on her crack.

"Have you ever had any cock in here" I said 
"No Uncle Max I havent had that done , would you like 
to put yours inside me"

By this time my loins and were ready to blow and I knew that 
at my age it wouldnt be long.

I gently removed my cock from her mouth, to which she exclaimed.

"Uncle Max your fingers are doing funny things inside 
me, Ive never felt that before"

I motioned to her to step out of the bath and turning her with 
her back to me said she must put her legs apart and bend over.

As Rita bent over she asked me if I was going to put my cock 
into her and would it fit?

I thought this must be wrong but what the hell, I had to blow 
this load somehow , somewhere. The answer was in front of 
me, slowly I lined my throbbing cock up with her virgin cunt 
and slowly entered those hairless lips.

As I moved into her I new that this fantasy was happening.

After two inches I came up to her cherry and with a short thrust 
went through it.Within a few minutes Rita turned her head 
and said to me.

"Uncle Max I dont know what is happening bur it feels 
like soda pop is inside me , and her tight cunt retracted 
on my cock and she shudderd from head to foot, exclaiming 
"Uncle Max that was fantastic, are you going to have 
that feeling, " on hearing those words the cum from 
not only my balls but from deep within my loins exploded 
with a force I last felt years ago.Rita sat on the bath edge 
looked at me with sad eyes and with pouted lips asked, 
"Uncle Max, was what we did called sex"

"It sure was, " I said "Cause I want some 
more", she smiled

Next morning my wife said to me 
"Did you and Rita have fun last night", my mouth 

"Aunty Pat, Uncle Max was really great fun last night, we 
played so much."

Thank goodness my niece was missing a few screws , but twice 
after that night I assured my wifes sister that she could 
leave Rita with us any time as we played well together, and 
my youth in some way was brought back to me.

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