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Incest Sexstories

by Guest on Jan 10, 2017


Tom, himself having been released from a drying out place had picked up 
his luscious wife, Irene, at another alcohol rehab, and 
now they were on their way to pick up their cute, 18 year 
old daughter, Mindy. Her older brother, Kevin, had arrived 
home from yet another drunk farm, and was awaiting for the 
family to be reunited after a 6 week stint for all of them. 
How this all happened was that daddy, mommy, and the kids 
hadnt been able to shut down a weekend long party. The Lovelust 
residence had become the wildest party house in Sexton, 
and every Friday afternoon began a 2 & day long debauch. 
Men and nearby housewives arrived at all hours to partake 
of each others and the Lovelusts bodily fluids and booze. 
Up until their round the clock partying had gone out of control, 
Tom and Kevin would at weekends ending, manage to clear 
the house by dawn, lock up and, bringing more booze upstairs 
to then join the glistening and lubricous Irene and Mindy 
who had, in their ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Feb 4, 2017


My sister was asked to attend a conference late into the 
night and would my wife and I mind looking after my niece 
for the night.No problem, we thought it would be great to 
have some younger thoughts and minds around as we had no 
kids and were in our fifties 
After ordering pizza and watching TV, I asked my niece Rita 
if she wanted to go to bed, she replied yes and off she went 
my wife fell asleep in front of the TV so I told her to be quiet 
and see her in the morning.An hour or two later I covered 
the wife with a blanket switched off the lights and went 
to the bathroom.Standing in front of the mirror I suddenley 
saw the shower curtain, which blocked off the bath, opened 
gently and there in the bath Rita smiling from ear to ear.I 
excused myself but she asked me not to go as she needed to 
ask me something. 
Feeling slightly embarrased standing in my jockeys I said "Sure go for it" 
With one movement she stood up and and in all her innocence 
said to me. ... Continue reading →

by Guest on Apr 21, 2017


Charolette was a nymphomaniacal and debaucherous mother who began 
leading her son down a path of drunken dissolution that 
led to their becoming so depraved in the Sea of Flesh series 
that their antics at the Wormpit are nothing short of disgusting. 

It might surprise Charolettes followers to find that 
she was once a woman of faith. Yes, Charolette was only a 
few short months ago, a bulwark of an evangelistic, fundamentalist 
sect under whose auspices she sallied forth every weekend 
to visit the homes of the reprobate with messages of salvation. 

So, how did the foxy-looking Charolette fall from grace? 
The answer is provided in vivid detail in my unpublished 
novel, The Good, The Bad, and The Orgy, which follows 
her actions from the moment she knocks on Jenny Laymans 
door and stumbles into an orgy in progress. 

Without mentioning the details of how Charolette was seduced, 
she emerged from Jennys domicile with oleaginous and 
inflamed genitalia, reeking of alcohol, minus ... Continue reading →

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