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Hotel sex game

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 15, 2017 Hotel Sexstories 14619 Views

We had discussed how this night would play out many times. The fantasy we wanted to make reality. He was so excited that tonight was the night it would happen. He made the arrangements at an upper scale hotel, one that had a lounge with a lot of traveling business men. He called her to let her know the location, he would remain there. He wanted a seat that would insure he could see all the events play out.

She was at home, she was showering making sure all the details on her end were perfect. She wore a tight white blouse with a suede skirt. She thought to herself panties or no panties. She decided that she would wear none and that excited her. Her instructions were clear, she was going to the hotel to pick up a stranger that she would fuck as her man watched.

She arrived at the hotel checked in, then went to the lounge. There he was chatting with other patrons, their eyes made contact but, nothing was said. After all they wanted it to appear she was alone and available. She took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. There were plenty of men, she looked at them all wondering who it would be? The seat next to was empty but, it didnt take long before a man asked if he could join her.

The man was tall, very well dressed and smelled ohh so good. She glanced down to the end of bar to see if he was watching, he was. He was smiling, knowing that the game had started just as they talked about. Her eyes returned to the man sitting beside her. He asked if she was waiting for someone, she told him that she was not, and was in town for one night on business. He said that he was there for the same and that he traveled a lot.

The conversation was going well, the stranger ordered her another drink. And they began flirting, she glanced again to the end of the bar. Yes he was still watch us, that excited her. The stranger began to tell her how pretty she was, and asked if she ever got lonely while she traveled. She was very forward in her response, she told the stranger that she had not been lonely but did have a fantasy. His eyes lit up, he wanted to hear this fantasy.

She explained to him that she had always wanted to meet someone while on her travels and have wild sex. She also made it clear that she want the stranger to take full control. But there was one condition, he would have to leave the room as soon as it was over. She wasnt looking for someone to stay the night, she just wanted to fuck! The stranger was not offended by her fantasy, it was just as she had planned he was so turned on. He ordered her another drink, and they flirted some more.

He touched her leg just above her knee, leaned toward her and whispered in her ear that he would like to make her fantasy come true. She smiled and excused herself to go to the restroom. This was her mans cue, he knew it was time for him to get to the room to get into the perfect position to see everything that was about to happen. She returned from the restroom, glanced to the end of the bar to make sure he was on his way. The excitement was almost too much for her to take, she thought that she might just cum right there, before the event even happened.

She took her seat next to stranger, and went over in her head all the events that were taken place, again she thought she would burst! She continued the conversation with the stranger, he leaned again to touch her hair and kiss her cheek. She suggested that they take this to her room, the stranger did not waste anytime asking the bartender for the check. They made there way down the hall to the elevator, they were the only ones in it. The stranger pulled her close and kissed her hard, she could fell him pulsating through his pants. The excitement was almost too much.

The elevator doors open and they continued on too her room. She opened the door, her heart began to race, she knew her man was there waiting for the show to start. She knew he was in the closet the door just slightly open, it would give him a view to all. The level she was being taking too was one she had never experienced before. She thought that her heart was going to explode. This made her so wet that she thought it was going to run down her leg.

The stranger remember the she had said, that he should take total control. He took off his tie, and put the arms behind her back and tied her wrists slightly tight. He then sat her on the edge of the bed, started kissing her neck, she tasted so good. He took his pants down to expose himself, he was so hard and ready for some attention. She slowly opened her mouth inviting him to put his dick in, Oh it tasted so good. Her nipples became so hard, and he noticed this. He removed himself from her mouth, removed her blouse and began kissing and sucking her hard nipples.

She was enjoying every minute, but her thoughts were on the closet. She wondered how hot her man was, if he wanted to jump out of there and fuck her himself? The thoughts made her cum, the stranger was now removing the rest of her cloths as well as his own. He then began his journey down her body, not leaving an inch untouched, she moaned with joy. He softly spread her legs so that it could get his lips on her clit, this sent her over the edge and she came again. He could not contain his excitement, he rolled her over and started fucking her hard and I mean hard from behind. She was squirming in delight, she want more she began telling him harder FUCK ME HARDER!!!!

Again her thoughts went to the closet, she was so wet and wonder of he was too. Then the stranger rolled her back over and plunged himself into her mouth, telling her to suck it. He was now fuck her face and moaning so loud she thought the whole hotel would hear. He was pinching her hard nipples and knew she liked it. She could feel that he was close to shooting his load, he removed himself and began stoking it until he came all over her hard nipples. He was breathing so hard, but knew that the fantasy had been met and it was time for him to untie her.

The stranger got dressed and kissed her, told her that it was very exciting and that it was a pleasure to meet her and left the room. Then the closet door opened and the first thing she saw, was his hard cock, he was undressed and ready for his turn. He wasted no time he wanted to fuck her like an animal, he wanted to show her what the show had done for him.

They fucked for hours replaying the whole night, discussing what parts of it she like best. She told him that the best part was with him, she told him how she thought about him as she was Cumming. He told her it was the hottest thing that he ever experienced.

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