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For money

by Guest on Jan 12, 2017 Hotel Sexstories 17121 Views

It was about midnight and I went to the bar at the hotel where 
I had been staying. It was still pretty crowded, and I stood 
at the end of the bar, next to a couple who had obviously been 
there a while. Eventually we started talking and kept the 
conversation going until the bar closed.

The next night I got there earlier, and they were there standing 
in the same spot. The woman, Carla, waved me over as soon 
as I came in. We had a few drinks, and her boyfriend would 
go off to shoot darts, but came back between games to get 
another drink. After a couple of hours the conversation 
was definitely shifting to a more intimate level. And when 
her boyfriend returned to stay, I could sense that she did 
not want him there.

A woman wearing a very, very, short miniskirt came in the 
bar, obviously a hooker, and the three of us watched her 
work her way around the bar for a while. For some reason we 
were talking about what services she might be offering, 
and what she was charging for them. Goofing around, I asked 
Carla if she wanted to hear my list of services. Immediately 
her whole attitude changed. I could tell she was trying 
to make it sound like she was kidding back, but it clearly 
was affecting her. Looking her up and down, I told her I would 
give her a special; a dollar a kiss.

The beers we were drinking were two dollars each. When her 
boyfriend went off to use the bathroom, she quietly asked 
me if she could get two kisses for a beer. I nodded; she called 
the bartender over, and bought a beer for me. Before her 
boyfriend returned, she asked me if she could collect them 
the next night. We agreed to meet there at a certain time.

She was there waiting when I walked in, standing in the same 
spot. Like the previous nights, she was wearing jeans and 
an oxford shirt. I remember her as being about five four, 
long legged, with below the shoulder hair that was parted 
in the middle; light brown and very finely textured. My 
impression was that she was close to my age of 25 or so, but 
I later learned she was almost ten years older, divorced, 
with a teenager who did not live with her.

The first thing she said when I reached her was, You owe 
me something I believe?

Leaning toward her, she surprised me with the ferocity 
of the kiss. I expected a second one, but she told me she would 
collect it later.

We had one beer, working through a bad dialog where I was 
a male prostitute and she was a potential customer, before 
heading out of the bar and up to my room. She collected the 
second kiss in the elevator.

In the room she wanted to know how much I would charge her 
to fondle her breasts.

Five bucks.

How much to have you suck on them?

Five more.

She pulled a ten dollar bill out of her purse, and set it on 
the nightstand next to the bed.

Standing in front of the TV stand, she pulled my hands to 
the buttons of her shirt. I undid them, found that she was 
not wearing a bra, and started moving my fingers around 
her nipples. After I removed the shirt, she backed up a little 
bit until she was sitting on the end of the bed. I played with 
her briefly, her nipples were immediately erect, and she 
put her back and head down on the bed.

I knelt down next to the bed and used my mouth and fingers 
on her for a few minutes. She then asked me if she could buy 
an entire set of kisses and not have to pay a dollar for each. 
I told her twenty dollars, and she put a twenty on top of the 
ten dollar bill.

I kissed her, fondled her nipples, and started licking 
my way up and down her neck. She started squirming, and I 
moved my hand down to unsnap her jeans. Her head bounced 
up and she said, How much will I have to give you to put your 
fingers inside me?

Twenty five.

She added two more bills to the pile, and then turned so that 
I could unsnap and unzip her. Lifting her hips, I pulled 
off her jeans and panties. Even as I did that I could smell 
her arousal, and a tentative fingertip between her legs 
found her to be very wet. I inserted one, two, and then three 
fingers up inside her and leaned over to begin licking her 
nipples again.

Seconds later she wanted me to go down on her. I quoted a price 
of one hundred dollars, but she told me that she only had 
forty five left. My price was lowered, and she immediately 
moved her crotch to the end of the bed for me to start licking. 
Her hips were all over the place; I had to lock my arms around 
them to be able to maintain the right contact

I used my mouth on her until she finally pushed me away, and 
then she just put her head back and went limp. After a couple 
of minutes she pulled me down and started kissing me. I was 
totally aroused and figured that I would have to give her 
a freebie, but she surprised me by abruptly stopping the 

Ten bucks if you want to kiss me.


She rolled me over and climbed on top of me, straddling my 
waist. The kisses we exchanged were long and wet. She eventually 
asked me if I wanted a blow job, and when I said yes, she told 
me it would cost me twenty five dollars. She moved money 
from the pile and dropped it on the floor, then quickly removed 
my pants. Her mouth was all around me immediately, and her 
head was moving up and down, picking up speed.

Eventually she moved up on my, and grasping my penis she 
allowed just the very tip to enter her. I tried pushing up 
my hips but she easily keep hers away to that just the tip 
was touching her.

Fifty dollars if you want to fuck me.

I started to nod my head and she dropped herself on me, completely 
consuming my penis. At that point all I could do was to attempt 
to match her rhythm. She was going wild, her hips moving 
faster than I could keep up with. I came long before she did, 
but it didnt matter to her. She kept going until her body 
started a long shuddering, ended with a couple of very loud 

After she was done we lay next to each other. Once her breathing 
returned to normal, she asked me how much money I had left. 
Not sure, she bargained with me for the final time.

You can have me for the rest of the night for whatever is 

Of course I agreed, and before she left in the morning she 
collected all the money that she had spent the night before.

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