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Motel Rendezvous

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 26, 2017 Hotel Sexstories 5211 Views

Sarah pulled up to the motel unit Ross had described... he had told her stories about this sales rep Jean, who paid him monthly visits, and tonight Sarah had agreed to come along and watch him fuck her.

Room 115 was the room number he gave her, but the door to that room was open. Sarah knocked on the door... no answer, only the sound of low moans coming from the deck outside. She stepped into the motel room and closed the door behind her. This must be the right room, Ross's car was parked outside, but where were they she thought...

A familiar male voice called out "Sarah, we are out on the deck, come on out", much to Sarahs surprise there were three people on the deck. Two naked women and Ross... sitting in deck chairs watching the world walk past (which one was Jean, thought Sarah). The two empty bottles of chardonnay on the table and the third bottle open, waiting, explained why everyone was naked... but this was 2.00pm in the afternoon and although the solid screen from the handrail to the deck gave some privacy, the people walking by had a clear view of any action showing above it, which had been going on, or might be planned in the next couple of hours.

Ross walked across to Sarah, "Hi babe, I think you might need a hand to slip your ass out of that dress". Now Sarah did not like to think of herself as shy, but this

was way too public for her just at the moment...

"Umm, I think I'll have a wine and watch... maybe later", replied Sarah. "O.K. sweetheart, your the boss." Ross pulled out a chair for her and poured Sarah a glass of wine, making a point of running the cool glass against her skin as he passed it to her. "I'm sure that dress wont be hiding that ass of yours for long", he whispered in her ear as he moved back to his two playmates in the corner...

Only now that Sarah was sitting down did she really have a chance to look at the other women... these were two gorgeous women. They were both blond with great bodies and they knew it. "What game do you want us to play", they both called out. Hmm, thought Sarah... and said, "I'd like to watch Ross have his cock sucked, while one of you sits on his face." Both of the girls giggled as they started to oblige, and lead Ross to the middle of the deck.

They laid Ross down and slowly they both licked, sucked and kissed his inner thighs, moving closer to his hard cock. "Suck me, suck me", moaned Ross. His moans growing louder, till at last a hungry mouth swallowed his cock while another hungry cunt sat on his face. Sarah slowly moved her dress up her thighs and spread her legs just enough, to slide her hand to the top of her thighs... a bus rolled past and the sound startled her, making her pull her hand away... what was she thinking, people could see.

"Do that again, I want to watch", whispered the cunt riding Ross's face. Sarahs cunt was wet now, and the sight of three bodies fucking in public was becoming too much. Once again, Sarah slid her hand to the top of her thigh, lightly touching the wet panties she was wearing. "Do you want me to help? whispered the face-riding cunt again, looking at her. "To do what", asked Sarah. "To help you cum... you do want to cum don't you?" Oh, God yes thought Sarah... but before she could say a word two hands were gently pushing her dress above her hips, while rolling her panties down her legs to the floor.

The slurping sound of Ross's cock being sucked, and his moaning, had Sarah catching her breath and her nipples were now rock hard, she slipped her hands under the straps of her dress to release her breasts. With the face-riding cunt between her knees, Sarahs head rolled back with both hands playing with her nipples, it was now Sarahs turn to moan, "suck me, lick me." Slowly Sarahs legs were placed either side of the chair to expose her bald wet pussy, her juices running down her ass onto the chair.

A hungry tongue started to tease and lick her clit and then slowly dive into her, releasing a flood of juice over the face of the face-riding cunts tongue.

Sarah could feel her body begin to buck as her pussy was being devoured, her breathing and turned into panting... low moans rose from her throat. Sarah opened her eyes to find that Ross and his cock-sucking friend were now standing over her watching...

Sarah reached out to grasp Ross's large hard cock. "No not yet babe, I want to watch you cum." He picked up the glass of wine sitting beside Sarah and slowly poured it over her firm brown tits " now close your eyes, and let us fuck you." Sarah did as she was told, she didnt care about the people walking past, or the buses, anymore... she was being fucked and she loved it.

Ross sat Sarah forward in the chair and pulled her dress above her head, "told you I'd help that gorgeous ass of yours out of your dress pretty soon!" Now Sarah was naked with the sun warming her skin and the wine poured over her tits, running the length of her body. "Take my hand babe, we have a present for you inside." Once again, Sarah did as she was told and followed Ross inside.

He led her to the large bed in the middle of the room, and tied a scarf across her eyes and laid her on the bed. "I want you to fuck me", whispered Sarah. "I will, but we have a little game for you first." Slowly Ross kissed and licked Sarahs neck, stopping to lightly kiss her on the lips and then move back to her body working on her breasts now... her now rock hard nipples were now being licked sucked and nibbled. Once again, Sarah could feel her cunt begin to drip pussy juices down her ass...

The blonds each took one of Sarahs hands and gently bound them clipping them to chains which ran to the corners of the bed... what are they doing Sarah thought, beginning to panic. But it was happening too quickly for her to object and there was a growing fire in her pussy, and Ross's hard cock beginning to press into her cunt... did she care anymore...NO!! As with her hands, Sarahs feet were quickly bound and chained by the blonds to the bed, then both of the other woman stood back, as Ross withdrew his cock, rose off her, and moved to stand at the end of the bed... "what are you doing, where are you going" cried Sarah, bound and blind, her pleasure was now turning to real panic...

Not a word was spoken, Sarah lay there confused... where had they gone, what was happening? Suddenly, warm massage oil began to drip on to her stomach. Hands began to tease, caress and stroke her body... Sarah began to count one two three four five six hands... all there to please and pleasure her. Unannounced, a finger would suddenly slip into her pussy and tease before slipping into her ass and then linger, before moving on... only to have another finger repeat the greeting.

Once again her moaning turned into panting, growing louder and louder... Sarah was on fire again, she wanted to move but the chains were too tight. She was in darkness, with every inch of her body on fire, pussy dripping wet and her ass teased. "Fuck me, fuck me please, she moaned. Not a word was spoken, the hands just did not want to stop... a tongue now began to lick the juices dripping onto Sarahs ass and suddenly Ross's cock was placed to her lips "now you can suck my cock, babe." Sarah sucked the cock like a woman possessed, she could feel the weight of his body across her and wanted more. "Do you want to watch now, babe", he asked. "Yes", she moaned... he slowly withdrew his cock untied the scarf and rose off the bed.

Sarah could now see... her pussy was now being devoured by a hungry tongue of one of Ross's friends while the other sat beside her slowly inserting a finger into her ass, fingering herself at the same time. Ross then came up behind the cunt-licking blond, teasing her with his cock and licking her ass. "Fuck her in the ass now", demanded Sarah. Ross looked up and smiled, "your the boss, babe", he replied. Slowly and inch by inch, he edged his way into the blonds ass. The pussy licking blond was now going wild... Sarahs body bucked under the increased attention, impaling herself onto the other blonds fingers... Oh my God!!! Sarah moved as much as she could in the chains... the sensations were almost too much for her, with waves of pure fucking pleasure rising in every inch of her body.

Ross was now fucking like a mad man, his balls slapping the ass cheeks of the now animal-like cunt-licking blond in between Sarahs legs... Sarah could not take this any longer... the moans were now caught in her throat, the sight of this woman with Ross's cock fucking her ass was too much.

"Oh good I'm going to cum", was all Sarah could manage to moan as her legs began to shudder and her pussy exploded.

The cunt licking blond bucked violently and rose to her knees, also screaming in orgasm, Sarahs pussy juices now dripping from her face, before collapsing across Sarah and the second blond. "Ross I need you and I need you now... spilt me in half make me hurt" Sarah screamed at Ross, but he was already there, pushing the small frame of his previous fucking victim roughly aside, and plunging his cock into Sarahs pussy. The violence of his strong deep thrusts into her bounced her against the leg restraints which still spread-eagled her, making her bounce off his cock and thighs... thrust after thrust until both of them were lost... grunting and twisting in pure fucking lust.

Violently they both came together, as Ross led go puming her pussy full with waves of hot cum, and then collapsing onto Sarahs chained body... three of them all in a sweaty heap

Ross and his ass-fucked friend crawled to either side of Sarah, with the second blond in-between her legs... gently stroking her still throbbing pussy. "Babe, I'd like to meet Jean and her friend Susan", he whispered…

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