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An opportunity or maybe it's just blackmail

by Guest on May 10, 2017 Hotel Sexstories 2729 Views

I arrived at the hotel just before 11:00PM. I had just enough 
time to unpack my things and organize my business notes 
before hitting the sack. The Introduction breakfast/meeting 
started at 8:00AM in the large meeting room just down the 
hall from the front desk. I was glad there was going to serve 
food at this meeting because it would save me time in the 
morning and I hadnt eaten since the middle of the afternoon. 
I laid there in the dark thinking about how long this week 
was going to be. It was going to be a long 9 day convention.

Meetings till noon on Saturday and Sunday, 8 to 4 equipment 
demonstrations and seminars during the week, and an 8 to 
2 wrap up next Saturday. My flight leaves at 2:00 PM next 
Sunday for home sweet home.

In the morning I felt almost as tired as I did the night before. 
During the morning break I ran into a few guys that I had met 
during previous conventions. One of the guys, Danny, I 
had gone out drinking with a few times. He was a nice guy, 
older than me, about 59 and a little heavier. He had red hair, 
and like me, he had lost a lot on top. He was now sporting a 
medium length beard that didnt look all that bad on him. 
When the meeting was over we had lunch in the hotel restaurant.

He told me that his wife was having trouble going through 
the change, and didnt want sex anymore. He was hoping she 
would get through it ok over the next year, but decided to 
grow a beard like the one he had in his younger days before 
she made him shave it off. She was still the love of his life 
though, so he decided to make the best of it. We went our separate 
ways after lunch. I went to a movie, did a little shopping, 
walked around the town, and had supper a local pizza place.

While I was walking around I had notice an adult bookstore 
tucked away down a little side street about 6 blocks from 
the hotel. I thought it was odd to have a bookstore so close 
to this nice area, but it did look like the property was kept 
up nice. It really just looked like every other building 
in the area.

Later in the evening I was bored so I decided to walk over 
to the bookstore. It seamed like a well organized business.

There was the main lobby area that had all the magazines 
on display in 2 main rows and along three of the walls. There 
were 2 large doorways along the fourth wall. One had a curtain 
covering most of the opening, and a sign indicating that 
the next room was a video arcade. I had read stories about 
what goes on back on places like this, but I decided it wasnt 
for me. The second doorway opened up into a show room that 
contained adult toys and videos. I just wanted to get a magazine 
or two so I stayed in the main lobby area. There werent many 
people there, and soon the lobby was empty. There was at 
least one person in the video area, but I wasnt sure how 
many were back in the arcade. The guy at the counter got up 
and went back to the arcade area. With no one watching me 
I moved over near the gay section to see what was there. I 
was a little embarrassed about being observed, so this 
was my opportunity. There were all kinds of pictures on 
the covers. Some just had men showing their dicks, while 
others showed guys sucking other guys. I admit that lately 
Ive been thinking about such things, but seeing those 
pictures got my curiosity going. I looked a few over and 
grabbed one. I stuck it between two straight magazines 
so no one coming in or out could see what I had. I went over 
to the counter and waited for the clerk. He soon returned 
and rang up my sale. I had stacked them so you could see the 
price tags, but not the subject matter. He glanced at them 
then rang them up. I paid him and hurried out of the store.

Back in the room I looked through them saving the gay one 
for last. It was some sort of a contact magazine with ads 
placed by guys trying to meet other men. Besides the ads, 
it had some short stories with pictures and letters to read. 
I read a few of the stories and then looked through some of 
the ads. I decided I needed to go in the bathroom and take 
care of things. I sat on the pot and laid the magazine down 
on the floor opened to a series of pictures. They were of 
a younger man in his 20s with an older man in his 60s. I masturbated 
to the pictures of them stroking each others dicks. Just 
when I was about to cum, I glanced at the picture of the young 
guy sucking the older man. I imagined that I was the one giving 
head. That was enough, and I pointed my dick down to shoot 
in the pot. That night, while I laid in the dark, I thought 
about what had happened. One minute I was ashamed and the 
next minute I wanted to look at the pictures again. I finally 
drifted of to sleep.

Sunday morning I went downstairs to the meeting and found 
there was none. The desk clerk said that the schedule was 
wrong, and that there was nothing scheduled for today.

That was fine with me so I had some breakfast, and went back 
to my room for a nap. Later I went down for some lunch and ran 
into Danny and a guy name Bill. We were introduced by Danny, 
and Bill suggested we have lunch together. We sat around 
and talked for a while, and I noticed Danny giving me a strange 
look every once in a while. Bill wanted to know what we both 
did for fun last night, and before I could speak, Danny told 
him he had gone to an adult bookstore to rent a video. He then 
looked at me and told Bill that I was there also. I almost 
choked on my coke when I heard that. Danny told Bill that 
he saw me buying magazines. Bill wanted to know what kind, 
and I quickly said general stuff like older women and one 
about the girls next door. I wanted to answer before Danny 
said anything. Danny didnt add any comments, but gave 
me that look again. Bill left shortly after that, and before 
I left, Danny asked me to have dinner and a drink with him.

I needed to explain things so I agreed to meet him at 5:30 
in the lobby.

That evening after dinner he asked me to come to his room 
for a drink instead of drinking at the bar. I agreed and followed 
him to his room. While he was pouring my drink I asked him 
why he didnt say something to me at the bookstore. He smiled 
and said that he saw me looking over the gay magazines and 
thought it would be awkward for me to be seen by someone I 
knew. I quickly denied it, and told him he was mistaken.

He then got up and retrieved his notebook computer. He fired 
it up and showed me a series of pictures taken of me at the 
bookstore. Not only was there a picture of me putting one 
in the short stack I had in my hand, but there was a series 
of shots showing me taking them over to the cash register 
and making a purchase. The one that really shocked me was 
one taken while I was looking at one of the gay magazines 
by the rack. The picture made it look like I was rubbing my 
crotch while I was looking at it. I didnt rub my self, but 
the position of my hand at the time sure looked like I was 
doing it. I asked him how he got these pictures, and why he 
wanted them. He showed me his camera cell phone, and said 
that he snapped them with it, and then sent them to his email 
address. He then accessed them with his notebook when he 
got back to the room. I said thats how, but what about the 
why. He said it seamed like a good idea at the time. I asked 
him if he was going to blackmail me, and he said that he really 
doesnt want to do that. I told him I want those pictures 
destroyed, and I want his silence on the matter. Ill give 
him what ever he wants as long as its within reason. He replied 
that he wants to cooperate and help me out, but he also needs 
help. I inquired what kind of help he needs, and then he dropped 
a bomb. He reminded me about the trouble with his wife, and 
said that this is what he needs. At that moment he stood up, 
unzipped his pants, and pulled out his dick. I froze like 
a sitting statue. He moved towards me and said that he will 
help me by destroying all the pictures. He also promised 
that after this week he will never mention it again to me 
or anyone else. He then undid his buckle and dropped his 
pants. His semi-hard six inch cut penis was hanging out 
of his boxer shorts right in front of me. He then softly said 
that he really needed my help. His dick looked every bit 
as good as the ones Ive seen in the magazines, and I couldnt 
take my eyes off of it. I told him that I have no experience, 
and that Im just curious and not gay. He said he believes 
me, but he knows I want to try things otherwise I wouldnt 
be looking at gay pictures. He picked up the empty glass 
off of the coffee table and handed it to me. He said just play 
with it a while and look at it. Then stroke it gently, and 
slowly move my mouth over it. He said he would coach me on 
what to do. He also said that if I didnt want to swallow, 
he would warn me and I was to pull it out and point it at the 
glass he gave me. I was to just masturbate him at that point 
and observe how he shoots.

I nodded, and then he told me to slowly pull his boxers down.

I swallowed my pride and did what he said. He stepped out 
of his boxers and pulled up his shirt. His belly was a little 
bigger than mine, but he had the dick of a younger man. His 
pubic hair was a mix of gray and red, and his legs didnt have 
much hair. I played with it for a while, like he suggested, 
and it got hard very quickly. I slowly masturbated him, 
then, when I got up the nerve, I put my mouth over the head.

He moaned at that point and tried to push it in farther. I 
started to gag, and pulled it out. I asked him not to do that.

I told him I gag very easily. He said he understood, but if 
I cant take it deep, then I need to work the head the way he 
wants. I then went back to work, and he taught me how to move 
my tongue around the rim of the head and flick the slit. I 
would alternate doing this and then work my lips back and 
forth over the head. My mouth was very dry, and I was very 
nervous, but soon he gave me the warning. I pulled it out, 
pointed the head at the glass, and jacked his dick. He shot 
a pretty good quantity, but not as force full as mine when 
I masturbate. He thanked me for the help, and put his boxers 
and pants back on. I couldnt believe what I had done, yet 
I did it and it wasnt that bad. He then went to his notebook 
and handed it to me. I deleted the pictures, search for other 
images and found no other copies. I admitted to him that 
I have had fantasies like that before, and I guess he helped 
me in many other ways also. He suggested that we go to breakfast 
together in the morning before the conference starts. 
He told me to drop by his room to pick him up on my way down.

He said he had some things to do in the morning, and suggested 
we go early.

The next morning I knocked on his door. He opened it after 
a few minutes, but he was dressed in only a towel around his 
waist. He apologized for not being ready. He had over slept 
and had just finished taking a shower. He asked me to sit, 
and he moved over to the refrigerator to pull out a couple 
of small orange juice bottles. He offered me one, but I declined.

He put one back and took a swig from the other. He then sat 
it on the counter and slowly walked over to me. When he was 
right in front of me he dropped his towel. He gently pulled 
my head toward his groin with one hand while he held his limp 
dick in the other. He asked me to please do it again. I said 
no, and told him that I thought we completed our agreement 
last night. He said that I misunderstood. My part was to 
provide him help the rest of the week, not just that one time.

I told him that he tricked me, and he should have been clear 
about it. He reminded me that I didnt even swallow last 
night, and that I need the practice every day to insure I 
can suck him to completion before he leaves on Sunday. He 
also mentioned that copies of the photos still exist on 
his mail server. He planned to delete those at the end of 
the week. I just stared at his penis while he spoke. He told 
me that it really felt good last night, and that he really 
appreciated it. He also told me what I didnt want to be reminded 
of. That I enjoyed it too, and that its a wonderful opportunity 
this week to do what I have fantasized about. He also reminded 
me that I get to experience what I always wanted to try without 
the worry of discovery by my family or the worry of disease.

I thought about it for a moment then I went to work, only this 
time his penis was still shriveled from the shower and the 
wait. I was going to experience it growing in my in my mouth.

What a scene it must of looked like, a man in his early 50s 
sucking the dick of a naked man whos almost 60 in a hotel 
room at 6:30 in the morning.

Maybe I'll continue this story another time.

Article source: https://sexstoriesclub.com/hotel/114-An-opportunity-or-maybe-its-just-blackmail.html

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