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Hotel Sexstories

by Guest on Jan 12, 2017


It was about midnight and I went to the bar at the hotel where 
I had been staying. It was still pretty crowded, and I stood 
at the end of the bar, next to a couple who had obviously been 
there a while. Eventually we started talking and kept the 
conversation going until the bar closed. The next night I got there earlier, and they were there standing 
in the same spot. The woman, Carla, waved me over as soon 
as I came in. We had a few drinks, and her boyfriend would 
go off to shoot darts, but came back between games to get 
another drink. After a couple of hours the conversation 
was definitely shifting to a more intimate level. And when 
her boyfriend returned to stay, I could sense that she did 
not want him there. A woman wearing a very, very, short miniskirt came in the 
bar, obviously a hooker, and the three of us watched her 
work her way around the bar for a while. For some reason we 
were talking about what services she might be offering, 
and what she was charging for ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Feb 15, 2017


We had discussed how this night would play out many times. The fantasy we wanted to make reality. He was so excited that tonight was the night it would happen. He made the arrangements at an upper scale hotel, one that had a lounge with a lot of traveling business men. He called her to let her know the location, he would remain there. He wanted a seat that would insure he could see all the events play out. She was at home, she was showering making sure all the details on her end were perfect. She wore a tight white blouse with a suede skirt. She thought to herself panties or no panties. She decided that she would wear none and that excited her. Her instructions were clear, she was going to the hotel to pick up a stranger that she would fuck as her man watched. She arrived at the hotel checked in, then went to the lounge. There he was chatting with other patrons, their eyes made contact but, nothing was said. After all they wanted it to appear she was alone and available. She took a ... Continue reading →

by SexStoriesClub on Mar 26, 2017


Sarah pulled up to the motel unit Ross had described... he had told her stories about this sales rep Jean, who paid him monthly visits, and tonight Sarah had agreed to come along and watch him fuck her. Room 115 was the room number he gave her, but the door to that room was open. Sarah knocked on the door... no answer, only the sound of low moans coming from the deck outside. She stepped into the motel room and closed the door behind her. This must be the right room, Ross's car was parked outside, but where were they she thought... A familiar male voice called out "Sarah, we are out on the deck, come on out", much to Sarahs surprise there were three people on the deck. Two naked women and Ross... sitting in deck chairs watching the world walk past (which one was Jean, thought Sarah). The two empty bottles of chardonnay on the table and the third bottle open, waiting, explained why everyone was naked... but this was 2.00pm in the afternoon and although the solid screen ... Continue reading →

by Guest on May 10, 2017


I arrived at the hotel just before 11:00PM. I had just enough 
time to unpack my things and organize my business notes 
before hitting the sack. The Introduction breakfast/meeting 
started at 8:00AM in the large meeting room just down the 
hall from the front desk. I was glad there was going to serve 
food at this meeting because it would save me time in the 
morning and I hadnt eaten since the middle of the afternoon. 
I laid there in the dark thinking about how long this week 
was going to be. It was going to be a long 9 day convention. 
Meetings till noon on Saturday and Sunday, 8 to 4 equipment 
demonstrations and seminars during the week, and an 8 to 
2 wrap up next Saturday. My flight leaves at 2:00 PM next 
Sunday for home sweet home. 

In the morning I felt almost as tired as I did the night before. 
During the morning break I ran into a few guys that I had met 
during previous conventions. One of the guys, Danny, I 
had gone out drinking with a few times. He was a nice guy, ... Continue reading →

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